星期一: 约一1:1–10


星期二: 约一2:1–27


星期三: 约一2:28–3:24


星期四: 约一4:1–21


星期五: 约一5:1–21


星期六: 约二1–13

1 John约翰一书

1:1–4 John begins this Book much like his Gospel account, with the Eternal Word, who was always with the Father and was working with the Father at creation. But here John’s point is that this same Word who is “eternal life” is the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ, whom all the apostles had physically seen, heard, and touched. We owe the Eternal Word our perfect obedience. Despite our disobedience—our lack of recognition and faithfulness of our Creator—the Eternal Word did not come to condemn us but to save us. • Heavenly Father, by the writings of the apostles, grant that we may ever share in Christ and His kingdom, that our joy may be complete. Amen.

1:1-4 约翰在这本书的开头与他的福音书很相似,都是以 "永生的道 "开始的,"永恒的道 "一直与天父同在,并在创世时与天父同工。但约翰在这里要说的是,这位 "永恒"的道就是被钉十字架并复活的主耶稣基督,所有的使徒都亲眼见过、听过、摸过他。我们欠永恒之道一个完美的顺服。尽管我们不顺服--我们缺乏对造物主的认识和忠诚,然而永恒之道不是来定我们的罪,而是来拯救我们的。- 天父,通过使徒们的著作,赐予我们恩典,让我们与人永远分享基督和他的国度,也因此让我们有满足的喜乐。阿们。

1:5–10 John writes about faithfulness in our walk with God. Our sinful pride rejects God’s Word and seeks to deceive us so that we might not know ourselves as we are or know God as He has revealed Himself. God sees our true nature, and in Christ He reveals His nature, which is both just and gracious to us. For those who confess their sins, God is always faithful to His promise to forgive. This is just and right because of His Son, who has paid the price for our sins. • Heavenly Father, give us hearts to believe and to know ourselves as we are. Then we may truthfully confess our sins, trusting in Your forgiveness and mercy. Amen.

1:5-10 约翰写到我们与神同行时的信实。我们有罪的骄傲拒绝上帝的话语,试图欺骗我们,使我们无法认识自己的本来面目,也无法认识上帝所启示的他自己。上帝看透了我们的本性,在基督里彰显了他的本性,他对我们既公义又仁慈。对于那些承认自己罪行的人,上帝总是信实地履行他的诺言,宽恕他们。这是公义和正确的,因为他的儿子已经为我们的罪付出了代价。- 天父啊,请赐给我们信靠的心以及按着正确认识自己的心。这样我们就能如实承认自己的罪,相信你的宽恕和怜悯。阿们。

2:1–6 Only true children who know Jesus as their Savior can truly walk as Jesus walked and love one another as Jesus has loved them. If anyone claims to know Jesus and does not love as Jesus loves, he is a liar. When we are guilty of not loving as Jesus loved us, we have One who defends us before God’s throne and petitions our pardon for the sake of His own blood—Jesus the Righteous One. Through His endless love and forgiveness, we have salvation and have come to know Him. In Him, we love our fellow Christians. • Father, strengthen me in my own salvation, that I might be empowered to keep Your commands and love everyone as Christ has loved me. Amen.

2:1-6 只有真正认识耶稣为救主的儿女,才能真正像耶稣一样行走,像耶稣爱他们一样彼此相爱。如果有人自称认识耶稣,却不像耶稣那样去爱,那他就是个骗子。当我们因没有像耶稣爱我们那样去爱而被定罪时,我们有一位在上帝的宝座前为我们辩护,并以自己的鲜血为我们祈求赦免的那一位,他就是公义的耶稣。通过他无尽的爱和宽恕,我们得到了救赎,认识了他。在他里面,我们爱我们的基督徒同胞。- 天父,求你在我自己得救之事上坚固我,使我有能力遵守你的命令,像基督爱我一样爱每一个人。阿们。

2:7–14 Jesus has shown us the love of God on the cross. This is the love the Law commanded but we could never fulfill. But more than that, it is the love that the Gospel imparts to those who love their brother and abide in the light so that there is in them nothing that would cause them to fall away from faith in Christ. The old commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself” (Lv 19:18), condemns us all, since we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. The new commandment, “love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12), is rooted in Jesus’ work, which frees us from guilt. His atonement for our sins empowers us to love as He loves. • Grant, Lord, that we trust in You and Your love, that we may always love our neighbor. Amen.

