18:1–11 Jesus takes charge and powerfully confronts those who come to arrest Him in the garden, even while He voluntarily accepts the suffering that lies before Him. Jesus suffered and died not as a martyr for a noble cause but as the Savior whose sacrifice atoned for our sin. • I give You thanks, O Redeemer, that I am counted among Your own. Amen.

18:1-11 耶稣在园子里与前来逮捕祂的人对峙,甚至自愿接受摆在祂面前的苦难。耶稣不是作为一个崇高事业的殉道者,而是作为为我们赎罪的救世主而受苦受死。- 救赎主啊,我感谢你,因为我也被算作你的子民。阿们。


18:12–14 Jewish officials arrest Jesus with the assistance of Roman soldiers and lead Him to the high priest Annas for questioning. The arrest of God’s Son reveals the depths to which sinful humans will go to remove Him from their lives. God used those who led Jesus to His cross as His instruments to accomplish our salvation. • O Lord Jesus, I praise You that You died not only for my sins, but for the sins of all people. Amen.

18:12-14 犹太官员在罗马士兵的协助下逮捕了耶稣,把祂带到大祭司亚那面前审问。上帝的儿子被捕,揭示了罪恶的人类为了把祂从自己的生命中除去而不择手段的程度。上帝使用那些将耶稣带到十字架的人作为祂的工具来完成对我们的救赎。- 主耶稣啊,我赞美你,你不仅为我的罪而死,也为所有人的罪而死。阿们。


18:15–18 Despite Peter’s “brave” promise to lay down his life for Jesus (13:37), Peter denies that he is Jesus’ disciple because of his concern for self-protection. Tragically, our mouths with which we confess Jesus as Savior can also quickly deny Him. Our loving Lord did not begrudge His atoning sacrifice even to those who had denied and abandoned Him. The living Word saves us. • “What wondrous love is this That caused the Lord of bliss To bear the dreadful curse for my soul!” Amen. (LSB 543:1)

18:15-18 尽管彼得 "勇敢 "地应许为耶稣舍命(13:37),但彼得却因自我保护而否认自己是耶稣的门徒。可悲的是,我们承认耶稣是救主的嘴也会很快否认祂。我们慈爱的主没有吝惜祂的赎罪祭,即使是对那些否认和抛弃祂的人。永活的道拯救了我们。- "这是何等奇妙的爱啊,使极乐之主为我的灵魂承受了可怕的诅咒!" 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书543:1)


18:19–24 After Jesus’ arrest, Annas conducts the preliminary interrogation of Jesus. As in the case of Jesus’ accusers, sinful human beings are prone to dealing unfairly with others. Jesus calls us to honest dealings. He became the innocent victim of oppression and judgment in order that He would endure the just punishment of our sin (Is 53:7–9) and become our Savior. • O Lamb of God, who went to the cross with no complaint, remind me always of Your unfailing mercy. Amen.

18:19-24 耶稣被捕后,亚那对祂进行了初步审讯。与控告耶稣的人一样,有罪的人也容易不公平地对待他人。耶稣呼吁我们诚实待人。祂成为压迫和审判的无辜受害者,是为了承受我们罪孽的公正惩罚(以赛亚书53:7-9),成为我们的救主。- 哦,上帝的羔羊啊,你无怨无悔地走向十字架,请时刻提醒我你无微不至的怜悯。阿们。


18:25–27 In sharp contrast to Jesus’ forthright self-disclosure (“I am,” vv 5, 8), Peter denies Jesus a third time (“I am not”), leaving Jesus alone on the way to suffering and death. Jesus warned that whoever denies Him before others, He will deny before His Father in heaven (Mt 10:33). But Christ’s love is greater than our sin, and with His forgiveness He will restore a broken heart. • Lord Jesus, be patient with me and forgive me, that I might live by Your promise. Amen.

18:25-27 与耶稣直截了当的自我坦白("我是",第 5、8 节)形成鲜明对比的是,彼得第三次不认耶稣("我不是"),让耶稣独自走向受难和死亡。耶稣警告说,凡在人面前不认祂的,祂在天父面前也必不认(太 10:33)。但基督的爱比我们的罪更大,祂的宽恕会让我们破碎的心复原。- 主耶稣,求你耐心待我,饶恕我,使我能因你的应许而活。阿们。


18:28–32 To avoid religious contamination, the Jewish leaders refuse to enter Pilate’s residence, but they unjustly seek to use Pilate’s authority to put Jesus to death. Even religious people are capable of manipulating others to advance personal agendas. Remarkably, Jesus’ death at the hands of unjust accusers became the very means through which our gracious God took away the guilt of sin. • “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me” (Ps 51:10). Amen.

18:28-32 为了避免宗教污染,犹太领袖拒绝进入彼拉多的住所,但他们却试图不公正地利用彼拉多的权力处死耶稣。即使是宗教徒也会操纵他人以达到个人目的。值得注意的是,耶稣死于不公正的控告者之手,这正是我们仁慈的上帝除去罪孽的手段。- 神啊,求你为我造清洁的心,使我里面重新有正直的灵"(诗 51:10)。阿们。


18:33–40 Pilate tries to dismiss the case before him by accommodating a Jewish custom calling for the release of a prisoner at Passover—in this instance, an insurrectionist called Barabbas. The story of Jesus’ Passion is filled with people refusing to accept responsibility for their own sins, a failure that afflicts us all. But God willed that the guilt of sin be laid on His innocent Son so we might receive God’s forgiveness. • Teach me to confess my faults, O Lord. Rule my heart with Your most gracious favor. Amen.

