9:1–19a Jesus confronts Saul and converts him through the Gospel and Baptism. Though Saul was convinced of his righteous mission of persecution, he learned that true righteousness comes only through Christ. All we are and all we do depends on His blessing and calling. • “Praise for the light from heaven And for the voice of awe; Praise for the glorious vision The persecutor saw. O Lord, for Paul’s conversion, We bless Your name today; Come shine within our darkness, And guide us on our way.” Amen. (LSB 517:12)

9:1-19a 耶稣直面扫罗,通过福音和洗礼使他归主。虽然扫罗曾坚信他的迫害使命是义举,但他明白了真正的义只有通过基督才能实现。我们的一切和我们所做的一切都取决于祂的祝福和呼召。- 赞美天上的光和惊奇的声音;赞美迫害者所看见的荣耀异象。主啊,为了保罗的皈依,我们今天祝福你的名;求你照亮我们的黑暗,指引我们前行"。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书517:12)


9:19b–22 The Holy Spirit opened Saul’s eyes and heart to forgiveness through Christ so he boldly confessed His name to his fellow Jews. Today, trust that the Lord is able to change people’s lives—even people you regard as utterly lost and despicable. How great is our Lord and His grace! • Father, as Your Holy Spirit opened Saul’s heart to the Gospel, open my heart, that I might believe and make a fearless testimony of Christ. Amen.

9:19b-22 圣灵开启了扫罗的眼睛和心灵,使他认识到基督的饶恕,因此他大胆地向他的犹太同胞宣告基督的名。今天,请相信主能够改变人的生命--即使是你认为完全迷失和卑鄙的人。我们的主和他的恩典何等伟大!- 天父,正如你的圣灵使扫罗的心向福音敞开一样,也请你向我敞开心门,使我能够相信并为基督作无畏的见证。阿们。


9:23–25 The Christians show sincere faith by welcoming Saul, supporting his teaching of salvation through Christ. For the sake of the Gospel today, support and defend the witness of your brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord your Savior is your defender. • Father, through Your Word, strengthen my faith in Christ. Make me, like those who assisted Saul, faithful in serving the proclamation of the Gospel. Amen.

9:23-25 基督徒们表现出了真诚的信仰,他们欢迎扫罗,支持他教导人们藉着基督得救的道理。今天,为了福音的缘故,请支持并捍卫你在基督里的弟兄姐妹的见证。主你的救赎主就是你的捍卫者。- 天父,通过你的话语,坚固我对基督的信仰。使我像那些帮助扫罗的人一样,忠心地为福音的传播服务。阿们。


9:26–31 Due to Saul’s past, Christians are suspicious of him. Due to his new faith, enemies of the Christian faith plot to kill him. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit brings Saul to other believers who help him escape. Through the power of the Gospel, the Church continues to grow. The Lord will likewise watch over the future of your congregation. Proclaim Christ! The Savior will bless and keep you. • Father, thank You for allowing me to hear the lifesaving news of the Gospel and to share in the fellowship of believers. Amen.

9:26-31 由于扫罗的过去,基督徒们对他产生了怀疑。由于他的新信仰,基督教信仰的敌人阴谋杀死他。然而,圣灵把扫罗带到其他信徒面前,帮助他逃脱。通过福音的大能,教会不断发展壮大。主同样会看顾你们教会的未来。宣扬基督!救主必会祝福并保守你们。- 天父,感谢你让我听到福音拯救人的消息,让我分享众信徒的团契交通。阿们。


9:32–35 Aeneas, paralyzed for eight years, is healed through the power of the Gospel. Seeing this miracle, the residents of Lydda and Sharon repent and believe in the Lord. As God grants you opportunity, share the love of Jesus by caring for the sick. His abiding care will sustain you in every need. • Father, thank You for healing me from the paralysis and death of sin and giving me the hope of eternal life. Amen.

9:32-35 瘫痪八年的以尼雅因福音的大能而痊愈。看到这个神迹,吕大和沙仑的居民悔改信主。当上帝给你机会时,请通过照顾病人来分享耶稣的爱。祂恒久的关怀会在一切需要中扶持你。- 天父,感谢你医治我脱离罪的瘫痪和死亡,赐给我永生的盼望。阿们。


9:36–43 An untimely death comes to Tabitha, a beloved servant. However, those who mourn Tabitha’s death witness the power of Christ through her restoration to life. How great is the Lord’s kindness! • Father, when my last hour comes, take me to be with You in heaven, through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.

9:36-43 受人爱戴的仆人大比大过早地去世了。然而,那些哀悼大比大死亡的人通过她的复生见证了基督的大能。主的恩惠何等大!父啊,当我最后的时刻来临时,求你借着我的主耶稣基督,接我到天上与你同在。阿们。