[How to prepare for death:] First, one must admonish the people to attend church and listen to the sermon so that they learn through God’s word how to live and how to die. It must be noted that those who are so uncouth and wicked as to despise God’s word while they are in good health should be left unattended when they are sick unless they demonstrate their remorse and repentance with great earnestness, tears, and lamentation.… Second, everyone should prepare in time and get ready for death by going to confession and taking the sacrament once every week or fortnight. He should become reconciled with his neighbor and make his will so that if the Lord knocks and he departs before a pastor or chaplain can arrive, he has provided for his soul, has left nothing undone, and has committed himself to God. When there are many fatalities and only two or three pastors on duty, it is impossible to visit everyone, to give instruction, and to teach each one what a Christian ought to know in the anguish of death. Those who have been careless and negligent in these matters must account for themselves. That is their own fault. After all, we cannot set up a private pulpit and altar daily at their bedside simply because they have despised the public pulpit and altar to which God has summoned and called them. Third, if someone wants the chaplain or pastor to come, let the sick person send word in time to call him and let him do so early enough while he is still in his right mind before the illness overwhelms the patient. —Martin Luther

[如何为死亡做准备:]首先,必须告诫人们去教堂听道,让他们通过上帝的话语学会如何生存和如何死亡。必须注意的是,那些在身体健康的时候鄙视上帝的话语的人,在生病的时候应该不管,除非他们以极大的恳切、眼泪和哀叹来表明他们的懊恼和忏悔.... 第二,每个人都应该及时做好准备,为死亡做好准备,每周或每两周去忏悔一次,领受圣餐。他应该与邻居和好,并立下遗嘱,这样,如果主来敲门,他在牧师或临终关怀牧者到达之前离世,他其实已经为自己的灵魂做好了准备,没有留下任何未完成的事情,并将自己交托给了上帝。当死亡人数众多(瘟疫期间),而能叫到的牧师只有两三个人时,他们就不可能去看望每一个人,给予指导,教导每一个人基督徒在死亡的痛苦中应该懂得的道理。那些平时在这些问题上疏忽大意的人必须为自己负责。这是他们自己的错。毕竟,我们不能因为他们轻视上帝召唤他们参加的公共讲台和祭坛,就每天在他们的床边设立私人讲台和祭坛。第三,如果有人希望牧师或牧师来,请病人及时捎信叫他来,并让他在病魔压倒病人之前,趁自己头脑还清醒时及早这样做。马丁.路德



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