10:1–8 The Lord prepares Cornelius to learn more about Jesus. Likewise, He prepares and guides our lives in accordance with His good purposes. Therefore, commend your life and ways to your Lord, who at all times has you on His heart. • Father, Your Law reminds me daily that as good as I think I am, I can never be good enough to inherit eternal salvation. Thank You for sending Jesus to fulfill all righteousness for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

10:1-8 主预备哥尼流更多地认识耶稣。同样,主也按照他美好的旨意预备并引导我们的生活。因此,把你的生活和道路交托给你的主吧,他时刻把你放在心上。- 天父,你的律法每天都在提醒我,尽管我认为自己很好,但我永远都不够好,无法继承永恒的救赎。感谢差你遣耶稣为我成就一切的义。奉耶稣的名。阿们。


10:9–33 Through a vision, the Lord teaches Peter that holiness is not determined by people, but by what God Himself has ordained as holy and clean. We are powerless to hallow anything. Pray that God’s gifts and blessings may be hallowed among us. Through the Gospel, the Lord cleanses and hallows us. • Father, thank You for making me righteous and acceptable through Your Word. Let Your Holy Spirit move me to confess Christ, that others might be made acceptable in Your sight. Amen.

10:9-33 主通过异象教导彼得,圣洁不是由人决定,而是神自己规定什么为圣洁和洁净的。我们无力使任何事物圣洁。求主让神的恩赐和祝福在我们中间成为圣洁。通过福音,主洁净我们,使我们神圣。- 天父,感谢你通过你的话语使我成为公义和蒙悦纳的人。请让你的圣灵感动我在人前承认基督,好叫他人也可以在你面前被接纳。阿们。


10:34–43 Peter affirms for devout Cornelius that Jesus is truly the Christ; the Spirit affirms for Peter that the Gospel applies to all people without partiality. The Holy Spirit unites one and all in the Body of Christ. • Father, thank You for the gift of salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Make me a faithful witness of Your love. Amen.

10:34-43 彼得向虔诚的哥尼流肯定耶稣是真正的基督;圣灵向彼得肯定福音适用于所有人,没有偏袒。圣灵使所有人在基督的身体中合一。- 天父,感谢你通过你的儿子耶稣基督赐予我们救赎。求你使我成为你爱的忠实见证人。阿们。


10:44–48 The Holy Spirit demonstrates to the Jewish believers that God indeed desires to pour out His Spirit on “all flesh” (2:17), even Gentiles. The water, the Word, and the Holy Spirit go together. So Peter urges that the Gentiles be baptized right away, without concern for circumcision or ritual purity according to the old covenant. These blessings of Word and Sacrament abide with us today. • Lord, give us Your Word, that our thankfulness points many to Your grace. Amen.

10:44-48 圣灵向犹太信徒表明,上帝确实希望将他的灵浇灌在 "凡有血气的"人(2:17),甚至是外邦人身上。水、道和圣灵是相辅相成的。因此,彼得敦促外邦人立即受洗,而不必顾虑割礼或仪式按着旧约规定的纯洁性。今天,这些圣道和圣礼的祝福与我们同在。- 主啊,请赐给我们你的话语,让我们带着感恩向更多人指明你的恩典。阿们。


11:1–18 Through the Law, God condemns all sinners and drives them to repentance; through the Gospel, He grants life everlasting. Live a life of daily repentance, and glorify God for His lavish blessings and gifts to you and all people. • Lord, let our likeness to some not be a barrier to others. Draw everyone to You, O Holy Spirit, even the unlikely. Amen.