18:33-40 彼拉多试图通过采纳犹太人在逾越节要求释放囚犯的习俗来驳回他面前的案件--在这个例子中,释放的不是耶稣,却是一个名叫巴拉巴的叛乱分子。在耶稣受难的故事中,人们拒绝为自己的罪负责,这是我们每个人都会遇到的失败。但上帝的旨意是将罪责放在祂无辜的儿子身上,这样我们就能得到上帝的宽恕。- 主啊,教导我承认自己的过错。用你最仁慈的恩惠管理我的心。阿们。


19:1–16a Pilate succumbs to political pressure exerted by Jewish leaders and delivers Jesus over to death by crucifixion. All human beings, by virtue of their participation in Adam’s sin (Rm 5:12), bear responsibility for Christ’s death. Yet, take comfort in this truth: “He was wounded for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities; . . . with His stripes we are healed” (Is 53:5). • “O sacred Head, now wounded, . . . I joy to call Thee mine.” Amen. (LSB 449:1)

19:1-16a 彼拉多屈服于犹太领袖施加的政治压力,将耶稣钉死在十字架上。由于人都在亚当的罪上有份(《罗马书》5:12),所有人都对基督的死负有责任。然而,我们可以从这一真理中得到安慰:"哪知他为我们的过犯受害, 为我们的罪孽压伤。 因他受的刑罚,我们得平安; 因他受的鞭伤,我们得医治。"(赛53:5)。-“神圣的头啊,现在受伤了,......。我欢喜称你是属我的。阿们。(路德宗研读本圣经449:1)


19:16b–27 As He is crucified on the Place of a Skull near Jerusalem, Jesus entrusts His mother to John’s care. Though this is a special example of Jesus’ love, God calls all believers together in an everlasting bond of mutual responsibility and love—including care for parents. Like Mary and John, we also become members of Jesus’ family by faith. From the cross, Jesus reigned with love for the world; now He reigns in the hearts of those who love Him. • Dear Lord, let Your cross bring comfort and peace to me and my family. Amen.

19:16b-27 耶稣被钉死在耶路撒冷附近的骷髅地时,将母亲托付给约翰照顾。虽然这是耶稣的爱的一个特殊例子,但上帝呼召所有信徒在相互的责任和爱中建立永恒的联系--包括对父母的照顾。像马利亚和约翰一样,我们也因信成为耶稣家庭的一员。从十字架上,耶稣以对世人的爱掌权;如今,祂在爱祂之人的心中掌权。- 亲爱的主,让你的十字架给我和我的家人带来安慰和平安。阿们。


19:28–30 Jesus the Christ dies, finishing the work of salvation that His Father sent Him to accomplish. Death is not merely a natural process but is God’s just punishment for sin (Rm 6:23). However, Jesus died not because He sinned but because He came to bear sin’s punishment for us. • Jesus, priceless treasure and trusted friend, thank You for bearing my cross and preparing for me a new home. Amen.

19:28-30 耶稣基督死了,完成了天父差祂来完成的救赎工作。死亡不仅仅是一个自然过程,而是上帝对罪的公正惩罚(《罗马书》6:23)。然而,耶稣的死不是因为他犯了罪,而是因为他来为我们承担罪的惩罚。- 耶稣,无价之宝和可信赖的朋友,感谢你为我背负十字架,为我预备新家。阿们。


19:31–37 John invites us to look on Jesus, the crucified “Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (1:29). Enemies of the cross interpret Jesus’ death as disgrace, not glory. Yet, hidden beneath the outward “mask” of Jesus’ suffering and death, there stands the work of our redemption, foretold in the OT. • Through the witness of Your blessed apostles, Lord Jesus, draw many to Your saving grace. Amen.

19:31-37 约翰邀请我们仰望耶稣,这位被钉十字架的 "上帝的羔羊,除去世人罪孽的"(1:29)。十字架的敌人将耶稣的死解释为耻辱,而非荣耀。然而,在耶稣受难和死亡的外在 "面具 "下,隐藏着我们的救赎工作,这在旧约中就已预言。- 主耶稣,请通过你蒙福的使徒们的见证,吸引更多的人接受你的救赎恩典。阿们。


19:38–42 Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, secretly Jesus’ disciples for fear of the Jews, honor Jesus by attending to His burial. That the Son of God should become a corpse and be entombed appears offensive and even scandalous to human reason. But Jesus’ burial proclaims the depth of Christ’s utter humiliation for the sake of our salvation. • Dear Lord, You became one with us in death that we may look to You for life. Amen.

19:38-42 亚利马太的约瑟和尼哥底母是耶稣的门徒,因为害怕犹太人,他们秘密地为耶稣送葬。上帝之子变成一具尸体并被埋葬,这在人类的理性看来似乎是开玩笑甚至是丑闻。但是,耶稣的埋葬宣告了基督为救赎我们而彻底降卑的深度。- 亲爱的主啊,你在死亡中与我们融为一体,使我们可以仰望你获得生命。阿们。