星期一: 提前  3:1–16


星期二: 提前  4:1–16


星期三: 提前  5:1–25


星期四: 提前  6:1–21


星期五: 提后  1:1–18


星期六: 提后  2:1–26

3:1–7 Only qualified men may serve as pastors of God’s flock. We should honor and uphold the qualifications that God has set forth for those who would serve in the Office of the Public Ministry, always remembering that the pastoral office is a divine institution—a gift from God for His Church. The Lord Jesus has given this office and its qualifications because He loves us and always desires what is best for us. He Himself is our chief Shepherd (1Pt 5:4). He has laid down His life for us (Jn 10:11) and gives us eternal life (Jn 10:28). • “Almighty God, in Your kindness You cause the light of the Gospel to shine among us. By the working of Your Holy Spirit, help us to share the good news of Your salvation that all who hear it may rejoice in the gift of Your unending love.” Amen. (LSB Altar Book, p 987)

3:1-7 只有合格的弟兄才能担任上帝羊群的牧师。我们应该尊重并维护上帝为那些愿意在公共事工中任职的人所规定的资格,始终牢记牧职是一个神圣的职分--是上帝赐给教会的礼物。主耶稣赋予这一职分及其资格,是因为他爱我们,总是希望我们得到最好的。他自己是我们的大牧者(彼前 54)。他为我们舍命(约1011),赐给我们永生(约 1028)。- “全能的上帝,你仁慈地使福音之光照耀我们。借着你圣灵的工作,帮助我们分享你救赎的好消息,让所有听到的人都能因你无尽的爱的恩赐而喜乐。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书,祭坛手册,第987页)


3:8–13 Deacons and deaconesses were faithful people, entrusted with special responsibilities for service to their fellow Christians. Christians today are also privileged to serve others through special congregational offices and service organizations. When given chances to express Jesus’ love in deeds of service, it is easy to pass on these opportunities. But, in truth, God calls every Christian to follow His example of self-giving service. Jesus came to serve sinners like us with His forgiveness and salvation (Mt 20:28). He still serves us today through His means of grace. • Lord Jesus, as You so wonderfully serve us with the rich treasures of Your redeeming grace, inspire us by that grace joyfully to serve others in Your precious name. Amen.

3:8-13 执事和女执事是忠实的人,被赋予为基督徒同胞服务的特殊责任。今天的基督徒也有幸通过一些教会职务和服务组织为他人服务。当有机会在服务行为中表达耶稣的爱时,人们很容易忽略不顾。但事实上,上帝呼召每一位基督徒以他为榜样,奉献自我。耶稣来是为了用他的宽恕和救赎来服侍像我们这样的罪人(太 20:28)。今天,他仍然通过他的施恩具为我们服务。- 主耶稣,当你用你救赎恩典的丰富宝藏如此奇妙地服侍我们时,请用这恩典激励我们喜乐地奉你宝贵的名服侍他人。阿们。


3:14–16 This concludes the section dedicated to the Church’s organization (chs 2–3). We are not free to amend or depart from God’s revealed will concerning the outward organization of His Church, because it is the pillar and buttress of the truth—the Church of the living God that confesses the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a fallen world. In love, God has made us members of His Church by the Holy Spirit. By grace, the Savior’s truth has been made manifest to us and, through faith, we will follow Him in glory. • “Almighty and gracious Lord, pour out Your Holy Spirit on Your faithful people. Keep us steadfast in Your grace and truth, protect and deliver us in times of temptation, defend us against all enemies, and grant to Your Church Your saving peace.” Amen. (LSB Altar Book, p 983)

3:14-16 至此,关于教会管理组织架构的教导(第2-3章)结束。我们不能随意修改或偏离上帝所启示的关于教会外在组织的旨意,因为它是真理的支柱和支撑--永生上帝的教会,向堕落的世界宣扬耶稣基督的福音。上帝以爱,借着圣灵使我们成为他教会的成员。因着恩典,救主的真理向我们显明,我们将因着信,在荣耀中跟随他。“全能仁慈的主啊,请将你的圣灵浇灌在你忠实的子民身上。保守我们在你的恩典和真理中坚定不移,在试探中保护和拯救我们,保护我们抵御一切敌人,赐予教会你拯救的平安。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书,祭坛手册,第983页)


4:1–5 God daily and richly provides us with all that we need. To reject God’s good gifts, or to receive them thanklessly, is a sin against His graciousness. But God promises His gift of forgiveness to those who turn to Him in repentance and faith. Because of Jesus’ sacrificial death for our sins, God does not reject us but receives us as His own children through faith. • Father in heaven, teach us to recognize Your gifts in every realm of life. Lead us always to receive them with thankful hearts. Amen.

4:1-5 上帝每天丰富地供应我们一切所需。拒绝上帝的恩赐,或毫无感恩之心地接受上帝的恩赐,都是对上帝恩典的冒犯。但上帝应许,凡是悔改归向他的人,都会得到他的宽恕。因为耶稣为我们的罪而牺牲,上帝没有拒绝我们,而是通过信心接纳我们成为他的儿女。- 天父,请教导我们在生活中的每一个领域都能认识到你的恩赐。引导我们始终以感恩的心接受它们。阿们。


4:6–16 Paul prepares Timothy to contend against the “teachings of demons” (v 1). Pastors are to command and teach true doctrine, while condemning doctrine that is false and deceitful. This runs counter to the spirit of the present age, which downplays the importance of true doctrine and avoids condemning all but the most extreme examples of false doctrine. The doctrines of Scripture are God-given, because He loves us. Each individual doctrine testifies to and supports the most important doctrine of all—that we are saved by grace, for Christ’s sake, through faith. • Lord Jesus, bless Your Church with pastors who are wholly devoted to the teaching of Your Word in all its truth and purity, that by Your mighty power, many souls might be saved. Amen.

