7:1–24 Despite growing opposition from Jewish leaders and unbelief within His own family, Jesus enters Jerusalem during the Feast of Booths as the time of His death draws near. People today still fail to see that Jesus is not just another lawgiver but a merciful Savior. He was “despised and rejected” (Is 53:3) that He might bear our sins on the cross. • O Lord, confirm the faith of all who experience persecution because of Your name. Grant us boldness to proclaim You. Amen.

7:1-24 尽管犹太领袖越来越多地反对耶稣,祂自己的家人也不相信祂,但耶稣还是在住棚节期间进入耶路撒冷,因为祂的死期临近了。今天的人们仍然不明白,耶稣不是另一位律法制定者,而是一位仁慈的救世主。祂 "被藐视,被人厌弃"(赛 53:3),为要在十字架上担当我们的罪。- 主啊,求你坚固所有因你的名而遭受迫害的人的信心。求你赐给我们勇气去宣扬你。阿们。


7:32–36 Jesus teaches that when He dies, He will return to His Father and become inaccessible to His enemies. Yet, He remains gracious toward all. The “window of opportunity” for the Gospel will soon close, both for the individual and for the world. But God now graciously extends the time for the Gospel’s proclamation that many others may hear and be saved (2Pt 3:9). • Make me alert, O God, to seize every opportunity to share Jesus’ saving love. Amen.

7:32-36 耶稣教导我们,当祂死后,祂将回到祂的父那里,祂的敌人无法接近祂。然而,祂仍然恩待所有人。对于个人和世界来说,福音的 "机会窗口 "很快就会关闭。但上帝现在出于恩典延长了福音的传播时间,使更多的人可以听到福音并得救(彼得后书3:9)。- 上帝啊,请让我警醒,抓住一切机会分享耶稣的救赎之爱。阿们。


7:37–39 On the final day of the Feast of Booths, Jesus promises that believers will receive the Holy Spirit (at Pentecost) after His death. “Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to Him” (Rm 8:9). But Christ’s death and resurrection proclaimed in the Gospel brings life to all who thirst for Him and His blessings. • O Holy Spirit, bring refreshing showers of blessing each day of my life. Amen.

7:37-39 在住棚节的最后一天,耶稣应许信徒在祂死后(五旬节)会得到圣灵。"人若没有基督的灵,就不是属基督的"(罗马书8:9)。但福音书中宣扬的基督的死和复活为所有渴慕祂和祂的祝福的人带来了生命。- 圣灵啊,求你在我生命的每一天都赐给我焕然一新的祝福。阿们。


7:40–52 Jewish leaders and the populace hold sharply different opinions regarding Jesus. Today, people continue to misjudge the Lord on the basis of their own feelings and perceptions. Truly, “no one ever spoke like this man” Jesus; His teaching exceeded all human expectations, imparting grace to those who heard. His words came directly from our heavenly Father. • Lead me, Lord Jesus, to hear the full message of Your Word. Amen.

7:40-52 犹太领袖和民众对耶稣的看法大相径庭。今天,人们仍然根据自己的感觉和看法对主作出错误的判断。诚然,"从来没有像祂这样说话的!」";祂的教导超越了人类所有的期望,将恩典传给了听到的人。祂的话直接来自我们的天父。- 主耶稣,引导我聆听你话语的整全信息。阿们。


7:53–8:11 The scribes and Pharisees fail to trap Jesus by requesting a hasty judgment against a woman caught in the act of adultery. Jesus reveals the hypocrisy of His detractors and calls them to self-examination, even as He calls the sinful woman to consider her error. The Lord’s greatest desire is to deliver us from sin through repentance and faith, rather than condemn us for our sins. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, even the worst of us, by His sacrifice on the cross. • O Lord, be merciful to me, a poor sinful being. Amen.

