15:1–17 Christ is the true vine, and His disciples are the branches, vitally connected to Him and spontaneously bearing fruit under His purifying care. Christians must love one another as friends, not regard one another as enemies. By grace, God has dwelt among us in His Son (1:14) and has joined us together in a fellowship of self-giving love. • Hear the prayers of Your faithful people, who desire to do Your will, dear Lord. Amen.

15:1-17 基督是真葡萄树,祂的门徒是枝子,与祂紧密相连,在祂洁净的工作照看下自发地结出果实。基督徒必须像朋友一样彼此相爱,而不是视彼此为敌人。因着恩典,上帝藉着祂的儿子住在我们中间(1:14),使我们在舍己的爱的关系中连结在一起。- 亲爱的主,请垂听你忠实子民的祷告,他们渴望遵行你的旨意。阿们。


15:18–16:4a Christ predicts that His disciples will face hostility from the unbelieving world. Those who think it is easy to be a Christian fail to understand the real consequences of following Jesus Christ. In the face of persecution and the world’s hatred, Christ promises to strengthen and keep us from falling away • O Lord, let me not be discouraged when I am personally abused because of my faith. Amen.

15:18-16:4a 基督预言祂的门徒将面对不信世界的敌意。那些认为做基督徒很容易的人不明白跟随耶稣基督的真正代价。面对迫害和世人的憎恨,基督应许要坚固我们,保守我们不至迷失。主啊,当我因信仰而受到辱骂时,请不要让我灰心。阿们。


16:4b–15 Christ comforts the disciples by promising to send them the Helper (the Holy Spirit), who will guide them into a deeper understanding of Christ’s Word. Mistakenly, we sometimes think that Jesus’ physical absence places us at a disadvantage. In fact, Jesus is present with us through the witness of the Spirit, who works among us through God’s Word and Sacraments. • O Holy Spirit, through the Word, guide us into all truth. Amen.

16:4b-15 基督安慰门徒,应许派给他们帮助者(圣灵),引导他们更深入地理解基督的话语。我们有时会错误地认为,耶稣不在我们眼前会使我们处于不利地位。事实上,耶稣通过圣灵的见证与我们同在,圣灵通过上帝的话语和圣礼在我们中间工作。- 圣灵啊,通过圣道引导我们进入一切的真理。阿们。


16:16–24 Christ promises to return after His resurrection and turn the disciples’ sorrow into joy. Human sorrow can become an expression of self-pity, hindering genuine prayer for God’s help and deliverance. Yet, God knows how to turn our sorrow into joy, and He promises to hear our prayers for Jesus’ sake. • Hear us, O heavenly Father, and give us joy in Jesus’ name! Amen.

16:16-24 基督应许复活后再来,将门徒的忧伤变为喜乐。人类的忧伤可能会成为自怜的表现,阻碍真正祈求上帝帮助和解救的祷告。然而,上帝知道如何化悲痛为喜乐,祂应许了定会为耶稣的缘故垂听我们的祷告。- 天父啊,求你垂听我们的祈祷,奉耶稣的名赐给我们喜乐!阿们。


16:25–33 The disciples confidently claim they understand Jesus’ parting words, but Jesus utters the sober prediction that they will soon abandon Him. Those boasting about spiritual maturity stand in danger of succumbing to human pride and unbelief. When we face temptation and trouble in this world, we can take heart that Christ has overcome the world for our sake. • O Christ, in crisis situations, give me the peace only You can give. Amen.

16:25-33 门徒们自信满满地说他们听懂了耶稣的临别赠言,但耶稣却冷静地预言他们很快就会离弃祂。那些自诩灵命成熟的人有可能屈服于人的骄傲和不信。当我们在这个世界上面对试探和困难时,我们可以相信基督已经为我们的缘故战胜了世界。- 基督啊,在危机时刻,请赐给我只有你才能给予的平安。阿们。