9:1–29 The unbelief of his fellow Jews, to whom God had given so much, caused Paul great sorrow. Countering likely objections, Paul insists that God’s Word has not failed and He is not unjust in His choices. Unbelievers sit under God’s judgment, placing themselves in spiritual peril. Yet God is patient, desiring to show mercy on us all. • Lord, give us a penitent heart and confidence in Your grace. Thank You for choosing us and calling us to faith in Christ. Amen.

9:1-29 神赐给犹太人这么多,他们却不信,这使保罗非常忧伤。面对可能出现的反对意见,保罗坚持认为神的话语没有失效,神的拣选也不是不公正的。不信的人处在上帝的审判之下,使自己处于属灵的危险之中。然而,上帝是有耐心的,他希望怜悯我们所有人。- 主啊,请赐给我们忏悔的心和对你恩典的信心。感谢你拣选了我们,呼召我们相信基督。阿们。


9:30–10:4 Paul looks backward to God’s sovereign choice in Israel’s history (9:1–29) and forward to the necessity of faith and the guilt of unbelief (10:5–21). Every effort to get right with God by works of the Law, however sincere, is doomed to failure. God is the giver of righteousness to everyone who believes. • “O my God, in You I trust; let me not be put to shame” (Ps 25:2). Amen.

9:30-10:4 保罗向后回顾了神在以色列历史中的主权选择(9:1-29),向前指出了信的必要性和不信的罪责(10:5-21)。每一个通过律法的行为来与上帝和好的努力,无论多么真诚,都注定要失败。神是公义的赐予者,赐给每一个相信的人。我的神啊,我素来倚靠你,求你不要叫我羞愧"(诗篇 252)。阿们。


10:5–21 Like a loving father waiting for his children to come home, God yearns to show mercy on all (cf Lk 15:11–32). Those who refuse to accept God’s gracious invitation to share in the riches of His grace are accountable to Him for their unbelief. However, Christ Jesus is always near to us in His Word. He stands ready to forgive and renew us. • We praise You, O Lord, for welcoming us through the words of all those who bring to us the Good News of Your love. Place that faith-creating Word on our lips, that we may speak to those who have not yet heard or believed. Amen.

10:5-21 像慈父等待儿女回家一样,上帝渴望怜悯所有人(参路 15:11-32)。那些拒绝接受上帝邀请分享他丰富恩典的人,要为他们的不信向上帝交代。然而,基督耶稣总是在他的话语中与我们亲近。他随时准备宽恕我们,更新我们。- 主啊,我们赞美你,因为你通过所有为我们带来你爱的好消息的人的话语欢迎我们。请将那创造信仰的话语放在我们的嘴唇上,让我们向那些尚未听到或相信的人说话。阿们。


11:1–10 Paul, chosen by God’s grace revealed in Jesus Christ, is a living example that God has preserved for Himself a remnant in Israel. Those who become hardened and spiritually callous are in danger of God’s frightening judgment. However, through the suffering for sin that Christ endured, even the sin of doubt is forgiven in those who trust in His grace. • O Lord, may the physical descendants of Abraham receive the promised salvation delivered in the Gospel of Jesus. Amen.

11:1-10 保罗被上帝在耶稣基督里显明的恩典所拣选,是上帝为自己保留以色列余民的活榜样。那些在灵性上变得刚硬冷酷的人有可能遭到上帝可怕的审判。然而,通过基督为罪所受的苦难,那些信靠他恩典的人甚至连怀疑的罪也得到了宽恕。- 主啊,愿亚伯拉罕的后裔得到耶稣福音中应许的救赎。阿们。


11:11–24 Paul warns the Gentile believers against pride and reminds them of their role in God’s mission to Jewish unbelievers. To look down on any nonbeliever is sinful rejection of God’s gracious purposes. In goodness and kindness, God can restore to faith those who have fallen. • Heavenly Father, be merciful to all those who have drifted away from You, especially family members and friends. Graft them in again by Your Word and grace. Amen.

11:11-24 保罗警告外邦人信徒不要骄傲,并提醒他们在神对犹太非信徒的使命中的角色。看不起任何非信徒都是对上帝恩典的罪恶拒绝。上帝会以他的良善和仁慈使那些跌倒的人重拾信心。- 天父,求你怜悯所有远离你的人,尤其是家人和朋友。用你的话语和恩典把他们重新嫁接上来。阿们。


11:25–36 In ways beyond our understanding, God has acted in mercy to bring salvation to Jews and Gentiles. Human beings cannot exchange roles with God, presuming to sit in judgment of Him. But we in whom His Spirit dwells praise Him for His inexhaustible kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. • To You alone, O triune Lord, belongs all glory forever. Amen.

11:25-36 上帝以我们无法理解的方式,以怜悯的行动给犹太人和外邦人带来了救赎。人类无法与上帝交换角色,妄想对他进行审判。但上帝的灵居住在我们里面,我们要赞美他,因为他在基督耶稣里对我们有取之不尽、用之不竭的仁慈。- 三位一体的主啊,一切荣耀只属于你,直到永远。阿们。