24:1–21 Paul defends himself before the Roman governor, Felix. He claims to follow what is written in the Scriptures, focusing especially on the resurrection of the dead. Paul uses the opportunity to bear witness concerning Jesus, who has given him new life. Through Jesus’ sacrificial death and His resurrection from the dead, God forgives us and builds us up. He empowers us to proclaim His mercy. • Lord, forgive us for wrongful speech, and give us a clear conscience toward You and our fellow man. Help us always to believe Your unchanging Word and to hope in the resurrection. Amen.

24:1-21 保罗在罗马巡抚腓力斯面前为自己辩护。他声称自己是遵从圣经所写的话,尤其强调死人复活。保罗利用这个机会为赐给他新生命的耶稣作见证。通过耶稣的牺牲和复活,上帝宽恕了我们,并建立了我们。祂赋予我们能力,让我们宣扬祂的仁慈。- 主啊,饶恕我们错误的言语,让我们对你和我们的同胞问心无愧。帮助我们永远相信你不变的话语并且盼望复活。阿们。


24:22–27 Although Felix listens as Paul proclaims God’s Word, Felix is most interested in a bribe. So he ignores Paul’s message and leaves him in custody. God’s Law can hurt our pride; we would rather avoid hearing about our sins and eternal judgment. Though God’s Law and judgment are sharp, His Gospel grants full release. Rather than eternal death, Jesus grants us the riches of eternal life. • We praise You, O God, for giving us many opportunities to listen to Your Word and for giving us fullness of life in Christ. Thank You for making us spiritually rich in this life and in the life to come. Amen.

24:22-27 虽然腓力斯聆听保罗宣讲上帝的话语,但腓力斯最感兴趣的是贿赂。所以他无视保罗的信息,把他留在拘留所里。上帝的律法会伤害我们的自尊;我们更想要避免听到关于我们的罪和永恒的审判。尽管上帝的律法和审判是锋利的,但他的福音却让我们完全释放。耶稣赐予我们永生的财富,而不是永恒的死亡。- 上帝啊,我们赞美你,感谢你给我们许多机会聆听你的话语,感谢你在基督里赐给我们丰盛的生命。感谢你让我们在今生和来世都拥有丰富的灵性。阿们。


25:1–12 The lack of justice in Paul’s trial continues under Festus, moving Paul to appeal to Caesar’s court in Rome. Governments exist to punish evil and promote good in this life. Support the proper functions of government. But rejoice that ultimate deliverance from evil comes when God declares us “not guilty” for the sake of Christ. • Lord, before Your judgment seat, I deserve to die because of my sins. Thank You that, because Jesus took my punishment, You count me innocent. Amen.

25:1-12 在非斯都的领导下,对保罗的审判仍然缺乏公正,这促使保罗向罗马的凯撒法庭提出上诉。政府的存在是为了在今生惩恶扬善。因此我们也要支持政府的适当职能。但值得欣喜的是,当上帝因基督的缘故宣布我们 "无罪 "时,我们将最终从罪恶中解脱出来。- 主啊,在你的审判台前,我因罪该受死。感谢你,因为耶稣接受了我的惩罚,你算我是无罪的。阿们。


25:13–27 Festus brings Paul’s case before King Agrippa and Bernice so they may formulate charges to send with Paul to Rome. Festus fails to set Paul free, even though he knows Paul is innocent. We sin in a similar way when we hold a grudge against someone. Repent of all grudges. Jesus, who was innocent of all charges against Him, took the punishment we deserve for all the times we hold grudges. • Christ Jesus, thank You for Your willingness to be charged unjustly and for taking our punishment! Because of You, we no longer have any charges against us in the heavenly Father’s court. Amen.

25:13-27 非斯都把保罗的案子带到亚基帕王和百妮基面前,让他们拟定控告保罗的罪名,并把保罗送往罗马。尽管非斯都知道保罗是无辜的,但他没有释放保罗。当我们对某人怀恨在心时,我们也会以类似的方式犯罪。要为着所有的怨恨悔改。耶稣是无辜的,他为我们所有的怨恨承担了我们应得的惩罚。- 基督耶稣,感谢你甘愿接受不公正的指控,并接受我们的惩罚!因为你,我们在天父的法庭上不再受到任何指控。阿们。


26:1–11 Paul makes his defense before King Agrippa. He describes his zealous opposition to Jesus and the Gospel message. Because we are born in sin (Ps 51:5), we all have an ungodly past, even if we have never persecuted Christians the way Paul did. Be assured that Christ forgives and delivers us, just as He did Paul. • Jesus, thank You for bearing my sin. Let me see others with the love You have for them, and empower me to share the Gospel of Your love with them. Amen.

26:1-11 保罗在亚基帕王面前为自己辩护。他描述了自己曾经对耶稣和福音信息的狂热抵挡。因为我们生在罪中(诗 51:5),所以我们都有不敬虔的过去,即使我们从未像保罗那样迫害过基督徒。尽管如此,请放心,基督会宽恕并拯救我们,就像祂对待保罗一样。- 耶稣,感谢你担当了我的罪。让我以你对他人的爱去看待他们,并赐予我力量与他们分享你爱的福音。阿们。


26:12–32 Paul continues his defense before King Agrippa, recounting how the Lord converted him from an ardent persecutor of the faith to an avid apostle. To refuse to listen to God’s clear Word is to remain in—or turn back to—darkness. The Lord turns us from darkness to light when we hear and believe the beautiful message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. • We give thanks to You, Jesus, for turning us from the darkness of eternal death to Your eternal light. Make us witnesses of what You have done for us and for all people. Amen.

26:12-32 保罗继续在亚基帕王面前为自己辩护,讲述主如何使他从一个狂热的信仰迫害者转变为一个狂热的使徒。拒绝聆听上帝清晰的话语,就等于继续沉浸在黑暗中,或者说回到黑暗中。当我们听到并相信耶稣的生命、死亡和复活的美好信息时,主就会让我们从黑暗走向光明。- 我们感谢你,耶稣,让我们从永恒死亡的黑暗中转向你永恒的光明。让我们见证你为我们和所有人所做的一切。阿们。