4:1–45 Jesus graciously reaches out to a Samaritan woman, leads her to recognize Him as the Messiah, and through her brings other Samaritans to receive His life-giving blessings. Christians sometimes allow social and cultural barriers to hinder their witness to Christ and His love for all people. Just as Christ forgave the woman her past and present sins, He now freely offers His forgiving love to us and calls us to spread this Good News. • O Lord, let me experience the joy of freely sharing Your Word with others, whoever they may be. Amen.

4:1-45 耶稣亲切地向一位撒玛利亚妇人伸出援手,引导她明白耶稣就是弥赛亚,并通过她带领其他撒玛利亚人接受耶稣赐生命的祝福。基督徒有时会让社会和文化障碍拦阻他们见证基督和祂对所有人的爱。正如基督饶恕了这位妇女过去和现在的罪一样,祂现在也向我们白白地供应祂饶恕的爱,并呼召我们去传播这个好消息。- 主啊,让我体验与他人畅快分享你话语的喜乐,无论他们是谁。阿们。


4:46–54 The official, whose dying son Jesus heals in Galilee, comes to a genuine faith in Him before the sign, the wonder, is done. Unlike this official, many today will not believe God’s Word unless they are first shown demonstrative proofs. Despite such unbelief, the Lord Jesus hastens to call all people to faith; He would forgive them and bear their burdens and needs. • Lord Jesus, give me and my entire family unquestioning faith in Your promises. Amen.

4:46-54 耶稣在加利利医治了一位官员垂死的儿子,这位官员在神迹、奇迹成就之前就对耶稣产生了真正的信心。与这位官员不同的是,今天有许多人除非先得到明显的证据,否则不会相信上帝的话语。尽管有这样的不信,主耶稣还是急忙呼召所有人来信祂;祂会宽恕他们,承担他们的负担和需要。- 主耶稣,请赐给我和我的全家人对你的应许毫无怀疑的信心。阿们。