星期一: 林前11:1–12:31


星期二: 林前13:1–14:40


星期三: 林前15:1–58


星期四: 林前16:1–24


星期五: 林后1:1–2:17


星期六: 林后3:1–4:18

11:1–16 “Actions speak louder than words” summarizes much of chs 8–11, especially this section. These Roman women think they can go along with cultural trends. However, removal of their hair covering would be similar to a woman in our culture removing her wedding ring: it symbolizes that she no longer intends to live in a faithful marriage relationship. Paul is concerned about outward conduct but also about the roles God has given to each gender. The removal of the covering would eliminate the gender distinctions God established. The Lord has provided order in the family through faithful husbands and fathers and dedicated wives and mothers. When we seek to live in ways other than how He has called us to live, we move away from Him. Yet we are not abandoned to drift about in this world. God’s Son loved us with a perfect love, sacrificing Himself on the cross for us. The forgiveness won for us there cleanses us from all our failures, even where we have failed those closest to us. • Made new in You, O Christ, we love as You loved and serve as You served. Set our hearts to do Your will, O God. Amen.

11:1-16 "行胜于言 "概括了第 8-11 章的大部分内容,尤其是这一部分。这些罗马妇女认为她们可以顺应文化潮流。然而,摘下她们的发套就像欧美文化中的女人摘下结婚戒指一样:它象征着她不再打算生活在忠实的婚姻关系中。保罗关注的是不仅是外在行为,但也关注上帝赋予两性的角色职责。取下盖头会消除上帝所设立的性别区分。主通过忠实的丈夫和父亲以及尽职的妻子和母亲为家庭提供了秩序。当我们寻求与神呼召我们要过的生活相悖的生活方式时,我们就远离了神。然而,我们并没有被遗弃在这个世界上漂泊流浪。上帝的儿子以完美的爱爱我们,在十字架上为我们牺牲了自己。在十字架上为我们赢得的宽恕洗净了我们所有的过失,甚至洗净了我们对最亲近的人的辜负。- 基督啊,我们在你里面焕然一新,我们像你爱我们一样去爱,像你服侍我们一样取服侍。上帝啊,让我们的心遵行你的旨意吧。阿们。


11:17–34 The Corinthians have turned the Sacrament into a supper of their own making. As a result, the community of believers formed by the Gospel and the Sacrament is being harmed and individuals are falling under God’s judgment. Recalling Christ’s own institution of the Supper, Paul reminds the Corinthians to recognize what God has offered in the Sacrament: the body and blood of Christ, the forgiveness of sins, and through it the union of the Body of Christ, the Church, gathered around the altar. The Lord’s Supper is never just a private matter, something only between God and oneself, but it is a celebration of the whole Body of Christ. • Forgive, O Lord, the dullness that too frequently overcomes us as You draw us to Your Table. Remind us of the blessings of forgiveness and salvation You provide for us there. Send faithful pastors who will admonish our wrongs, remind us of Your love in Christ, and encourage us to receive the forgiveness brought to us in Your Sacrament. Unite us in love and fellowship with those whom You have redeemed who join us at Your Table. Amen.

11:17-34 哥林多信徒把圣餐变成了他们自己随便吃喝的晚餐。结果,由福音和圣餐组成的信徒团体受到了伤害,个人也落入了神的审判之下。保罗重提基督自己设立的晚餐,提醒哥林多信徒要认识到上帝在圣餐中所赐予的:基督的身体和宝血、罪的赦免,以及聚集在祭坛周围的基督的身体,即教会的连结合一。主的圣餐绝不仅仅是上帝和自己之间的私事,而是整个基督身体的操练。- 主啊,请宽恕我们,你邀请我们来到你的餐桌前,我们却常常感到沉闷。提醒我们你在那里为我们提供的宽恕和救赎的祝福。派遣忠实的牧师来告诫我们的错误,提醒我们你在基督里的爱,鼓励我们接受你在圣礼中带给我们的宽恕。让我们在爱和团契中,与那些在你的餐桌前与我们站在一起的、你所救赎的人团结合一。阿们。


12:1–11 God, who is one, unified and blessed the Corinthian congregation through His Spirit and gifts. Like the congregation at Corinth, we also suffer from divisions and party spirit, which undermine God’s work among us. Yet the Lord still leads us to true confession through Jesus, our Savior, and the Spirit’s work among us. • Mute our idolatrous pride and curb our party spirit, O triune Lord. Combine our hearts in works that praise You, even as You unite our voices in the true confession of Your name. Amen.