11:1-18 通过律法,神定所有罪人的罪,驱使他们悔改;通过福音,神赐予永生。你们要过每天悔改的生活,为上帝给你和所有人的丰盛祝福和恩赐荣耀上帝。- 主啊,不要让我们群体的共同特点成为与其他人交往的障碍。圣灵啊,吸引每一个人归于你,即使是看起来不可能信的人。阿们。


11:19–30 Though persecution scatters the believers, the Lord uses the persecution to proclaim the Gospel even more broadly. As believers grow in faith, they commit themselves to acts of service. Men of God, such as Barnabas, not only confirm the work of the Holy Spirit among believers but also ensure that new believers are nurtured in the faith through instruction (Mt 28:19–20). • “Awake, Thou Spirit, who didst fire The watchmen of the Church’s youth, Who faced the Foe’s envenomed ire, Who witnessed day and night Thy truth, Whose voices loud are ringing still And bringing hosts to know Thy will.” Amen. (TLH 494:1)

11:19-30 虽然迫害打散了信徒,但主利用迫害更广泛地传播福音。随着信徒们在信心中成长,他们也投身于服侍的行动中。神的百姓,如巴拿巴,不仅在信徒中间证实圣灵的工作,还努力带领新信徒通过教导在信仰上得到培育(太 28:19-20)。- "兴起啊,圣灵,你曾激励教会青少年的守望者,他们曾面对敌人的毒焰,他们曾日夜见证你的真理,你的声音仍在响起,使众人认识你的旨意"。阿们。(路德宗诗歌本 494:1)


12:1–5 As Christ had prophesied, His disciples share in His suffering, being arrested, beaten, and even killed. By His crucifixion and resurrection, Christ has passed through death and draws us safely through to life. He alone holds the keys of death and will leave none of His own behind. • Father, in the righteousness of faith in Christ, hear my prayer for believers who face persecution for Your name’s sake. Keep them faithful unto death, that they may receive the crown of life. Amen.

12:1-5 正如基督所预言的,他的门徒与他同受苦难,被逮捕、殴打,甚至被杀害。通过被钉死在十字架上和复活,基督穿越了死亡,带领我们安全地走向生命。只有他掌握着死亡的钥匙,他不会撇下任何一个属于自己的人。- 父啊,求你因信基督而来的义,垂听我为那些因你的名面临逼迫的信徒所作的祷告。求你保守他们至死忠心,使他们得着生命的冠冕。阿们。


12:6–19 The death of James at the hand of Herod and the imprisonment of Peter demonstrate the world’s hatred of the Gospel. Yet, nothing can separate believers from the love of Christ. He fulfills His purpose for us in life and in death; therefore, we have joy. • Father, may Rhoda’s joy at seeing Peter overflow in my life as I have fellowship with other believers. Amen.

12:6-19 雅各死于希律王之手,彼得被囚,都表明世界对福音的憎恨。然而,没有什么能使信徒与基督的爱隔绝。他为我们实现了生与死的目的;因此,我们有喜乐。- 天父,但愿罗大看到彼得时的喜乐能在我的生命中流淌,因为我与其他信徒有团契相通。阿们。


12:20–25 Herod’s violence and intrigue illustrate how evil breeds evil. Yet God can decisively topple evil. In mercy to us, He sent His Son to the cross to condemn evil and rescue us. Living in forgiveness, we eagerly await the day when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ takes us to live with Him forever in heaven. • “By all Your saints in warfare, For all Your saints at rest, Your holy name, O Jesus, Forevermore be blest! For You have won the battle That they might wear the crown; And now they shine in glory Reflected from Your throne.” Amen. (LSB 517:1)

12:20-25 希律的暴力和阴谋说明了邪恶是如何滋生邪恶的。然而,上帝能决定性地摧毁邪恶。为了怜悯我们,他差遣他的儿子走上十字架,谴责邪恶,拯救我们。我们活在宽恕之中,热切地等待着我们的主和救世主耶稣基督带我们到天堂与他永远生活在一起的那一天。- “你与众圣徒在争战中同在,好让他们可以安歇,耶稣啊,你的圣名永远被颂扬!因为你已经赢得了战斗,让他们戴上了冠冕;现在他们在荣耀中闪耀,从你的宝座上折射出来”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书517:1)