2:7-14 耶稣在十字架上向我们显明了上帝的爱。这就是律法所命令但我们永远无法实现的爱。但不仅如此,这也是福音赐给那些爱弟兄、住在光明中的人的爱,在他们里面没有任何东西会使他们离开对基督的信仰。古老的诫命 "爱人如己"(利未记19:18)谴责了我们所有人,因为我们没有爱人如己。新诫命 "我怎样爱你们,你们也要怎样彼此相爱"(约15:12)植根于耶稣的工作,它使我们从罪恶感中解脱出来。他为我们赎罪,使我们有能力像他爱我们一样去爱。- 主啊,请赐予我们对你和你的爱的信任,好让我们永远爱我们的邻居。阿们。

2:15–17 Do not cling to this world and its desires; it will soon be over. Cling to Christ and live forever! Our sinful flesh and the world entice and tempt us with their glittering promises of wealth, power, popularity, and pleasure. But all that glitters is not gold, and none of it provides for forgiveness, peace, and contentment. Christ alone provides and offers forgiveness, peace, and contentment. • Father in heaven, do not let the desires of our sinful, selfish flesh reign over us. Fix our eyes on Your Son, our Savior, that we may ever believe in Him. Amen.

2:15-17 不要紧紧抓住这个世界及其欲望;它很快就会结束。要紧紧抓住基督,并且活到永远!我们罪恶的肉体和这个世界用财富、权力、声望和享乐这些闪闪发光的承诺诱惑我们。但所有闪闪发光的东西都不是金子,都不能带来宽恕、平安和满足。唯有基督才能提供宽恕、平安和满足。- 天父啊,不要让我们罪恶、自私的肉体的欲望控制我们。请将我们的目光定格在你的儿子,我们的救主身上,让我们永远相信他。阿们。

2:18–27 True Christians abide in Christ through faith in Him and all His teachings. There are many antichrists, false teachers who infiltrate the Church and attempt to draw Christians away from the true Christ. There is great danger for us if we do not know the Scriptures well and are unable to recognize false teachers. In God’s Word and by His Spirit, we have everything we need to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. We already have all that we need to be certain of our eternal life. • Heavenly Father, keep us steadfast in Your Word, and ever guard us from the deceptions of the many antichrists who seek to lead us away from Your Son, who is forever true God and true man. Amen.

2:18-27 真正的基督徒因信基督和他的一切教导而住在基督里。有许多敌基督者、假教师潜入教会,试图吸引基督徒离开真基督。如果我们不熟读圣经,不能识别假教师,就会面临极大的危险。在上帝的话语中,藉着上帝的灵的大能,我们拥有分辨真假所需的一切。我们已经拥有帮助我们确信所得永生的一切。- 天父啊,求你保守我们在你的话语中坚定不移,永远守护我们远离那些试图把我们从你的儿子身边引开的敌基督者的欺骗,因为你的儿子永远是真神和真人。阿们。

2:28–3:10 False teachers and false believers had excuses and rationalizations for not showing true Christian love for the whole family of God. But Jesus taught, “You will recognize them by their fruits” (cf Mt 7:15–23). We are often tempted to rationalize and excuse our sin. But no one born of God wants to give in to sinning. Those who give themselves over to sin will not be exonerated by the excuses they put forward. Through daily repentance and the practice of righteousness, we show ourselves to be true children of God and will not be ashamed when our Lord Jesus appears on the Last Day. Then we will be like Him and see Him as He is in all His glory. • Heavenly Father, forgive my sinful excuses so I may remain in Christ through Your Word and love everyone as He has loved me. Amen.

2:28-3:10 假教师和假信徒没有对神的全家表现出真正的基督徒之爱,并且总是有借口和理由为自己开脱。但耶稣教导说:"凭着他们的果子,就可以认出他们来"(参太7:15-23)。我们常常会受到诱惑,为自己的罪找借口或者将之合理化。但没有一个从上帝所生的人愿意屈服于罪。那些屈服于罪的人不会因为他们提出的借口而免罪。通过每天的悔改和对公义的实践,我们会显示出自己是上帝真正的儿女;当我们的主耶稣在末日显现时,我们不会感到羞愧。到那时,我们会像他一样,并且亲眼看见他在自己完全的荣光里。- 天父,请原谅我有罪的借口,让我通过你的话语留在基督里,像他爱我一样爱每一个人。阿们。

3:11–3:24 Our heart condemns us when we look at our brother, see his needs, and yet excuse ourselves from acting in love. However, in Christ we know that we have passed out of death into life; that is, we have true saving faith, because we love our fellow Christians. Jesus laid down His life for us. His love for us has covered all our sins. God is greater than our heart, and His sure and certain promises of salvation give us confidence to come before Him. • Heavenly Father, forgive my lack of real love for my brothers and sisters, and enable me to love everyone as Jesus has loved me. Amen.