12:1-11 神是独一的,祂借着圣灵和恩赐祝福了哥林多会众并使他们团结在一起。与哥林多会众一样,我们也遭受着分裂和结党纷争的困扰,这破坏了神在我们中间的工作。然而,主仍然通过我们的救主耶稣和圣灵在我们中间的工作,引导我们真正忏悔。- 三位一体的主啊,请消除我们拜偶像的骄傲,抑制我们的结党纷争倾向。将我们的心连结在赞美你的工作中,就像你将我们的声音合一在对你名的真正宣信中一样。阿们。


 12:12–31 Paul seeks to settle and unite the Corinthian congregation by emphasizing the order God established in creation and the priority of the Gospel. The sin of arrogance plaguing the Corinthians still disrupts congregations today when roles of service are not clearly defined or valued. Yet also today, Christ unites us in Baptism and makes us His very Body. Though wounded and afflicted, His Body can never be destroyed but carries out God’s loving purposes. • Grant me refuge, dear Jesus, in Your holy wounds, from which You poured life and blessing for me and for all. Because You value all Your people, teach me to love and serve them humbly according to my calling. Amen.

12:12-31 保罗试图通过强调神在创造中所建立的秩序和福音的优先性来安定和团结哥林多会众。傲慢的罪困扰着哥林多信徒,今天,当侍奉的角色没有得到明确界定或重视时,傲慢的罪仍然会扰乱会众。然而,同样在今天,基督在洗礼中使我们合一,使我们成为祂的身体。虽然我们受伤受苦,但祂的身体永远不会被摧毁,反而会实现上帝慈爱的旨意。- 亲爱的耶稣,请赐予我庇护,在你圣洁的伤口中,你为我和所有人倾注了生命和祝福。因为你珍视你所有的子民,教导我按照我的呼召去爱他们,谦卑地侍奉他们。阿们。


Ch 13 By so completely describing and advocating love’s divine qualities, Paul reveals the Corinthians’ immaturity. He sharply rebukes all noisy, clanging boasts of superiority. Yet, he alludes to the fact that the Father—who knows His children all too well—still loves them, reaches for them by His Word, and will embrace them eternally because of Christ, who delivered Himself up for us all. • O Father, all-knowing, when my brothers and sisters disappoint and annoy me, take my hands and stretch them wide to embrace them with Your all-embracing love; through Jesus, our mutual Savior. Amen.

13 通过如此完整地描述和倡导爱的神圣品质,保罗揭示了哥林多信徒的不成熟。他尖锐地斥责了所有嘈杂、铿锵的自夸优越感。然而,他也向大家指出这样一个事实,那就是天父--他太了解他的儿女了--却仍然爱他们,用他的话语去爱他们,并将永远拥抱他们,都是因着基督的缘故,因为基督为我们大家舍了自己。- 全知全能的天父啊,当我的兄弟姐妹们让我失望和烦恼时,请握住我的双手,使我大大地敞开,用你无微不至的爱拥抱他们;通过耶稣我们祈祷,祂是我们共同的救主。阿们。


14:1–25 Some Corinthians were pursuing their own edification to the neglect of those around them. We, too, are naturally tempted to pursue what we think of as our own spiritual needs rather than patiently sharing God’s Word with others, especially those we regard as less spiritual. Such attitudes contribute to deeper spiritual divisions among us. God calls us together for mutual edification in His Word, which always richly applies to the mature as well as the immature. Through the Word, God is really among us, giving His Spirit, faith in Christ, and all blessings of salvation. • Dearest Jesus, grant me the maturity to desire the edification of my brothers and sisters and to pursue gifts that build them up in Your love, so that our congregation may confess You with one voice in one Spirit. Amen.

