1:1–11 Jesus, truly risen in His body from the dead, reigns as unseen King over the here and now. He will return in full sight of all in the Father’s good time. Therefore, do not let the evil one lock Jesus in the past or reduce His ministry to you now. Boldly pray to Jesus, and acknowledge Him as your Lord. Your good standing today and your eternal tomorrow flow from Jesus’ victory over the grave and His enthronement at the Father’s right hand. • Lord, increase our faith in Jesus’ past, present, and future triumph, and make us bold witnesses to Him in every facet of our lives. Amen.

1:1-11 耶稣以肉身真正从死里复活,作为看不见的王掌管着此时此地。在天父所定的美善时刻,他将在万众瞩目之下回来。因此,不要让恶者把耶稣锁在过去,也不要减少他现在对你的服事。大胆地向耶稣祷告,承认他是你的主。你美好的今天和永恒的明天都源于耶稣对坟墓的胜利和他在天父右手边的宝座。- 主啊,请增强我们对耶稣过去、现在和未来胜利的信心,让我们在生活的方方面面勇敢地为他作见证。阿们。


1:12–26 The disciples and others seek the Lord’s will concerning the candidate of His choice to replace Judas as a leader of the Church, the new Israel. Today, entrust your future to the Lord in prayer. He will prepare your way before you. Since our Lord is present with us till the end of the age, He will knit together in love His faithful people with Himself and with one another. • Jesus, our King, may we never tire of watching in prayer before Your throne, and may Your will be our delight. Amen.

1:12-26 门徒和其他人寻求主的旨意,以确定祂所拣选的能够代替犹大,成为教会--新以色列--领袖人物之一。今天,在祷告中将你的未来交托给主。他会在你面前为你预备道路。既然我们的主与我们同在,直到世界的末了,祂会用爱将祂忠实的子民与祂自己以及彼此连接在一起。- 耶稣,我们的王,愿我们在你的宝座前永不疲倦地祷告和警醒,愿你的旨意成为我们的喜乐。阿们。


2:1–13 The Holy Spirit descends as a gift, sounding forth one message in many tongues, showing that Israel will soon burst its ethnic bounds. Cynics of all eras belittle God’s mighty deeds and explain them away. However, humility before the Holy Spirit is in order, along with sheer wonder that God gives Himself to people of all nations. • “Come, holy Fire, comfort true, Grant us the will Your work to do And in Your service to abide; Let trials turn us not aside.” Amen. (LSB 497:3)

2:1-13 圣灵作为恩赐降临,用多种方言发出同一个信息,表明以色列很快就会打破其民族界限。任何时代的愤世嫉俗者都会轻视上帝的大能,并将其解释得一无是处。然而,在圣灵面前,我们应该谦卑,并对上帝将自己赐给万民感到惊奇。- "来吧,圣火,真正的安慰,赐予我们乐意的心去做你的工作,并恪守对你的服侍;不要让试炼把我们引诱走"。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书497:3)


2:14–41 Peter shows from the Scriptures that Jesus is Israel’s Lord as well as Savior of the nations. Rejoice that God pours out His Spirit in Baptism and multiplies His blessings to us in daily repentance and forgiveness. He makes a new Israel, a new house of David—the Church! • Lord, grant that I may confess and proclaim You with confidence, as Peter did. Amen.

2:14-41 彼得基于圣经说明耶稣是以色列的主,也是万民的救主。你们要喜乐,因为上帝在洗礼中浇灌下圣灵,在我们每日的悔改和赦罪中加倍赐福于我们。祂创造了一个新的以色列,一个新的大卫之家--教会!- 主啊,求你赐福于我,让我可以像彼得一样忏悔并带着信心宣告你的名。阿们。


2:42–47 The early Christians lived only for their Lord and for the other members of His Body, the Church. How cheap in comparison is our indifference to the Church; how sad are our compromises with the world. Yet the Holy Spirit still dwells and works among us; we still have the apostles’ teaching embodied in the NT Scriptures. How blessed are we in such heavenly fellowship! • Lord, open our eyes to Your reality, order our priorities, and let Your light transfigure these latter days. Amen.

2:42-47 早期的基督徒只为主和主的身体--教会的其他成员而活。相比之下,我们对教会的漠不关心是多么的黯淡;我们对世界的妥协是多么的可悲。然而,圣灵仍然居住在我们中间并在我们中间做工;我们仍然有使徒们在新约圣经中的教导。在这样属天的团契中,我们是何等有福!- 主啊,求你开启我们的眼睛,让我们看到你的真实,安排我们的优先次序,让你的光照亮这末世。阿们。