3:11-3:24 当我们看着弟兄,看到他的需要,却为自己不以爱行事找借口时,我们的心会谴责自己。然而,在基督里,我们知道自己已经出死入生;也就是说,我们拥有真正的救赎信仰,因为我们爱我们的基督徒同胞。耶稣为我们舍命。他对我们的爱已经遮盖了我们所有的罪。上帝比我们的心更大,他确信无疑的救赎应许让我们有信心来到他面前。- 天父,请原谅我对弟兄姐妹缺乏真正的爱,请让我能够像耶稣爱我一样爱每一个人。阿们。

4:1–6 Whenever a teacher speaks of a “Christ” or a “Jesus” or a “God” who comes to us without human flesh, know this: it is a demon speaking through a man, a demon who is seeking to destroy both your faith and your soul everlastingly. “Whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works” (2Jn 11). Faith in the heart cannot be seen; it can only be shown through acts of love. The greatest testimony is the true flesh-and-blood testimony of God’s love manifest in Jesus. • Lord, enable me to test all spirits for what they are and remain forever faithful in Him, the only God-man and Savior of the world. Amen.

4:1-6 无论什么时候,只要有教师说到 "基督"、"耶稣 "或 "上帝 "不是藉着肉身来到我们身边,你就要知道:这是一个魔鬼在借着人说话,一个企图永远摧毁你的信仰和灵魂的魔鬼。"问他安的,就在他的恶行上有分"(约后11)。心中的信仰是看不见的,它只能通过爱的行为表现出来。最伟大的见证就是上帝的爱在耶稣身上彰显的有血有肉的真实见证。- 主啊,求你使我能够检验一切灵的真伪,并永远忠于他,唯一的神人和世界的救主。阿们。

4:7–21 As long as we remain in fellowship with the Father through faith, we love one another and have no fear of Judgment Day. Whenever we do not treat our brother with love as Jesus has loved us, we fear God’s punishment. Because He sent His Son to take away our sins, we gain confidence to stand before God without fear. • Heavenly Father, I have not always loved my fellow Christians as I should. Forgive me and work Your love in me to cast out my fear of punishment. Amen.

4:7-21 只要我们因信与天父相交,我们就彼此相爱,不怕审判日。每当我们不能像耶稣爱我们那样以爱对待弟兄时,我们就会惧怕上帝的惩罚。因为他差遣他的儿子除去了我们的罪,所以我们有信心毫无畏惧地站在上帝面前。- 天父,我并不总是像我应该做的那样爱我的基督徒同胞。请宽恕我,在我里面施展你的爱,驱除我对惩罚的恐惧。阿们。

5:1–5 The children of God bear the family traits of their Brother, Jesus. He has faith, love, and victory over the world. The world tempts us to think of our Lord’s Commandments as a burden, too hard and too heavy for us to bear. The world seems too much for us to overcome. But our Lord Jesus has overcome the world for us. He has fulfilled all of God’s Commandments for us. He made Himself our human Brother, that through Him we might become the children of His Father and share in His great family of love. • Father, let me live in Your love through believing that Jesus is the Christ, the divine Son of God. Amen.

5:1-5 上帝的儿女具有他们兄弟耶稣的家族特征。他有信心,有爱,并且战胜了世界。然而这个世界引诱我们把主的诫命当作累赘负担,太难太重以至于我们无法承受。我们似乎无法战胜这个世界。但我们的主耶稣已经为我们战胜了世界。他为我们实现了上帝的所有诫命。他自己成为我们的人类弟兄,让我们通过他成为天父的儿女,分享他爱的大家庭。-天父,让我相信耶稣是基督,是上帝神圣的儿子,从而活在你的爱中。阿们。

5:6–12 The testimony of the apostles, the life of Jesus, and the work of the Spirit testify that God has given us life in His Son. This testimony is in stark contradiction to all who teach that God’s Son did not suffer in the flesh or that He comes to us apart from the flesh of His humanity. • Heavenly Father, let us abide forever in Christ and never doubt the testimony You have given about Your beloved Son. Amen.

5:6-12 使徒的见证、耶稣的生命和圣灵的工作都证明,上帝在他儿子里赐给了我们生命。这个见证驳斥所有教导上帝的儿子没有在肉身中受苦,或者他是脱离肉身来到我们身边的人。- 天父,让我们永远住在基督里,永远不要怀疑你为你的爱子所做的见证。阿们。

5:13–21 Knowing that we have eternal life in Jesus gives us confidence to ask for anything, and we can be certain that we shall receive what we ask according to God’s will, especially when we pray for our brother for Jesus’ sake. All wrongdoing is sin, and any sin could lead to death if not for the Righteous One, Jesus Christ, who cleanses us from all sin by His blood. Not only can we be confident of our own forgiveness in Him who is the genuine Savior and the true God, but we can also pray even for our brother who sins and be certain that God desires his repentance and life because of Jesus. • Son of God, protect us from the evil one, and keep us from every idol. Amen.