4:6-16 保罗预备提摩太与 "鬼魔的教训"(第 1 节)作斗争。牧师要吩咐和教导真正的教义,同时谴责虚假和欺骗人的教义。这与当今时代的精神背道而驰,当今时代的精神淡化了真正教义的重要性,除了最极端的虚假教义受到谴责之外,对其他一切错误的教义都避而不谈。圣经的教义是上帝赐予的,因为他爱我们。每一条教义都见证并支持着最重要的教义即我们因信、为基督的缘故蒙恩得救。主耶稣,请赐福你的教会,让牧师们全心全意地以真理和纯洁来教导你的话语,靠着你大能大力,让更多的灵魂得救。阿们。


5:1–6:2 When Christians interact with one another in ways that are honorable and pure, they beautifully reflect God and the faith they confess. But the Church is burdened and liable to be reviled by unbelievers when honor and purity are lacking. Our dear Lord Jesus has made every Christian worthy of eternal honor by His sacrificial death and resurrection. Through faith in Him, even dishonorable sinners are regarded as God’s pure and beloved children. • Lord Jesus, turn us from our self-indulgent ways, that we may selflessly give honor and care to those whom You have given us to love and cherish. Amen.

5:1-6:2 当基督徒以尊贵和纯洁的方式彼此交往时,他们就能美丽地反映上帝和他们所承认的信仰。但是,如果缺乏尊贵和纯洁,教会就会背负重担,并可能遭到非信徒的谩骂。我们亲爱的主耶稣以他牺牲的死亡和复活,使每个基督徒都配得永恒的荣耀。通过对他的信靠,即使是不光彩的罪人也被视为上帝纯洁的爱子。- 主耶稣,求你使我们脱离自我放纵的方式,让我们可以无私地把荣誉和关怀献给那些你赐予我们机会去爱和珍惜的人。阿们。


6:2–10 Rather than being content with what we have, we by nature covet the things we do not have. Those who covet often see money as a wonderful solution to all of life’s problems. But those who love money are in grave danger; they risk losing their faith in Christ. Our Savior has blessed us with the riches of His priceless salvation. Nothing can separate us from His love. As He tenderly cares for us through His Word of promise, we are able to enjoy lives of godliness with contentment. All that we can take with us when we leave this world is the life and immortality that Jesus has given us through faith—and that is more than enough! • Give us grace, dear Lord, rightly to regard the wealth we call our own, that it might not be a curse in our lives but a blessing. Amen.

6:2-10 我们不满足于我们所拥有的,而是天性地贪婪我们所没有的。贪婪的人往往把金钱视为解决生活中所有问题的妙方。但是,爱钱的人正处于严重的危险之中;他们有可能失去对基督的信仰。我们的救主用他无价的救赎财富赐福了我们。没有什么能让我们与他的爱分离。当他通过应许的话语温柔地眷顾我们时,我们就能心满意足地享受敬虔的生活。当我们离开这个世界时,我们所能带走的就是耶稣通过信仰赐给我们的生命和不朽--这已经绰绰有余了!- 亲爱的主,求你赐给我们恩典,让我们正确看待自己的财富,使它在我们的生命中不再是诅咒,而是祝福。阿们。


6:11–21 As a true man of God, Timothy is to flee every corrupting influence and keep God’s command, faithfully guarding that which has been deposited with him. False “knowledge” not only contradicts God’s revealed truth, but it also places human reason above the deposit of good news God has entrusted to us, ultimately destroying our faith. In His testimony before Pontius Pilate, Jesus confessed that He was the Son of God. Although His enemies used that true testimony to convict Him before Pilate, His crucifixion and resurrection secured the treasures of life and salvation for all who believe. • Lord God, guard and keep us, we pray, so that the devil, the world, and our sinful nature may not deceive us or mislead us into false belief, despair, and other great shame and vice. Although we are attacked by these things, we pray that we may finally overcome them and win the victory. Amen.

6:11-21 作为一个真正属神的人,提摩太要避开一切败坏的影响,谨守神的命令,忠心地看守交托给他的真道。虚假的 "知识 "不仅与上帝启示的真理相悖,还将人的理性凌驾于上帝托付给我们的好消息之上,最终摧毁我们的信仰。耶稣在本丢彼拉多面前作见证时,承认自己是神的儿子。虽然他的敌人利用这个真实的见证在彼拉多面前给他定罪,但他的受难和复活为所有相信的人确保了生命和救赎的宝藏。- 我们祈祷,主神,求祢守护和保守我们,使魔鬼、世界和我们的罪性不会欺骗我们,也不会误导我们陷入错误的信仰、绝望和其他巨大的羞耻和罪恶之中。虽然我们受到这些东西的攻击,但我们祈求最终战胜它们,赢得胜利。阿们。