3:1–15 Nicodemus, though “the teacher of Israel,” shows that he cannot comprehend the Spirit’s miraculous work of new birth through Baptism. Human reason, darkened by sin, cannot accept that God can grant spiritual rebirth through ordinary water used with His Word. But such a great promise has come from none other than the Son of Man, lifted up on the cross for our salvation! • O Holy Spirit, I praise You that You have given me new birth to a living hope through Christ’s resurrection. Amen.

3:1-15 尼哥底母虽然是 "以色列的教师",但他无法理解圣灵通过洗礼使人获得新生的奇妙工作。人的理性被罪所蒙蔽,无法接受上帝可以通过普通的水和祂的话语赐予人属灵的重生。但这样伟大的应许不是来自别人,而是来自为了拯救我们而在十字架上被举起的人子!- 圣灵啊,我赞美你,你通过基督的复活给了我新生,给了我活泼的盼望。阿们。


3:16–21 God gives His only Son as a sacrificial gift to deliver the world from condemnation and to give eternal life to those who believe in Him. When we continue in an immoral lifestyle, we naturally resist divine disclosure of our sin and thus our need for a Savior. Do not flee the light, but repent. God has revealed His strong love in His Son, Jesus Christ, to forgive your sins and give you life. • O heavenly Father, grant that my life may be a vivid testimony to Your sacrificial and faithful love in Christ. Amen.

3:16-21 神将祂的独生子作为祭牲的礼物,拯救世人脱离罪责,并赐给信祂的人永生。当我们在不道德的生活方式中继续时,我们自然会抗拒神对我们罪的揭示,从而抗拒我们对救主的需要。不要逃避光明,而要悔改。上帝在祂的儿子耶稣基督身上显明了祂强烈的爱,并且赦免你的罪,赐予你生命。- 天父啊,求你赐予我生命,让我的生命成为你在基督里牺牲和信实之爱的活泼见证。阿们。


3:22–36 John the Baptist steps aside when Christ comes because Jesus is the Son of God from heaven and possesses the Holy Spirit without measure. God reveals His wrath against those who do not believe in His Son and deprives them of everlasting life. But He gives everlasting life to all who trust in Jesus. • Lord Jesus, give to me a full measure of Your Spirit, that I may always remain faithful to You and bear witness to You. Amen.

3:22-36 施洗约翰在基督降临时让位,因为耶稣是从天上来的神子,拥有无量的圣灵。上帝向那些不信祂儿子的人显明了祂的忿怒,剥夺了他们的永生。但是,祂将永生赐给所有信靠耶稣的人。- 主耶稣,请将你的圣灵完全赐给我,使我永远忠于你,为你作见证。阿们。