3:1–8 Human sinfulness shows the radical difference between God’s holiness and humanity’s unrighteousness. God made covenants with His people, but we have broken our promises. How blessed we are that our unfaithfulness cannot nullify His faithfulness. He redeems us because He is gracious. • Loving Father, thank You for Your grace and faithfulness. Empower me by Your Spirit to be faithful to You. Amen.

3:1-8 人类的罪性表明了上帝的圣洁与人类的不义之间的巨大差异。上帝与他的子民立下盟约,但我们却违背了自己的诺言。我们何其有福,我们的不忠不能抵消神的信实。他救赎我们,因为他有恩典。- 慈爱的天父,感谢你的恩典和信实。请用你的圣灵赋予我能力,使我对你忠心。阿们。


3:9–20 While we are tempted to think that obedience to the Law can save, Paul shows the Law’s diagnosis: we are sinners incapable of saving ourselves (v 20). Only when we see this are we prepared for the Good News of what Christ has done for us. • Lord, I know that I am a sinner. Forgive me. Help me see Jesus and trust in Him alone. Amen.

3:9-20 当我们受到诱惑,以为顺从律法就能得救时,保罗指出了律法的诊断:我们是罪人,没有能力拯救自己(第20节)。只有看到这一点,我们才会因着基督为我们所做的而带来的好消息做好接受的准备。- 主啊,我知道我是个罪人。请宽恕我。帮助我看见耶稣,只信靠他。阿们。


3:21–31 Vv 23–24 demonstrate human equality—all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. We are alike in our corruption and fallenness. But all humanity has also been redeemed by Christ. Sinners may draw distinctions between people, but God does not. He would save us all through Christ. • Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, thank You for Your salvation. Empower me to share Your gift with others. Amen.

3:21-31 第 23-24 节展示了人类的平等--人人都犯了罪,亏缺了上帝的荣耀。我们的败坏和堕落是一样的。但全人类都已被基督救赎。罪人可能会把人与人区分开来,但上帝不会。他要通过基督拯救我们所有人。- 主耶稣基督,世界的救赎主,感谢你的救赎。让我有能力与他人分享你的恩赐。阿们。


4:1–12 Abraham’s circumcision did not save him; it was a response to his salvation. We are constantly tempted to give our works a role in salvation, but this detracts from God’s work. Christ saves us apart from our works, so anything we do responds to what He has already done for us. • Gracious God, grant us hearts that trust like Abraham, who trusted in You alone. Thank You for declaring us righteous. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

4:1-12 亚伯拉罕的割礼并没有拯救他;割礼是对他得救的回应。我们不断受到诱惑,试着要让我们的善行在救赎中发挥作用,但这有损于上帝的工作。基督拯救了我们,与我们的行为无关,因此我们所做的一切都是对他为我们所做的一切的回应。- 仁慈的上帝,请赐给我们像亚伯拉罕一样的信靠之心,他只信靠你。感谢你宣布我们为义人。奉耶稣的名。阿们。


4:13–25 Abraham trusted that God was able to do what He promised. Trials and challenges may tempt us to doubt God’s promises. As He did with Abraham, God will strengthen our faith, assure us of His promises, help us to trust, and fulfill all He said He would do. • Lord, I believe. Assure me when I doubt, and strengthen my faith. Amen.

4:13-25 亚伯拉罕相信神能够成就他所应许的。试炼和挑战可能会让我们怀疑神的应许。正如他对亚伯拉罕所做的一样,神会坚固我们的信心,向我们保证他的应许,帮助我们相信,并实现他所说的一切。- 主啊,我相信。当我怀疑时,请向我保证,坚定我的信心。阿们。


5:1–11 We naturally seek to avoid pain and suffering. Yet, there are times when suffering is unavoidable. Focused on Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, we know that suffering is not the whole story. God will use afflictions for our good and to bless others. He will keep His promises, and we will overcome our sufferings by faith. • Lord Christ, You suffered for us. When we must suffer, lead us in faith. Amen.

5:1-11 我们自然会寻求避免痛苦和苦难。然而,有时苦难是不可避免的。专注于基督的受苦、受死和复活,我们知道苦难并不是故事的全部。上帝会用苦难来造福我们和他人。他会信守他的诺言,我们会凭信心战胜苦难。- 主基督,你为我们受苦。当我们必须受苦时,请用信心引领我们。阿们。


5:12–21 Adam’s sin brought guilt, the desire to sin, and mortality to all humans. We continue to sin and deserve condemnation. Praise God, He did not stop with Adam. He sent a Second Adam to begin a new humanity. Christ fulfilled the Law. He was obedient to the Father, and He paid the penalty for our sin. One man—Christ—has redeemed us and changed humanity forever. • O Lord, Your grace abounds for me so that I may enjoy justification, life, and peace as Adam enjoyed before the fall into sin. Reign over me, gracious Lord, that I may reign over trespasses and death, inheriting all the blessings of the Second Adam—Jesus. Amen.

5:12-21 亚当的罪给全人类带来了罪恶、犯罪的欲望和死亡。我们继续犯罪,理应受到谴责。赞美神,他没有止步于亚当。他派了第二个亚当来开始新的人类。基督完成了律法。他顺服天父,为我们的罪付出了代价。一个人--就是基督--救赎了我们,永远改变了人类。- 哦主,你的恩典充盈着我,使我可以享受称义、生命和平安,就像亚当在堕落犯罪之前所享受的一样。仁慈的主啊,请在我身上掌权,让我战胜过犯和死亡,继承第二个亚当--就是耶稣--的所有祝福。阿们。


6:1–14 We may be tempted to make grace an invitation to sin. Because God will forgive me, why not do what I want? This immature attitude misses this point: Christ unites Himself to us. In His death and resurrection, we receive forgiveness and life. He calls us to live in His life, not to turn back to a life dominated by sin. He enables us to live in the freedom of His grace. • Risen Savior, You died my death and gave me Your life. Abide with me that I may walk with You. Amen.

6:1-14 我们可能会受到诱惑,把恩典当作犯罪的邀请。因为上帝会宽恕我,为什么不随心所欲呢?这种不成熟的态度忽略了这一点: 基督使自己与我们联合。在他的死和复活中,我们得到了宽恕和生命。他呼召我们活在他的生命中,而不是回到被罪主宰的生活里。他使我们活在他恩典的自由中。- 复活的救主,你为我受死,又赐给我生命。请与我同在,让我与你同行。阿们。


6:15–23 Although many people consider freedom to be the ultimate human right, no one is truly free spiritually. We were slaves to sin and bound to death. Knowing this, Jesus came to serve us by giving His life on the cross and rising for us. Freed from sin, we can now serve God. Only when we are “slaves” to God will we have freedom to be the people He created us to be. • My Savior, thank You for serving me. Lead me to serve You and others. Amen.

6:15-23 虽然许多人认为自由是人类的终极权利,但没有人在灵性上是真正自由的。我们是罪的奴隶,被死亡捆绑。知道这一点后,耶稣来到我们身边,在十字架上为我们献出生命,并为我们复活。从罪中解放出来之后,我们现在可以侍奉上帝了。只有当我们成为上帝的 "奴隶 "时,我们才能获得自由,成为他创造我们时要我们成为的人。- 我的救主,感谢你为我服务。引领我为你和他人服务。阿们。