星期一: 西1:1–29


星期二: 西2:1–23


星期三: 西3:1–4:18


星期四: 帖前 1:1–10


星期五: 帖前 2:1–20


星期六: 帖前 3:1–13


1:1–2 Faithful Epaphras established a tiny foothold for the kingdom of God at Colossae and nearby cities. Now this young church is threatened by false belief, which directs people away from Christ and His work to themselves. But God does not give up. He uses Paul, Timothy, and other faithful servants to establish the truth and love of Christ in their hearts. God does not give up on us either, when we or those we love are tempted by false teachings. • O Lord, send from heaven and save me; put to shame him who tramples on me. Send out Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness! Amen. (paraphrase of Ps 57:3)

1:1-2 忠诚的以巴弗在歌罗西和附近的城市为神的国度建立了一个小小的立足点。现在,这个年轻的教会受到了错误信仰的威胁,这些错误信仰把人们从基督和他的工作引向了自己。但神没有放弃。他使用保罗、提摩太和其他忠心的仆人在他们心中建立基督的真理和爱。当我们或我们所爱的人受到错误教导的诱惑时,上帝也不会放弃我们。- 主啊,求你从天上降下拯救我,使践踏我的人羞愧。降下你坚定的爱和你的信实!阿们。(诗 57:3 节改编)


1:3–14 Paul cares very much for these new Christians, and he knows that God cares for them even more. Unfortunately, false teachings that lead people to look to themselves instead of looking to God compete for the Colossians’ attention. We have all been tempted to look to other things instead of Jesus for our salvation. God is the only one who can overcome this evil. In the background, Paul is praying fervently for them. In the foreground, Paul is boldly proclaiming the truth of salvation in Jesus. • Thank You, O God, for Your patience and persistence to save us through Your beloved Son. Amen.

1:3-14 保罗非常关心这些新基督徒,他知道神更关心他们。不幸的是,一些错误的教导导致人们只关注自己而不是上帝,这些争抢了歌罗西人的注意力。我们都曾受到诱惑,为了自己救赎而去寻找其他的东西,而不是耶稣。只有上帝才能战胜这种邪恶。其实保罗在背后热切地为他们祷告。而在他们面前,保罗勇敢地宣告耶稣救赎的真理。- 感谢你,神啊,感谢你的耐心和坚持,通过你的爱子拯救了我们。阿们。


1:15–23 How can we sinners be sure that Christ’s work reconciles us to God? Paul says we have this assurance because of who Christ is: the image of the invisible God, the Creator, the one who is preeminent over all things. What else would you look to for assurance? To an angel? To yourself? No, look to God Himself in Christ. • “Through Jesus’ blood and merit I am at peace with God. What, then, can daunt my spirit, However dark my road? My courage shall not fail me, For God is on my side; Though hell itself assail me, Its rage I may deride.” Amen. (LSB 746:1)

1:15-23 我们罪人如何确信基督的工作真的使我们与上帝和好呢?保罗说,我们之所以有这样的确信,是因为基督的身份:他是看不见的上帝的形象,是创造者,是超越万物的主。你还能指望什么来保证呢?天使?还是你自己?不,你应该仰望基督里的上帝本身。- 借着耶稣的宝血和功劳,我与上帝和好。无论道路多么黑暗,还有什么能阻挡我的心灵?我的勇气不会衰落,因为上帝站在我这边;尽管地狱本身攻击我,但我可以嘲笑它的愤怒"。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书746:1)


1:24–29 All people suffer because of the fallen nature of the world. But Christians are called to a special form of suffering for the sake of Christ: rejection, ridicule, and persecution. No one likes suffering. Nevertheless, the tears of Christian suffering reflect the glory of the cross of Christ. Remember how God used Christ’s sufferings to save us. He will also use our sufferings to bring Christ’s saving work to others who have no hope. • “In suff’ring be Thy love my peace, In weakness be Thy love my pow’r; And when the storms of life shall cease, O Jesus, in that final hour, Be Thou my rod and staff and guide, And draw me safely to Thy side!” Amen. (LSB 683:4)