14:1-25 有些哥林多信徒只追求自己的造就,而忽略了周围的人。我们也会自然而然地追求我们自己认为的属灵需要,而不是耐心地与他人分享上帝的话语,尤其是那些我们认为属灵程度较低的人。这种态度会导致我们之间更深的属灵分歧。神呼召我们一起在祂的话语中互相造就,祂的话语总是丰富地适用于成熟的人和不成熟的人。通过圣道,上帝真正与我们同在,赐予我们圣灵、对基督的信心和一切救赎的祝福。- 亲爱的耶稣,求你赐给我成熟的心志,让我主动去劝勉弟兄姊妹们,让我寻求所需的恩赐,在你的爱里建立他们,让我们的会众在同一位圣灵里同声承认你。阿们。


 14:26–40 Just as issues of worship practice have divided the Corinthians, many congregations today are divided over matters of worship. God’s Word insists on clear order so that the teaching of Law and Gospel is not hindered. Though Paul tolerates the Corinthians’ personal interests, he insists that such interests have no place in congregational gatherings, which should clearly teach God’s Word for all. The “God of peace” (Rm 15:33) has established our salvation and life in the cross of His dear Son, our only Savior, who makes us one and strengthens us in the one true faith. • God of peace, tear down our elitist opinions and personal preferences. Build us up and nurture us through Your humble and patient Son, Jesus. Amen.

14:26-40 正如敬拜方式的问题使哥林多人分裂一样,今天许多教会也因敬拜的问题而分裂。上帝的话语坚持要有明确的秩序,这样律法和福音的教导才不会受到阻碍。虽然保罗容忍哥林多信徒的个人兴趣喜好,但他坚持认为这些个人的兴趣喜好在聚会中没有地位,聚会应该为所有人清楚地教导上帝的话语。“赐平安的神"(罗马书15:33)已在祂亲爱的儿子,我们唯一救主的十字架上建立了我们的救赎和生命,祂使我们合而为一,并在唯一的真信仰中坚固我们。- 赐平安的神啊,求你摧毁我们的精英主义观点和个人偏好。通过你谦卑有耐心的儿子耶稣,建立我们,培育我们。阿们。


15:1–11 Because of zeal for more knowledge, the Corinthians have neglected what has first importance: the simple truths and application of the Gospel. How great is the temptation for us to overlook the Gospel today! A multitude of contemporary issues can crowd out the Gospel of life and forgiveness in Jesus until it grows unclear in our minds. Praise God for the wonderful creeds that our forebears have handed down across the centuries, which take up Paul’s very words, summarize the Holy Gospel, and etch it into our memories. • Holy Jesus, You died to take away my sins and rose to fulfill all the Father’s promises in Scripture. Send now Your Holy Spirit so that by Your grace I may stand in this faith always. Amen.

15:1-11 哥林多信徒热衷于追求更多的知识,却忽略了最重要的东西:福音的简单真理和应用。今天,我们忽视福音,这试探何其之大!大量的当代问题可能会挤掉在耶稣里的生命和宽恕的福音,直到它在我们的头脑中变得模糊不清。赞美上帝,因为我们的先辈们在几个世纪中流传下来了美妙的信条,这些信条采纳了保罗的话语,总结了神圣的福音,并将其铭刻在我们的记忆中。- 圣洁的耶稣,你为带走我的罪孽而死,又为实现天父在圣经中的所有应许而复活。求你现在赐予我圣灵,让我因着你的恩典永远坚守这信仰。阿们。


15:12–34 The Corinthians take pride in their wisdom, but Paul tears apart their arguments with basic logic and rhetoric. Logic, rhetoric, and even sarcasm have their uses in preaching and teaching the Gospel. Yet all our powers and wisdom must remain subject to the Lord, who is “all in all.” The Lord refuted sin, death, Satan, and all our foes—not with reason but with acts: His death and resurrection for our redemption. • Victorious Savior, daily put to death my foolish pride and wisdom, and teach me the way of humility and self-sacrifice. In the daily repentance and renewal of Baptism, may I partake of Your sufferings so that I may partake of Your resurrection. Amen.

