星期一: 启 14:1–20


星期二: 启 15:1–8


星期三: 启 16:1–21


星期四: 启 17:1–18:8


星期五: 启 18:9–24


星期六: 启 19:1–21

14:1–5 John relates a vision in which those who have been delivered by the Lamb stand gathered around God’s throne, singing a heavenly song of praise. This group, which is described as blameless, differs from the earthly people of God, who still slip into sin by defiling themselves in countless ways. Yet God remains faithful. He forgives when we fail to remain true to Him, and that gives us every reason to rejoin the saints in praising Him. • Heavenly Father, remind me that You have chosen me to be Your own child through the death and resurrection of the unblemished Lamb. Grant my heart joy as I join in singing a new song before Your throne. Amen.

14:1-5 约翰在这个异象中看见那些蒙受羔羊拯救的人聚集侍立在上帝的宝座前,颂扬一首天上的歌。这一群人,虽然被描述成无瑕疵的,是有别于仍居住在地上的上帝子民,但他们仍然会落入罪中,以各样的方式玷污自己。然而上帝仍是信实。当我们没能忠于祂的时候,祂仍然赦免我们,多方说服我们加入众圣徒对祂的敬拜中。



14:6–13 John relates a vision of three angels warning the world against the disaster that will come upon those worshiping the beast. Despite a multitude of such admonitions, people, including those who know better, still chase after false gods. Those who remain faithful to God and His Word will be blessed, however, entering into eternal rest when they pass out of this world. • God, I praise You for keeping me united to Your Son. Continue giving me strength to withstand all enticements to abandon the faith. Keep me patient while I await my eternal rest in You. Amen.

14:6-13 约翰异象里有三位天使在警告这个世界将要临到的灾难,会落在那些敬拜兽的人身上。尽管这样的警戒有很多,人们还是追随假神,那些认识到此问题的人也仍这样偏行。然而,那些忠于上帝和祂话语的人必会蒙福,当他们离世的时候必要进入永恒的安息里。



14:14–20 John describes the final judgment in terms of a harvest and treading of a winepress. Those in Christ need not worry over God’s wrath, for instead of your blood flowing from God’s winepress, Jesus’ blood was poured out from the cross for you. His sacrifice for your sin removes the penalty of eternal death from you. • Lord Jesus, I thank You for suffering the wrath that I deserved. Though You were innocent and I was guilty, You shed Your blood for me, thus washing all my sins away. Amen.

14:14-20 约翰用收割和压酒池的画面来描述最后的审判。那些在基督里的人不需要担忧上帝的忿怒,因为耶稣的血已经在十字架上为你流出了,你的血就不需要从上帝的压酒池中挤出来。祂为你的罪所做的牺牲已经从你身上挪去永恒死亡的惩罚。



Ch 15 This present vision begins with a scene of joyous celebration but then continues with a description of the angels bearing the seven last plagues of God’s wrath being sent out. Unfortunately, that is how things typically are during the Church’s earthly sojourn: the most sublime moments of rejoicing are followed by dreadful calamities, and hope is ever threatened by evil and judgment. Given this sad state of affairs, the Church needs to hear over and over again that there is “now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rm 8:1). • Heavenly Father, we sing Your praises every day, come what may, for You have done great and amazing things. We thank You especially for making us Your people and so removing from us any fear of the impending wrath. Amen.

15 这个异像以欢喜庆贺的场面开始,紧接着却是天使执行上帝愤怒的最后七灾这样的画面。不幸的是,教会在地上寄居的日子,事情通常会如此发生: 最兴奋和喜乐的时刻之后却是可怕的灾难,邪恶和审判总是威逼着希望。考虑到事情的可怜状况,教会需要不断地聆听这个好消息,“如今,那些在基督耶稣里的人就不被定罪了。”(罗马书8:1)。



 16:1–16 As the bowls of God’s wrath are poured out, all those worshiping false gods and refusing to repent of their sins are afflicted with terrible plagues. Tragically, there are even some within the Church who persist in this or that vice, stubbornly refusing to repent, and so put their very salvation in peril. Through Baptism, however, the Lord clothes His people with the perfect righteousness of His Son. The Holy Spirit leads God’s children away from the plagues of judgment and keeps them on the winning side in the final battle. • Heavenly Father, I thank You for adopting me as Your own through Baptism into Christ. By Your Word and Holy Supper, keep me in Your salvation so that I will remain with You forever. Grant me strength during these last days to be faithful to You always. Amen.

16:1-16 上帝忿怒的碗倾倒下来,所有敬拜假神的和拒绝为罪悔改的人必要遭受可怕灾难的苦痛。可悲的是,在教会里甚至也有一些陷在这种罪中,刚硬拒绝悔改的人,如此他们就是将自己的救恩抛弃了。然而,藉着圣洗礼,主用祂儿子的完美公义披盖祂的子民。圣灵引领上帝的儿女远离审判的灾难,保守他们在最后的战争中成为胜利者。



16:17–21 As the Lord pronounces the end of the outpouring of His judgment, the created order itself begins to come unhinged. After describing this same event, Peter poses a question we all need to consider daily: what sort of people ought we to be (2Pt 3:11)? The only basis for confidence on that dreaded day is that our Lord Jesus paid the full price of our punishment while dying on the cross (Jn 19:30), then rose from the dead and returned to the Father, where even now He is preparing a place for us. • Lord, receive our heartfelt thanks for having Jesus bear Your judgment for us. Because You promise to spare Your people from the terrible plagues that will accompany the final judgment, we ask You to keep us in the true faith. Amen.