1:24-29 世人都因世界堕落的属性而受苦。但基督徒却蒙召受一种特殊形式的苦,即为着基督的缘故:被拒绝、被嘲笑、被逼迫。没有人喜欢受苦。然而,基督徒受苦的眼泪反映了基督十字架的荣耀。记住神是如何利用基督的苦难来拯救我们的。他也会利用我们的苦难将基督的救赎工作带给其他没有希望的人。- "在苦难中,愿你的爱成为我的平安;在软弱中,愿你的爱成为我的力量;当生命的风暴停止时,耶稣啊,在那最后的时刻,求你成为我的杖竿和向导,把我安全地引到你的身边!" 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 683:4)


2:1–5 Whatever this false teaching is that has infiltrated the Colossian Church, it is not the teaching of Jesus Christ. We, too, can be drawn away from Christ by all sorts of attractive thoughts and words. Eventually, Christless or Christ-lite teachings will separate us from God and from one another. But the treasures of His wisdom and knowledge overcome all temptation and defeat all deception. His words will always encourage us and strengthen us in faith and love. • Grant, O Lord, that Your Word would be taught in its truth and purity in Christ, and protect us from those who would do otherwise. Amen.

2:1-5 无论渗透到歌罗西教会的错误教导是什么,它都不是耶稣基督的教导。我们也会被各种诱人的思想和言语吸引而远离基督。最终,无基督或貌似基督的教导会使我们与上帝分离,也会使我们彼此分离。但他智慧和知识的宝藏会战胜一切诱惑,击败一切欺骗。他的话语会一直鼓励我们,在信心和爱中坚固我们。- 主啊,求你赐福我们,使你的圣道能够在基督里按其真理和纯正得到教导,并保护我们远离那些不这样做的人。阿们。


2:6–15 Seeking guidance and security from creation rather than from the Creator will end in disaster. We must not forget that all creation has been corrupted by sin. Created things, as good as they may be, are no substitute for God. He gives us the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ. In Baptism, we have been raised up as a new creation. • “In Thee all fullness dwelleth, All grace and pow’r divine; The glory that excelleth, O Son of God, is Thine. We worship Thee, we bless Thee, To Thee, O Christ, we sing; We praise Thee and confess Thee, Our glorious Lord and King.” Amen. (LSB 527:3)

2:6-15 从被造物而非造物主那里寻求指引和安全,最终会带来灾难。我们绝不能忘记,所有的被造物都已被罪败坏。受造物再好,也不能代替上帝。他在耶稣基督里赐予我们罪的赦免。在洗礼中,我们作为新造的人复活了。“在祢里面充满了一切丰盛,所有的恩典和能力都是神圣的;上帝之子啊,最卓越的荣耀是祢的。我们敬拜你,我们称颂你,基督啊,我们向你歌唱;我们赞美你,宣扬你,我们荣耀的主和王。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 527:3)


2:16–23 The Christian faith will not be replaced by man-made religion. Over the centuries, many have claimed to have found a substitute for Christ and His forgiveness: e.g., rationalism, evolutionism, socialism, and postmodernism. Sometimes these ideas are very impressive, and the lifestyles they conceive become extremely popular. But St Paul wrote, “Let God be true though every one were a liar” (Rm 3:4). These waves of man-made religion always end up breaking apart upon God’s truth in Jesus, who “is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb 13:8). • Thank You, Lord, for granting me faith and preserving my faith with the wisdom and substance of Christ. Amen.

2:16-23 基督教信仰不会被人造宗教所取代。几个世纪以来,许多人声称找到了基督和他的赦罪的替代品:如理性主义、进化论、社会主义和后现代主义。有时,这些思想令人心仪神往,它们所构想的生活方式也极受欢迎。但圣保罗写道:"神是真实的,人都是说谎的"(罗马书3:4)。这些人造宗教的浪潮最终一定会被上帝在耶稣里的真理所击碎,耶稣 "昨日、今日、永远都是一样的"(来13:8)。- 主啊,感谢你赐予我信心,并以基督的智慧和实质保守我的信心。阿们。


3:1–17 What is the good life? Prosperity, popularity, pleasure? No, it is the life we receive from Jesus, including gifts that we cannot make or purchase: forgiveness, love, peace, and thankfulness. Jesus’ life fills us with virtues rather than vices and enables us to be a blessing rather than a bane to others. • “Before the dawning day Let sin’s dark deeds be gone, The sinful self be put away, The new self now put on.” Amen. (LSB 331:5)

3:1-17 美好的生活是什么?财富、名望、享乐?不,它是我们从耶稣那里得到的生命,包括我们无法制造或购买的礼物:宽恕、爱、平安和感恩。耶稣的生命使我们充满美德而非恶习,使我们成为他人的祝福而非祸害。- "在黎明到来之前,让罪恶的黑暗行为消失吧!罪孽深重的老我将被摒弃,新我现已穿上"。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 331:5)


3:18–4:1 People have to work together. But the heart of the old nature is to seek personal advantage, which causes frustration, resentment, and violence. Paul urges us to resist this temptation, no matter what our calling in life may be. Resistance becomes a reality when we live by faith “in the Son of God, who loved [us] and gave Himself for [us]” (Gal 2:20). In Christ, we know that we will not miss out on anything. • Lord, lead us to spend our lives in loving service for You and others, for You have so dearly loved us. Amen.

