6:1–7 The apostles deal with complaints about the relief of the Church’s poor, instituting the office of deacon. Church conflict can often be resolved for the benefit of the ministries, preaching, teaching, and physical care of God’s people. If your congregation is experiencing conflict, take counsel and comfort from this passage. Also, rest your heart and confidence in the Lord, who sends His Spirit and heals His Church. • Lord, let love rule our life, and supply us with pastors and deacons for Your glory and for the good of Your flock. Amen.

6:1-7 使徒处理有关救济教会穷人的投诉,设立执事职位。教会冲突往往可以得到解决,从而有利于神子民的事工、布道、教导和照顾物质上的需要。如果你的会众正在经历冲突,请从这段经文中得到劝勉和安慰。同时,把你的心和信心安放在主身上,主会差遣祂的灵来医治祂的教会。- 主啊,让爱主宰我们的生活,为了你的荣耀和你羊群的益处,赐给我们牧师和执事。阿们。


6:8–15 Stephen is the new target of persecution. Synagogue leaders twist his words, accusing him of treason against Judaism. When persecution confronts you, be faithful to Jesus, whatever the consequences may be. Remember that He is always faithful to you and can deliver you. • Lord, may we, like Stephen, never falter when under attack for You. Amen.

6:8-15 司提反成为迫害的新目标。犹太教会的领袖们歪曲他的话,指责他背叛犹太教。当你面临逼迫时,无论后果如何,都要忠于耶稣。记住祂永远对你忠实,并能拯救你。- 主啊,愿我们像司提反一样,在因着信仰你的缘故而受到攻击时永不动摇。阿们。


7:1–53 Stephen’s message recounts how God’s chosen people, by rejecting Moses, rejected God. Israel’s refusal to follow God ended in their dismissal of God’s Son. However, Jesus took upon Himself the sins of the world, that we would be reconciled to God the Father. In Holy Baptism, He gives us new hearts and pours out His Spirit for us. • Father, for Jesus’ sake, forgive my sins. Circumcise my heart, that I trust in You above all things. Amen.

7:1-53 司提反的信息重述了神所拣选的子民如何因拒绝摩西而拒绝神。以色列人拒绝跟随神,最终导致他们拒绝了神的儿子。然而,耶稣承担了世人的罪,使我们与天父上帝和好。在圣洗礼中,他赐予我们新的心灵,并丰富地赐下圣灵给我们。- 天父,看在耶稣的份上,赦免我的罪。给我的心行割礼,让我在万事之上都信靠你。阿们。


7:54–60 Stephen displays the heart of one touched and changed by Jesus’ love. Normally we do not forgive people until they ask for forgiveness. Here we see a second type of forgiveness, spoken and requested from God before a person asks for it (v 60). When betrayal, persecution, or abuse breaks your heart, recall Stephen’s words. Pray that the Lord would lead you to this type of forgiveness. Know that the Lord, who forgave the soldiers who crucified Him, can forgive all your sins. He can likewise heal your wounds of body and soul. So great is His mercy. • “Jesus, in Your dying woes, Even while Your lifeblood flows, Craving pardon for Your foes: Hear us, holy Jesus. . . . Oh, may we, who mercy need, Be like You in heart and deed, When with wrong our spirits bleed: Hear us, holy Jesus.” Amen. (LSB 447:1, 3)

7:54-60 司提反展示了一颗被耶稣的爱所感动和改变的心。通常我们不会饶恕别人,除非他们请求饶恕。在这里,我们看到的是第二种饶恕,即在一个人请求饶恕之前,我们已经在上帝面前代求饶恕并且讲出来给他听(第 60 节)。当背叛、迫害或虐待伤透你的心时,请回想司提反的话。求主带领你使用这种饶恕方式。要知道,主饶恕了把祂钉在十字架上的士兵,同样也能饶恕你所有的罪。同样,祂也能医治你身体和灵魂的创伤。祂的怜悯如此伟大。- "耶稣啊,在你临终的痛苦中,甚至在你赐生命的血流淌的时候,你都渴望宽恕你的敌人:听我们的祈祷,圣洁的耶稣. . . 哦,愿我们这些需要怜悯的人,在心灵和行为上都像你一样,当我们的灵魂因错误而流血时: 听我们的祷告,圣洁的耶稣。" 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书447:1, 3)