15:12-34 哥林多信徒以自己的智慧夸口,但保罗用基本的逻辑和辩论拆穿了他们的论点。在传讲和教导福音时,逻辑、修辞甚至讽刺都有其用处。然而,我们所有的能力和智慧都必须服从于 "充满万有"的主。主驳斥了罪、死亡、撒旦和我们所有的敌人--不是用理性,而是用行动: 祂为救赎我们而受死和复活。- 得胜的救赎主啊,求你每日泯灭我愚蠢的骄傲和智慧,教导我谦卑和自我牺牲的道路。在洗礼所带来的每日悔改和更新中,愿我分享你的苦难,从而分享你的复活。阿们。


15:35–49 The body—corrupted by sin—declines, decays, and dies. Humanly speaking, we can extend our lives only by having children, whom we likewise corrupt with our inherited sin. But thanks be to God! He chose to establish a new order for us through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Jesus resisted all corruption and grants us His heavenly life. • Jesus, lead me to respect my body and to regard my funeral like a farmer sowing with resurrection hope. By Your grace, may I and my loved ones reap a harvest of heavenly life. Amen.

15:35-49 被罪败坏的身体会衰退、腐烂、死亡。从人的角度来说,我们只能通过生儿育女来延长自己的生命,而我们也同样用遗传的罪孽败坏了他们。但感谢上帝!他选择通过耶稣的生命、死亡和复活为我们建立新的秩序。耶稣抵御了一切堕落,将他的属天生命赐给了我们。- 耶稣,请引导我尊重自己的身体,像农夫带着复活的希望播种那样对待自己的葬礼。愿我和我所爱的人靠赖你的恩典收获属天的生命。阿们。


15:50–58 The justification Jesus provided is our only hope against sin, death, and the Law’s condemnation. Jesus delivers us from death’s jaws. He now equips us to serve in His Church and to live eternally in His kingdom. • Victorious Lord, Your nail-pierced hand drew me safely out of sin; Your pierced foot snapped shut the jaws of death. Teach me to stomp temptation. Swing wide heaven’s gates, that I may enter Your joy. Amen.

15:50-58 耶稣所赐的称义是我们对抗罪、死亡和律法定罪的唯一希望。耶稣把我们从死亡的魔爪中解救出来。现在,祂装备我们在祂的教会中侍奉,在祂的国度中永远活着。- 得胜的主啊,你钉痕的手将我安全地从罪恶中救拔出来;你带刺的脚将死亡的钳口咬住。教我如何战胜诱惑试探。大开天堂之门,让我进入你的喜乐。阿们。


16:1–4 Compassion leads the early Christian congregations to treasure up and distribute support for fellow Christians and ministries in need. When we learn of brothers and sisters in need, God’s Word leads us to demonstrate the bond of fellowship created by the Gospel. Christ treasured us by freely giving His life for us, and He grants us generous hearts. • Generous Lord, as You cause us to prosper spiritually and financially, lead us also to treasure our brothers and sisters with all compassion. Amen.

16:1-4 怜悯之心引导早期的基督徒会众为有需要的基督徒同胞和事工积攒和分配支持。当我们得知有弟兄姊妹需要帮助时,上帝的话语引导我们展示福音所创造的团契纽带。基督为我们白白献上生命,以此来珍爱我们,祂也赐给我们慷慨的心。- 慷慨的主啊,当你使我们在灵性和经济上繁荣昌盛时,也引领我们以所有的怜悯来珍惜我们的弟兄姐妹。阿们。


16:5–11 Paul clears the way for future work and for the work of his colleague Timothy. Effective ministry today also depends on clear planning and authority so that congregations may support the work of the Lord. That work is vital because faith, life, and salvation come only through the Lord’s Word. • Dear Jesus, prosper the work of the Lord among us so that Your life-giving Gospel is not despised through sinful disagreement or stubbornness. Lead us to respect and support those who preach the Gospel faithfully. Amen.