7:53-8:11 文士和法利赛人要求对一个犯奸淫时被抓的妇人作出草率的判决,但耶稣没有被他们的刁难套住。耶稣揭露了诋毁祂之人的虚伪,并呼吁他们自省,就像祂呼吁这个有罪的妇人思考自己的错误一样。主最大的愿望是通过悔改和信心把我们从罪恶中解救出来,而不是因我们的罪而谴责我们。耶稣基督来到这个世界,就是要通过祂在十字架上的牺牲来拯救罪人,甚至是我们当中最坏的人。- 主啊,求你怜悯我这个可怜的罪人。阿们。


8:12–30 Jesus claims to be the light of the world, through whom people may have life, which prompts the Pharisees to question His authority. Unless individuals believe in Jesus Christ, who was sent by God the Father, they will die in their sins. Jesus’ cross reveals that He is truly the Messiah, the Son of Man sent to deliver us from spiritual darkness. • Heavenly Father, You have made me a new person through Baptism. Now make me Your light in the world. Amen.

8:12-30 耶稣自称是世界的光,人可以借着祂得生命,这促使法利赛人质疑祂的权威。除非人们信靠父神所差来的耶稣基督,否则他们就会死在罪中。耶稣的十字架揭示了祂是真正的弥赛亚,是受差遣将我们从属灵的黑暗中拯救出来的人子。- 天父,你通过洗礼使我成为新造的人。现在,请让我成为你在世上的光。阿们。


8:31–38 Jews with a weak faith in Jesus balk when He says that true freedom comes through Him and His teaching. Humans are self-centered from birth and in bondage to sin, unable to please God (Rm 8:8). Through Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection, He provides liberation from sin, death, and the devil to all who believe and are baptized into His name. • Grant that I may remain faithful to Your Word until my last hour, O Lord. Amen.

8:31-38 当耶稣说真正的自由是通过祂和祂的教导而来时,对耶稣信心薄弱的犹太人退后了。人一出生就以自我为中心,受罪的捆绑,无法取悦上帝(罗马书8:8)。通过耶稣的牺牲和复活,祂为所有相信并受洗归入祂名下的人提供了从罪、死亡和魔鬼中解脱的机会。- 主啊,求你赐我恩典,忠于你的话语,直到我生命的最后一刻。阿们。


8:39–47 Jesus traces the people’s refusal to believe in Him and His Word to their spiritual “father,” the devil himself. Beware—even today satanic deception lies behind opposition to Jesus and His teaching. Yet, God’s love revealed in the Gospel explains why His children by faith love their Savior and His Word. • “O LORD, I love the habitation of Your house and the place where Your glory dwells” (Ps 26:8). Amen.

8:39-47 耶稣将人们拒绝相信祂和祂的话语的原因归咎于他们属灵的 "父亲"--魔鬼本身。当心--即使在今天,撒旦的欺骗也隐藏在反对耶稣及其教导的背后。然而,《福音书》中揭示的上帝之爱解释了为什么祂的儿女因信而爱他们的救主和祂的话语。- 耶和华啊,我喜爱你所住的殿 和你显荣耀的居所。"(诗 26:8)。阿们。


8:48–59 The confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisees reaches a climax when the Pharisees attempt to stone Him for claiming to be the preexistent Son of God. The Bible’s witness that Jesus is true God and the only way to heaven receives intense and sometimes virulent opposition today. Pray for those confused or offended by the truth about Jesus, for “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rm 5:8). • O God, grant true repentance to those whose hearts are turned against You. Amen.

8:48-59 耶稣与法利赛人的对峙达到了高潮,法利赛人企图用石头打耶稣,因为祂声称自己是永存的神子。圣经见证了耶稣是真正的神,是通往天堂的唯一道路,但这一见证在今天遭到了强烈的反对,有时甚至是激烈的反对。为那些对耶稣的真理产生怀疑或因此被冒犯的人祷告,因为 "惟有基督在我们还作罪人的时候为我们死, 神的爱就在此向我们显明了。"(罗马书 5:8)。- 神啊,求祢赐给那些背叛祢的人真正的悔改。阿们。