27:1–38 Grave difficulties beset Paul’s journey to Rome, yet the Lord assures Paul that he will reach his journey’s goal. When the trials of life weigh us down, it is easy for us to lose hope and stop trusting God. Yet God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us (Dt 31:6, 8; Heb 13:5). Through Jesus’ saving work, the Father keeps us with Him forever. • Father, be with us always in this world, especially when we are tossed about by the everyday storms of life. Grant us safe passage until we reach our final destination of heaven. Amen.

27:1-38 保罗在前往罗马的旅途中遇到了重重困难,但主向他保证,他一定会到达旅途的终点。当生活的磨难压得我们喘不过气时,我们很容易失去希望,不再信靠上帝。然而,上帝应许他永远不会撇下我们,也不会离弃我们(申命记 3168;来135)。通过耶稣的救赎工作,天父让我们永远与祂同在。- 天父,求你在这个世界上永远与我们同在,尤其是当我们被生活中的日常风暴所折腾时。请赐给我们安全的通道,直到我们到达最终的目的地--天堂。阿们。


27:39–44 After a harrowing journey, the ship carrying Paul wrecks on an island. However, all the passengers are saved. Have you ever blamed God for the problems in your life? Have you forgotten that even through hardships, God is working for your benefit (Rm 8:28)? Rejoice today that His love and care for you are infinite (Rm 8:38–39)! • Lord, put all the problems in my life to good use. I praise You that nothing compares to the grace and mercy You show me, now and forever. Amen.

27:39-44 经过一段艰苦的旅程,载着保罗的船在一个小岛上失事。然而,所有乘客都得救了。你是否曾将生活中的问题归咎于上帝?你是否忘记了,即使在艰难困苦中,上帝也在为你的益处而工作(《罗马书》828)?今天,请为神对你无限的爱和眷顾而喜乐(《罗马书》838-39)!- 主啊,请善用我生命中的一切问题和困难。我赞美你,没有什么比你向我显明的恩典和怜悯更重要,从现在到永远。阿们。


28:1–10 At Malta, Paul amazes the native people by surviving a snakebite, and they believe he is a god. As he heals many sick people, they will learn that his power comes from the one true God, not from Paul himself. By God’s miraculous power in Christ, He rescues His people from sin, death, and ignorance. • Thank You, Holy Spirit, for showing us the true God! Keep our faith in Him, that we may always know His forgiveness and life. Amen.

28:1-10 在马耳他,保罗因被蛇咬伤而幸免于难,令当地人惊奇不已,他们相信他是神。当他医治了许多病人后,他们就知道他的能力来自唯一的真神,而不是保罗自己。通过神在基督里的奇妙大能,祂将祂的子民从罪恶、死亡和愚昧中拯救出来。- 感谢你,圣灵,让我们看到了真神!保持我们对祂的信心,让我们永远知道祂的宽恕和生命。阿们。


28:11–31 Paul reaches Rome safely and peacefully. Although not all of Paul’s fellow Jews believe the Gospel, Paul proclaims it without hindrance to the Gentiles, thus fulfilling Christ’s promise that the Gospel would be proclaimed to all nations. Today, pray that the Lord would break up the hardness of your heart. Rejoice in the message of forgiveness and life through Jesus Christ that is for all people, including you. • Lord, through Your eternal Word, soften my heart. Grant me Your salvation so I may be counted among Your faithful people and proclaim Your name. Amen.

28:11-31 保罗平安抵达罗马。虽然保罗的犹太同胞并不都相信福音,但保罗毫无阻碍地向外邦人宣讲了福音,从而实现了基督的应许,即福音要传遍万邦。今天,求主打破你心中的坚硬。耶稣基督为包括你在内的所有人带来饶恕和生命的信息,因此要喜乐。- 主啊,通过你永恒的话语,软化我的心。赐予我你的救赎,使我可以被算作你忠实的子民,并宣扬你的圣名。阿们。