5:13-21 知道我们在耶稣里有永生,就使我们有信心祈求任何事,我们可以确信我们所求的必按上帝的旨意成就,特别是当我们因着耶稣的缘故为弟兄祷告时更是如此。所有的错误行为都是罪,如果不是公义者耶稣基督用他的宝血洗净了我们一切的罪,任何罪都可能导致死亡。我们不仅可以确信自己在这位真正的救主和真神那里得到了宽恕,我们甚至还可以为犯罪的弟兄祷告,确信上帝渴望他因耶稣而悔改并获得生命。- 上帝之子,求你保护我们远离那恶者,保守我们远离一切偶像。阿们。

2 John约翰二书

1–3 The apostle John and all who truly know Christ as the Father’s Son in human flesh love one another in truth. False disciples refused to confess that Jesus was God in human flesh (1Jn 2:18–25; 4:1–6). They neither knew the truth nor loved the Christians to whom John wrote. Those who know Jesus know the truth and, along with Jesus, they have grace, mercy, and peace. • Heavenly Father, by Your own true Son, You have revealed the truth to us in love. Protect us from all who would take this truth and love from us by the deception of wise-sounding error. Keep us in Christ, who is the “way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6). Amen.

1-3 使徒约翰和所有真正认识基督是道成肉身的天父之子的人都在真理中彼此相爱。假门徒拒绝承认耶稣是道成肉身的上帝(约一2:18-25; 4:1-6)。他们既不知道真理,也不爱约翰写信给他们的基督徒。认识耶稣的人知道真理,不仅拥有耶稣,也拥有恩典、怜悯和平安。- 天父,通过你的真爱子,你用爱向我们揭示了真理。求你保护我们,使我们远离那些想用听起来很有智慧的错误欺骗我们,夺走我们真理和爱的人。请保守我们在基督里,他就是 "道路、真理、生命"(约14:6)。阿们。

4–11 We walk in love and truth only by remaining faithful to Christ’s teaching that He is God in human flesh who came to save us. Those who depart from Christ’s teaching do not have God the Son or the Father or eternal life. Those who support them share in their wicked work and will share in their punishment as well. Cling to the truth that Jesus still comes to us in human flesh so that you may walk in love and in truth. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ever with you to care for you. • Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, You come to us as true God and true man through Your means of grace: the Gospel, Baptism, Your body and blood given for us Christians to eat and drink in Your Supper. Grant us faith to remain in this teaching and never depart from it or go beyond it by holding any other teaching or supporting those who do. Amen.

4-11 我们只有忠于基督的教导,即他是道成肉身的上帝,是来拯救我们的,才能在爱和真理中前行。背离基督教导的人没有上帝之子,没有天父,也没有永生。那些支持他们的人与他们的恶行同在,也将与他们同受惩罚。要紧紧抓住耶稣今天仍然以人的肉身来到我们身边的真理,这样你们就可以在爱和真理中前行。圣父、圣子和圣灵永远与你们同在,照顾你们。-主救主耶稣基督,你作为真神和真人,通过你的施恩具来到我们身边:福音、洗礼、在你的圣餐中为我们基督徒吃喝的你的身体和宝血。求你赐予我们信心,使我们能够坚守这一教导,永不偏离或越过这一教导,绝不持守任何其他错误教导或支持那些持守这些错误教导的人。阿们。

12–13 The apostle is planning to come and set straight all outstanding issues. Until then, the congregation has his warning and admonition to stand firm in the faith. You, too, have the apostle’s testimony and all of Holy Scripture. Abide in God’s revelation and beware of strange teachings that diminish the person and work of Jesus, who is your salvation and joy. • Lord, grant us to remain faithful to Your teaching. Protect us from deception, and grant us fellowship with all faithful sister congregations so that at Your coming our joy may be complete. Amen.

12-13 使徒计划前来纠正所有悬而未决的问题。在此之前,会众得到他的警告和训诫,务必坚守信仰。你们也有使徒的见证和全部圣经的见证。坚守上帝的启示,提防那些贬低耶稣的位格和工作的奇怪教导,耶稣是你们的救赎和喜乐。- 主啊,请赐予我们恩典,使我们忠于你的教导。保护我们远离欺骗,并赐予我们与所有忠心的姐妹教会的团契,以便当你再来的时候我们的喜乐是完全的。阿们。