16:5-11 保罗为未来的工作和他同事提摩太的工作扫清了道路。今天,有效的事工也取决于清晰的计划和权柄,这样会众才能支持主的工作。这项工作至关重要,因为只有通过主的话语才能获得信心、生命和救赎。- 亲爱的耶稣,求你兴旺主在我们中间的工作,使你赐生命的福音不因罪恶的分歧或固执而被轻视。引导我们尊重并支持那些忠心传扬福音的人。阿们。


16:12–18 Paul urges the leaders at Corinth to recognize the service, calling, and authority of each other and to see themselves at part of a larger team. No matter how or where you serve the Lord, you, too, are part of a larger team. Respect your fellow workers by listening to them and coordinating efforts with them. Our Savior’s strong, firm love and leadership preserves the unity of His dear Church, for which He gave His life. • Dear Jesus, grant me patience with my colleagues, and direct us ever by Your pure Word so that we may stand firm together by Your grace alone. Amen.

16:12-18 保罗敦促哥林多的领袖们认识到彼此的侍奉、呼召和权柄,把自己看作是更大团队的一部分。无论你以何种方式或在何处事奉主,你也是更大团队的一部分。尊重你的同工,倾听他们的声音,与他们协调工作。我们的救赎主坚定有力的爱和领导维护着祂亲爱的教会的合一,祂为此献出了自己的生命。- 亲爱的耶稣,请赐予我对同事的耐心,永远用你纯正的话语指引我们,让我们唯独靠你的恩典站立得稳。阿们。


16:19–24 Paul’s bittersweet conclusion illustrates his passion for the Gospel and for the congregation. Likewise, the Lord calls us to passionate service and love. Jesus, too, forcefully denounced those who abused God’s Word (Mt 23:1–36); yet He poured out His love for all sinners, so that all might know His grace. • Dear Jesus, fill me with sincere passion for sharing the Gospel with those who have not yet heard of or believed in Your grace. Amen.

16:19-24 保罗苦乐参半的结论表明了他对福音和会众的热情。同样,主也呼召我们热情地侍奉和爱。耶稣也曾强烈谴责那些滥用上帝话语的人(太 23:1-36);但祂倾注了对所有罪人的爱,使所有人都能认识祂的恩典。- 亲爱的耶稣,让我充满真诚的热情,与那些尚未听说或相信你恩典的人分享福音。阿们。


1:1–2 Paul’s ministry to the Corinthians has been “painful” (2:1). As Christ’s representative, Paul calls them to repentance (cf 1Co 5–6; 10–11) for their willful disobedience of the Gospel of Jesus. Yet, even for this Church there is grace and peace from “God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,” which establishes and sustains them anew as God’s saints. Like the Corinthians, we must also admit and repent of our misuse and neglect of the ministry of the Word. Too often, we trust in our own wisdom and strength to the detriment of our walk with God. Yet, Jesus is continually gracious toward us with a forgiveness that is as real as Jesus Himself. Just as He was gracious to undeserving, even arrogant, people at Corinth and restored them as saints, He can reach each one of us right where we are. • Dear Lord, thank You for continually reaching me and renewing me in and through Your Church. Amen.

1:1-2 保罗对哥林多人的侍奉是 "痛苦忧愁的"2:1)。作为基督的代表,保罗呼吁他们悔改(参林前5-610-11),因为他们故意违背耶稣的福音。然而,即使对这个教会来说,也有来自 "神我们的父上和主耶稣基督 "的恩惠与平安,这恩典与平安使他们重新成为上帝的圣徒,并支撑着他们。像哥林多信徒一样,我们也必须承认并悔改我们对圣道事工的滥用和忽视。我们常常相信自己的智慧和力量,这有损于我们与神同行。然而,耶稣以宽恕不断地恩待我们,祂的赦免就像耶稣自己一样真实。就像祂在哥林多恩待那些不配、甚至傲慢的人,使他们重新成为圣徒一样,祂也能在我们所处的地方恩待我们每一个人。- 亲爱的主,感谢你在你的教会中并通过你的教会不断地影响我、更新我。阿们。


1:3–11 Paul puts suffering in the context of God’s grace. Sharing the Gospel in the midst of a sinful world means that opposition is bound to come (Jn 15:20) and may even overwhelm God’s people as they share the Good News with others. Christ Jesus promises that in the midst of carrying crosses, burdens, and even the abuses and persecutions of others, His burden will be light (Mt 11:28–30). He not only will sustain us as His people (Rm 5:1–5) but will refresh us and bring joy in the midst of such struggles (Mt 5:11; 2Co 12:9–10). • Lord Jesus, teach us to be open to the challenging experiences that loving others in Your name brings, so we might trust in You all the more and rejoice exceedingly when others come to faith in You because they have known us as Your people. Amen.

