Ch 9 Jesus gives physical and spiritual sight—faith—to a man born blind, though the Pharisees accuse Jesus of violating the Sabbath and remain spiritually blind. We are all born spiritually blind, unable to see our sin and unwilling to do things God’s way. But through Baptism and the Word, God has delivered us from the domain of darkness through His beloved Son and has enlightened our hearts to know and follow Him. • I praise You, O God, that though I once was blind, now I see! Lead me as I guide others to the truth of the Gospel. Amen.

第 9 章 耶稣让一个生来就瞎眼的人重新得着身体上和属灵上的看见,法利赛人指责耶稣如此行是违反了安息日,这表明他们在属灵上仍然是瞎子。我们生来都是属灵的瞎子,看不到自己的罪,也不愿意按照上帝的方式行事。但通过洗礼和圣道,上帝藉着祂的爱子将我们从黑暗的权势中解救出来,并照亮了我们的心,让我们认识并跟随祂。- 上帝啊,我赞美你,虽然我曾经瞎眼,但现在我看见了!请引领我,使我引导他人领悟福音真理。阿们。


10:1–21 Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd to describe His intimate relationship with His followers and the love that moved Him to lay down His life for them. Sheep who ignore the Good Shepherd’s voice (His Word) have only themselves to blame and will fall prey to Satan. Unlike human love motivated by self-interest, Christ’s love for His own moved Him to voluntarily endure even death on a cross for our sake (Php 2:8). • My dear Shepherd, watch over me that I may never stray from You. Amen.

10:1-21 耶稣称自己为好牧人,以描述祂与跟随者的亲密关系,以及那份感动祂为他们舍命的圣爱。无视好牧人声音(祂的话语)的羊只能责怪自己,成为撒旦的猎物。与人类出于私利的爱不同,基督对属于祂之人的大爱促使祂为了我们,甚至自愿在十字架上忍受死亡(腓2:8)。- 我亲爱的牧者啊,求你看顾我,使我永不偏离你。阿们。


10:22–42 In the colonnade of Solomon during the Jewish Feast of Dedication, Jesus declares His oneness with the Father, which the unbelieving crowd understands to be blasphemous and worthy of death. To reject Jesus is to reject God and abandon the hope of everlasting life. Believers can rest secure that they belong to Jesus Christ and will never perish; all of Jesus’ works affirm this truth. • O Lord, “into Your hands I commend myself, my body and soul, and all things.” Amen. (SC, Morning and Evening Prayers, here)

10:22-42 犹太人修殿节期间,耶稣在所罗门的廊下宣布自己与天父为一,不信的群众认为这是对天父的亵渎,是该死的。拒绝耶稣就等于拒绝上帝,放弃永生的希望。信徒可以放心,他们属于耶稣基督,永远不会灭亡;耶稣的所有作为都证实了这一真理。- 主啊,"我将自己的身体、灵魂和一切所有都交在你手中"。阿们。(小问答,晨祷和晚祷)