1:1–7 Paul affirms three callings from God: he is called to be an apostle, the Romans are called to belong to Christ, and they are called to be saints. We sinners are prone to think that we control every aspect of our lives, and we tend to live only for ourselves. Knowing the futility of this, Christ Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross that we might be redeemed. He calls us out of sin and death and into life. Praise God! We are called to belong to Him and to love and serve others. • Lord Jesus, thank You for making me Your own and for all of Your gifts. Amen.

1:1-7 保罗肯定了神的三个呼召:他蒙召作使徒,罗马人蒙召归属基督,他们蒙召作圣徒。我们罪人容易认为自己掌控着生活的方方面面,我们往往只为自己而活。基督耶稣知道这样做是徒劳无益的,所以他在十字架上牺牲了自己,使我们得到救赎。他呼召我们脱离罪恶和死亡,进入生命。赞美上帝!我们被呼召属于他,去爱和服务他人。- 主耶稣,感谢你让我成为属你的人,感谢你所有的恩赐。阿们。


1:8–15 Paul was sent to the Greeks and barbarians, to the wise and foolish. Today, we may be tempted to keep the Gospel to ourselves or limit it to people who are like us. However, Jesus did not limit His work. He redeemed the whole world—even barbarians and fools like us. He commissions us to reach out to all people. • Triune God, strengthen me to be Your witness to all people. Amen.

1:8-15 保罗被派往希腊人和野蛮人那里,聪明人和愚昧人那里。今天,我们可能会受到诱惑,把福音留给自己,或只传给和我们一样的人。然而,耶稣并没有限制他的工作。他救赎了整个世界--即使是像我们这样的野蛮人和愚昧人。他委托我们向所有人传福音。- 三位一体的上帝,求你加给我力量,让我成为你对所有人的见证。阿们。


1:16–17 Many of us have, at times, been embarrassed about our faith or have hidden our Christian identity. We have yielded to the world’s pressures and may have been ashamed of our Savior, but He is not ashamed of us. He bore our sin, guilt, and shame on the cross and gives us His life and forgiveness. Receiving those gifts by faith, and empowered by the Spirit, we are no longer ashamed of the Gospel. We know it is God’s power “for salvation to everyone who believes.” • Jesus, thank You for redeeming me and giving me Your righteousness. In faith, I will boldly proclaim Your name. Amen.

1:16-17 我们中的许多人有时会为自己的信仰感到尴尬,或隐藏自己的基督徒身份。我们屈服于世俗的压力,可能以救主为耻,但他并不以我们为耻。他在十字架上担当了我们的罪、愧疚和羞耻,并赐给我们他的生命和宽恕。我们要凭着信心接受这些恩赐,并得到圣灵的力量,我们不再以福音为耻。我们知道这是神的大能,"叫一切相信的人得救"- 耶稣,感谢你救赎我,将你的公义赐给我。凭着信心,我将勇敢地宣扬你的名。阿们。


1:18–32 We love to condemn the sins of others. We might not have committed some of the acts Paul condemns here, but we all have sinned. We have exchanged God’s truth for human foolishness. Seeing sin, we ought not respond defensively but in confession. We know God’s response to sin: He sent His Son to die for sinners. • Lord have mercy on me, a sinner. Grant me sincere confession and compassion for other sinners. Amen.

1:18-32 我们喜欢谴责别人的罪。我们可能没有犯下保罗在此谴责的某些行为,但我们都犯了罪。我们用上帝的真理换取了人类的愚昧。看清自己的罪,我们不应该做出自我狡辩的反应,而应该忏悔。我们知道上帝对罪的回应: 他派他的儿子为罪人而死。- 主啊,请怜悯我这个罪人。赐予我真诚的忏悔和对其他罪人的怜悯。阿们。


2:1–11 When we pass judgment on another, we condemn ourselves (v 1). It is easy to recognize and condemn sin in others while overlooking our own sin. Paul’s teachings are clear: all have sinned. Without God’s patience and forbearance, we would all be condemned. • O God, thank You that our Savior, Jesus, has redeemed us! Send us forth today to proclaim this Good News. Amen.

2:1-11 当我们论断他人时,就是在谴责自己(第 1 节)。我们很容易认识到并谴责他人的罪,却忽略了自己的罪。保罗的教导很明确:人人都有罪。如果没有上帝的忍耐和宽容,我们都会被定罪。- 哦上帝啊,感谢你,我们的救世主耶稣救赎了我们!今天,请差遣我们去宣讲这好消息。阿们。


2:12–29 Paul warns against being praised by people but not by God (v 29). Pride desires recognition and praise from the world, but this may come in ways that are inconsistent with God’s will. Our priorities are misplaced when we seek the world’s acclaim. We are blessed when we place God first, knowing He loves and forgives us. He approves of us because of Jesus. That’s all the praise we will ever need. • Heavenly Father, in faith I do not seek the praise of the world, but I rejoice in Your gifts. Amen.

2:12-29 保罗警告人们不要寻求人的赞美而抛弃神的赞美(第29节)。骄傲渴望得到世人的认可和赞美,但这种认可和赞美的方式可能与神的旨意不符。当我们寻求世人的喝彩时,我们的优先事项就错位了。当我们把上帝放在首位,知道他爱我们、宽恕我们时,我们就蒙福了。因着耶稣,上帝已经认可我们。这就是我们所需要的一切赞美。- 天父,凭着信心,我不寻求世人的赞美,但我因你的恩赐而喜乐。阿们。