1:3-11 保罗将苦难置于上帝恩典的背景之下。在这个罪恶的世界中分享福音意味着必然会遇到反对(约 15:20),在上帝的子民与他人分享福音时这个反对甚至会压垮上帝的百姓。然而基督耶稣应许说,在背负十字架、重担,甚至他人的辱骂和迫害时,祂的担子必是轻的(太 11:28-30)。祂不仅会扶持我们成为祂的子民(摩 5:1-5),还会在这些挣扎中给我们带来清新和喜乐(太 5:11;林后 12:9-10)。- 主耶稣,求你教导我们坦然面对奉你的名爱人所带来的挑战,这样我们就会更加信靠你,当别人因认识我们是你的子民而信你时,我们也会无比喜乐。阿们。


1:12–2:4 Paul defends his ministry to the Corinthians not according to the standards of the world but according to the gracious character of God’s message delivered through self-sacrificing servants. Sharing the Gospel message often exposes us as unworthy servants. In the midst of the hardships that Gospel ministry brings in a sinful world, the confidence of Christ, His encouraging, sustaining, forgiving presence, is a constant blessing for those who trust Him (1:21). • Dear Jesus, even in the midst of the battles of life, Your love and Your grace not only sustain us, but they are also the solid ground from which we can always begin again. We trust in Your everlasting love. Amen.

1:12-2:4 保罗不是按照世俗的标准,而是按照上帝的信息的恩典特征,为自己在哥林多的事奉辩护,而上帝的信息是藉着自我牺牲的侍奉仆人所传递给会众的。分享福音信息常常会暴露我们是不配的仆人。在这个罪恶的世界里,福音事工充满艰辛,但基督的信心、祂的鼓励、支持和饶恕,是信靠祂的人恒久不变的祝福(1:21)。- 亲爱的耶稣,即使在生活的争战中,你的爱和你的恩典不仅支撑着我们,也是我们永远可以重新开始的坚实基础。我们相信你永恒的爱。阿们。


2:5–11 The goal of church discipline is the restoration of the person. Paul calls the Corinthians, who have been diligent in punishment, to be even more diligent in forgiveness. When disciplining another, we often are tempted to do so legalistically, as if the person has to earn our forgiveness. Such an attitude actually destroys grace, both in the repentant believer and in us. To the one who is truly sorry for sin, we are to forgive as Christ forgives us and to remember the sin no more. • Dear Lord, give us wisdom to speak Your words of judgment or grace always for the sake of our fellow believer and not for our own satisfaction or self-righteousness. Amen.

2:5-11 教会管教的目的是使人得到重建。保罗呼吁哥林多信徒在惩罚方面要勤勉,在饶恕方面要更加勤勉。在管教别人的时候,我们常常会受到律法主义的诱惑,好像这个人必须努力配得我们的饶恕。这种态度实际上破坏了恩典,既破坏了给悔改信徒的恩典,也破坏了属于我们自己的恩典。对于真正悔罪的人,我们应该像基督饶恕我们一样饶恕他,并且不再记念他的罪。- 亲爱的主啊,求你赐给我们智慧,让我们总是为了信徒的缘故,而不是为了自己的满足或自以为是,去诉说并传讲你审判或恩典的话。阿们。


2:12–17 Paul’s spirit is restless and overwhelmed in the circumstances of his ministry. Nonetheless, he is confident that Christ will accomplish His work for the Corinthians. As Christians, we often feel the very real weight of representing Christ to others. Our worries, sins, and frailties can overwhelm us. We can take heart that Christ Jesus is always sufficient and that His message of forgiveness for us is also a sweet fragrance to all who trust in Him. • Dear Lord, give us sincere hearts to look honestly at ourselves, so we may never take Your grace for granted, and that we might be a sweet aroma of grace to others in Your name. Amen.