3:18-4:1 人们必须共同努力。但旧有本性的心是寻求个人利益,这会导致挫折、怨恨和暴力。保罗敦促我们抵制这种诱惑,无论我们生命中的呼召是什么。当我们因信 "爱我们并为我们舍己的神子"(加 2:20)而活着时,就是在开展抵抗的工作。在基督里,我们知道自己不会错过任何事。- 主啊,请引领我们用一生带着爱为你和他人服务,因为你曾如此深爱着我们。阿们。


4:2–18 Paul presents to the Colossians and to us a beautiful explanation of Christ’s person and work. We do not need to turn to ourselves, to angels, or to anything else. Jesus is our true God and Savior. This “grocery list” of concluding instructions shows that the Gospel is not an abstract idea. It is the essential truth that transforms individual lives, such as those mentioned here, and continues to transform one person after another. • Dear Father, thank You for the individuals You use to proclaim to me the Gospel of forgiveness in Christ. Continue to use me to bring that saving message to my relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Amen.

4:2-18 保罗向歌罗西人和我们美好地解释了基督的位格和工作。我们不需要求助于自己、天使或其他任何东西。耶稣才是我们真正的上帝和救主。这个 "一连串清单式的"的结论性教导说明福音不是一个抽象的概念。它是改变个人生命的根基性真理,比如这里提到的那些人,并将继续改变一个又一个人。- 亲爱的天父,感谢你使用这些人向我宣讲基督里宽恕的福音。继续使用我将这一救赎信息带给我的亲戚、朋友和熟人。阿们。

1:1 As a good shepherd, Paul wants to keep in touch with the flock of God. Labor in God’s kingdom is not a one-man job. We must not forget to visit and follow up with those who are in Christ Jesus. We must work in God’s kingdom by joining hands with other brothers and sisters. God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ sustain the Church and carry it in the palm of Their hand. • Lord, thank You that the Church is rooted in You and not in feeble human beings. As feeble as we are, help us to join hands, as did Paul, Silas, and Timothy, and labor in Your kingdom. Amen.

1:1 作为好牧人,保罗希望与神的羊群保持联系。在神的国度里工作不是一个人的事。我们不能忘记拜访和跟进那些在基督耶稣里的人。我们必须与其他弟兄姐妹携手,在神的国度里工作。天父上帝和主耶稣基督支撑着教会,并将教会托付给他们。- 主啊,感谢你,教会植根于你,而非软弱的人类。虽然我们软弱无力,但请帮助我们像保罗、西拉和提摩太一样手拉手,在你的国度里劳苦。阿们。

1:2–10 The Thessalonians become model Christians in words and deeds due to the impact of the Gospel in their lives and the fruit of the Spirit demonstrated in their faith, love, and hope. Compared to the Thessalonians, we are much poorer in our faith, labor of love, and steadfastness of hope. Even without hardship or persecution, we are slow to confess our faith and live it out in love. The Lord knows each one of us and our specific situation. His Spirit has created faith in us and gives us power and full conviction. Despite our weaknesses and failings, His unfailing love and forgiveness will sustain us to be His witnesses. • Thank You, Lord, for the victorious life You gave to the Thessalonians. Make us also an exemplary witness for the Gospel, so that Your name may be glorified far beyond our community. Amen.