16:17-21 主耶和华宣告最后审判的结局,创造的秩序也开始坍塌。彼得也对这一结局进行了描述,然而他也问了一个我们所有人都需要每日思考的问题:我们要做什么样的人(彼得后书3:11)?在那可怕的日子临到的时候,我们唯一可以站立得住的根基是我们的主耶稣基督已经死在了十字架上,为我们的刑罚付了全部的代价(约19:30),然而祂从死里复活,回到天父身边,在那里也为我们预备了地方。



Ch 17 John describes the great end-times battle between the dominant world power and God. This vision reminds us that earthly power structures, when built upon idolatrous worldviews and characterized by ungodly ambitions, are not morally neutral but rather stand in opposition to God and His Church. In the end, however, the King of kings and Lord of lords will get the victory and share it with the faithful, so that they reign with Him eternally. • Lord, cleanse our hearts, eyes, and ears. Give us sound judgment in all things, so that we may reject Babylon’s ungodly lure, remain faithful, and enter with You into glory! Amen.

17 约翰描述了末后时期在世界权能与上帝之间的大战。这个异像提醒我们,世上的政权,若建造在偶像崇拜的世界观上并且夹杂着许多不敬虔的野心,必然不具有道德上的中立性,相反地,却是抵挡上帝和祂的教会。然而,最后,万王之王,万主之主必要得胜,并且将之与忠信的人分享,好叫他们也永远与祂一同作王。




Ch 18 John describes the collapse and judgment of Babylon, the great oppressor of the innocent and exploiter of the weak. As modern, Western Christians hear the charges against Babylon, they note that some strike very close to home, especially greed and an addiction to luxury. The Church must remember where its true treasures are to be found. Whoever has Jesus can look forward to enjoying eternal splendor and joy in heaven. • Lord Jesus, turn our hearts away from Babylon and her foul wares so that we remain holy children of Mother Church, Your eternal Bride. Help us to be responsible stewards of the wealth and gifts that You entrust to us, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

18 约翰描述了巴比伦的审判和倒塌,巴比伦是对无辜之人的强大压迫者,也是对软弱之人的剥削者。现代西方社会的基督徒听到对巴比伦的控告之后,会注意到有一些攻击非常到位,尤其是他们的贪婪和荒淫无度。教会必须记得哪里才是他们真正的财宝。谁拥有了耶稣,谁就可以盼望在天堂享用永恒的荣美和喜乐。



19:1–5 The heavenly chorus praises God for the collapse and destruction of the great prostitute Babylon. Some may be reluctant to join in this praise, still feeling sympathetic to Babylon and thus exhibiting a shameful self-centeredness. But Christ frees us from tyranny’s grip and promises to share the spoils of His victory with us. Thus, we can heartily join in this praise now and forever. • Holy Spirit, move my heart and voice to join in this great hallelujah chorus, both here on earth and then forever in heaven. Amen.

19:1-5 大淫妇巴比伦倒塌毁灭了,天上的诗班因此赞美上帝。有些人会不情愿加入这样的敬拜,对巴比伦仍然抱有同情心,也因此展现出可耻的自我为中心。但基督释放我们脱离暴政的钳制,且应许了要与我们分享祂得胜的掳物。因此,我们能够欢欣加入这一赞美的队列,今时直到永远。



19:6–10 God follows up His victory over Babylon by solemnizing the marriage of His Son to His Bride, the Church. Though the Father earnestly invites all to come and be a part of this greatest imaginable marriage feast (Mt 22:1–14), some still resist the call of His Gospel. The Lord never gives up on them. Until the end of time, He continues to extend His gracious invitation to believe on His name and receive eternal life. • Lamb of God, because You have shed Your blood for me, keep me faithful to You so I may commune with You forever. Amen.

19:6-10 上帝战胜巴比伦之后就宣誓祂的儿子迎娶新妇教会的婚姻。尽管天父真诚地邀请所有人来参加这极丰盛的、难以想象的婚宴(太22:1-14),然而一些人仍然拒绝祂福音的恩召。主从未放弃他们。祂必会继续发出恩典的邀请给世人来信靠祂的名且领受永生,直到末日降临。



19:11–21 In the great final battle between good and evil, Christ returns and begins to destroy the remaining enemies of His rule once and for all. The end of those who oppose God and His Messiah is fearful, as birds of prey will devour their flesh. But the faithful know that Jesus will come to right wrong and redress evil, and that He freely pardons all who embrace His mercy. • Lord, grant to all people true repentance and sincere faith, so that we may all escape Your vengeance and enter with You into eternal bliss. Amen.

19:11-21 在善恶之间的末后大战中,基督要归回并且开始一劳永逸摧毁祂国度的剩余敌人。那些抵挡上帝和弥赛亚的人的结局是可怕的,飞禽会吞吃他们的尸体。但忠信的信徒知道耶稣必会再来纠正错误且对付罪恶,祂会带着丰盛恩典慷慨赦免所有拥抱祂怜悯的人。