8:1–3 Stephen’s death and Saul’s persecution of Christ’s followers illustrate the fulfillment of the prophecy that the world would hate the Gospel and kill those who believed it (Mt 24:9–10). The omnipotent God made the world’s fanatical hatred serve His purpose in proclaiming the Gospel throughout the entire world. When you are persecuted for the sake of the Gospel, trust that your Lord is at work in the midst of such circumstances. As the cross shows, He can work blessings for you and for others, despite all curses and condemnations. • “Praise for the first of martyrs Who saw You ready stand To help in time of torment, To plead at God’s right hand. Like You, our suff’ring Savior, His enemies he blessed, With ‘Lord, receive my spirit,’ His faith, by death, confessed.” Amen. (LSB 517:7)

8:1-3 司提反的死和扫罗对基督徒的迫害,说明世人会憎恨福音并杀害信徒的预言应验了(太24:9-10)。无所不能的上帝让世人狂热地憎恨祂,然而却达到祂将福音传遍全世界的目的。当你因福音的缘故受到逼迫时,请相信你的主会在这样的环境中做工。正如十字架所显示的,尽管有一切咒诅和定罪,祂仍能为你和他人成就祝福。- 赞美第一位殉道者,他看到你站着迎接,知道你必在受难时伸出援手,并且也在上帝的右手边代求。就像你,我们受苦的救世主一样,司提反祝福他的敌人,藉着自己的死,用“主啊,接受我的灵魂”来表达他的信仰"。阿们 (路德宗崇拜书 517:7)


8:4–8 The ancient hatred between Jews and Samaritans underscores the corrosion of sin in the world. Christ, however, through His death and resurrection, makes all people one in Him (Eph 2:11–22). View people of every race and kind as precious to Jesus. His blood washes away all sin, and His Spirit makes us one. • Father, beat down Satan under our feet, and give us faithful laborers for Your harvest field. Through Your Word of salvation, give to all nations peace and harmony. Amen.

8:4-8 犹太人与撒玛利亚人之间自古以来的仇恨凸显了罪恶对世界的侵蚀。然而,基督通过祂的死和复活,使所有人在祂里面合而为一(弗 2:11-22)。我们要把不同种族、不同种类的人视为耶稣的珍宝。祂的宝血洗净一切罪恶,祂的圣灵使我们合而为一。- 天父,求您将撒旦打倒在我们脚下,赐给我们忠心的工人,在您的禾场上劳作。通过您救赎的话语,赐予万国和平与和谐。阿们。


8:9–25 The power of the Gospel, which reaches even the most unlikely people, is illustrated in the lives of the Samaritans. God and His grace cannot be bought. A person’s life is transformed only by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word. Today, ask the Lord to bless your study of His Word. He will transform you and bless your service according to His gifts and good pleasure. • Father, all too often I have treated Your grace as something I could purchase or earn. Forgive me, for Jesus’ sake, and let Your Holy Spirit work mightily in my life, that I might imitate Philip and proclaim Your Word of life. Amen.

8:9-25 撒玛利亚人的生命说明了福音因着它的大能甚至能传给最不可能的人。上帝和他的恩典是买不来的。一个人的生命只有在圣灵通过话语做工的大能下才能改变。今天,求主祝福你学习祂的话语。祂会按照祂的恩赐和美意改变你,祝福你的侍奉。- 天父,我常常把你的恩典当作我可以购买或赚取的东西。看在耶稣的份上,饶恕我,让你的圣灵在我的生命中大能地工作,使我能效法腓利,宣扬你的生命之道。阿们。


8:26–40 God leads Philip to bear witness to and baptize an important official from Ethiopia, ensuring that Jews in Africa and also Ethiopians would likewise receive the Gospel. The Holy Spirit brings the eunuch to faith through the Word and Baptism. Today, rejoice in the Word and Baptism you have received, through which the Holy Spirit continues to work in your life. • Father, through Your Holy Spirit, rekindle my desire to read and hear Your Word, acknowledge Your gifts in Baptism, and respond with joy and care for others. Amen.

8:26-40 神带领腓利为埃塞俄比亚的一位重要官员作见证并施洗,确保非洲的犹太人和埃塞俄比亚人也同样接受福音。圣灵通过圣道和洗礼使太监归信主。今天,为你所接受的圣道和洗礼而喜乐吧,圣灵会通过它们继续在你的生命中做工。- 天父,通过你的圣灵,重新点燃我阅读和聆听你话语的渴望,承认你在洗礼中的恩赐,并以喜乐和关爱他人的态度作出回应。阿们。