2:12-17 保罗的灵在事奉的环境中焦躁不安,不知所措。然而,他坚信基督会为哥林多人成就祂的工作。作为基督徒,我们常常感受到在他人面前代表基督的真实重量。我们的忧虑、罪恶和脆弱可能会压垮我们。我们可以相信,基督耶稣永远是充足的,祂赦免我们的好消息对所有信靠祂的人来说也是甜美的馨香。- 亲爱的主啊,请赐给我们真诚的心,让我们诚实地审视自己,这样我们就不会把你的恩典视为理所当然,也能奉你的名成为祝福他人的恩典香气。阿们。


Ch 3 Paul describes the sufficiency, competency, and hope of the new covenant, which is the fulfillment of the old covenant. Our abilities and skills do not make us competent for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Our confidence and competency come from Christ, whose ministry truly gives life by the power of the Spirit. Therefore, we can be even bolder than Moses, the great prophet of the old covenant, as we proclaim Jesus, the one whom Moses yearned to see. • Dear Lord, help us to see clearly the living hope that You have given us through Your cross and resurrection. Give us also boldness to proclaim the cross to all who would listen. Amen.

3 章保罗描述了新约的充足、能力和盼望,新约是旧约的成全。我们的能力和技巧并不能使我们胜任耶稣基督的事工。我们的信心和能力来自基督,他的事工真正靠着圣灵的大能赐给我们生命。因此,我们可以比旧约的伟大先知摩西更大胆地宣讲耶稣,而耶稣恰恰是摩西渴望见到的那一位。- 亲爱的主,求你帮助我们清楚地看到你通过十字架和复活赐给我们的活泼的盼望。也赐给我们勇气,向所有愿意聆听的人宣讲十字架。阿们。


4:1–6 The essence of Paul’s ministry was “mercy” through the Lord Jesus alone. Such mercy compelled him to be straightforward, authentic, and transparent as a servant to God’s people. Merciful ministry exposes and binds us to the people we serve. We must never give in to the temptation to think that merciful ministry can be done from afar, as a master and not as a servant. The same Lord who made “light shine out of darkness” will strengthen our hearts to be courageously transparent servants. • Thanks be to God, who is generously merciful to us. May He prepare us and bind us to those who need such mercy. Amen.

4:1-6 保罗事奉的本质是唯独藉着主耶稣所展现的 "怜悯"。这种怜悯催促他作为上帝子民的仆人应该直截了当、真实透明。怜悯的事工暴露了我们与我们所服事的人之间的关系,并将我们与他们联系在一起。我们绝不能屈服于诱惑,认为怜悯的事工可以站得远远地去做,可以作为主人而不是仆人来做。那位使 "光从黑暗中照出来 "的同一位主,会坚固我们的心,使我们成为勇敢透明的仆人。- 感谢上帝,他对我们慷慨仁慈。愿祂预备我们,将我们与那些需要这种怜悯的人联系在一起。阿们。


4:7–18 Living and sharing the life of Christ with others often has a cost. Paul instructs us to look beyond the momentary affliction to the eternal glory of salvation in Jesus. He tells us to look to the treasure, not to the earthen vessel, for our confidence with God. God’s promises of life and salvation are the most real things in our lives. Because that is true, believers can look at afflictions and struggles purposefully as opportunities that make God’s power more evident to those around them. Afflictions are temporary nuisances that will surely give way to the glory of life eternal with our Savior. • Lord, show me Your purpose in the struggles and in the victories of my life. Amen.

4:7-18 活出并与他人分享基督的生命往往需要付出代价。保罗教导我们要超越一时的苦难,仰望在耶稣里得救的永恒荣耀。他告诉我们,我们对神的信心要依赖里面的宝贝,而不是装宝贝的陶器。上帝关于生命和救赎的应许是我们生命中最真实的东西。正因为如此,信徒可以有目的地将苦难和挣扎视为机会,让周围的人更清楚地看到神的大能。苦难是暂时的烦恼,但一定会逊色于救主永生的荣耀。- 主啊,请在我生命的挣扎和胜利中向我显明你的目的。阿们。