1:2-10 帖撒罗尼迦人成为言行一致的模范基督徒,是因为福音在他们的生命中产生了影响,圣灵的果子在他们的信心、爱心和盼望中表现出来。与帖撒罗尼迦人相比,我们在信心、爱的工作和盼望的持之以恒上要逊色得多。即使没有艰难困苦或迫害,我们在承认自己的信仰并在爱中践行方面也显得迟钝不堪。主了解我们每个人和我们的具体情况。他的灵在我们里面创造了信心,赐给我们能力和完全的信服。尽管我们有软弱和失败,但他永不止息的爱和宽恕将支撑我们成为他的见证人。- 主啊,感谢你赐给帖撒罗尼迦人得胜的生命。也让我们也成为福音的模范见证人,使你的名在我们的社区之外得到更多的荣耀。阿们。

2:1–16 Paul’s experience, inner being, motives, and love toward the Christians is laid bare. He speaks about how he conducted himself (vv 9–12). He commends the Thessalonians for receiving the Gospel preached by him as the Word of God and for enduring persecution for its sake (vv 13–16). The Lord wants us to share His Gospel boldly, even if there is suffering or conflict in our path. We should please God and be faithful to His message rather than speak what is pleasing for people to hear. Let us not make lack of financial resources an excuse. The Lord who commanded His disciples to preach the Gospel to all nations will be with us according to His promise and will enable us to pass through any hardship we may face. The Gospel’s truth and power will not change despite our feebleness (2Co 4:7). • Help us, Lord, to confess the Gospel of Christ faithfully. May our life also shine before the world so that the preaching of the Gospel may not be eclipsed by the darkness in our life. Amen.

2:1-16 保罗的经历、内心世界、动机和对基督徒的爱一览无余。他谈到了自己的行为方式(第 9-12 节)。他赞扬帖撒罗尼迦人接受他所传的福音为神的道,并为福音的缘故忍受逼迫(第 13-16 节)。主希望我们大胆地分享他的福音,即使我们的道路上有苦难或冲突。我们应该讨神喜悦,忠实于他的信息,而不是说人们喜闻乐见的话。我们不要把缺乏资金作为借口。吩咐门徒向万民传福音的主,会按照他的应许与我们同在,使我们能够度过可能面临的任何艰难困苦。尽管我们软弱,福音的真理和大能不会改变(林后 4:7)。- 主啊,帮助我们忠实地承认基督的福音。愿我们的生命也在世人面前发光,使福音的传扬不会因我们生命中的黑暗而黯然失色。阿们。

2:17–3:5 Paul is interested in the well-being of the Thessalonians, whether they stand firm in the Gospel or yield due to pressure from the opponents. When Paul can no more bear the lack of news, he decides to send Timothy, his co-worker and helper. Pastors and leaders in God’s Church need to follow up on their members in the same way. They should take practical steps to know how they are. The Lord seeks and wants to save and strengthen us through His servants, even in the midst of our problems. We are the apple of His eye. • Lord, give us Your loving heart, so that we may sincerely follow and care for the flock You have put under our care. Lord, help us pass through the various sufferings that will come our way as we follow You. Amen.

2:17-3:5 保罗关心帖撒罗尼迦人的福祉,无论他们是坚守福音,还是在反对者的压力下屈服。当保罗再也无法忍受得不到任何消息时,他决定派他的同工和助手提摩太前去。上帝教会的牧师和领袖也需要以同样的方式跟进他们的成员。他们应该采取切实可行的措施来了解他们的情况。主寻求并希望通过他的仆人来拯救和坚固我们,即使是在我们遇到问题的时候。我们是他眼中的瞳人。- 主啊,求你赐给我们你爱的心,使我们能够真诚地跟随和照顾你交托给我们看顾的羊群。主啊,求你帮助我们渡过跟随你时会遇到的各种苦难。阿们。

3:6–13 Paul gives thanks and prays for the Thessalonians when he hears the good report from Timothy that they are standing in their faith and have the same kind of love for him as he has for them. Our faith in the Lord and love for one another should be as living and contagious as that of the Thessalonians. The Lord, who has promised to be with us until the end of time, will keep us in His faith and kindle His love in our hearts so that we may love Him and one another. • We praise You, O God, because the gates of hell cannot prevent the sown seed of Your Word from growing. Amen.

3:6-13 当保罗从提摩太那里听到帖撒罗尼迦人在信仰上站立得稳,对他有像他对帖撒罗尼迦人一样的爱的好消息时,他为帖撒罗尼迦人感谢并祷告。我们对主的信心和对彼此的爱应该像帖撒罗尼迦人一样充满活力和感染力。主应许与我们同在,直到世界的末了,他会保守我们在他的信心中,在我们心中燃起他的爱,让我们爱他,也彼此相爱。- 神啊,我们赞美你,因为地狱之门无法阻止你话语的种子生长。阿们。