17:1–9 At Thessalonica, Paul and Silas continue the pattern of preaching at the synagogue, gaining converts, and experiencing harsh opposition. The offense and foolishness of the cross (1Co 1:23) may well provoke a harsh response from the world. Yet Jesus, the Messiah, suffered, died, and rose, and “turned the world upside down.” Sinners are forgiven, the humble and poor are raised up, and the proud and rich are brought low. The first will be last, and the last, first. • Heavenly Father, may the Good News of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, continue to turn this world upside down. Amen.

17:1-9 在帖撒罗尼迦,保罗和西拉继续在会堂布道,获得悔改归主的人,但也遭遇严厉的反对。十字架的冒犯和愚昧(林前 1:23)很可能会引起世人严厉的反应。然而,弥赛亚耶稣受难、受死、复活,真正"颠倒了世界"。罪人得到宽恕,谦卑和贫穷的人复活,骄傲和富有的人跌倒。最先的将成为最后的,最后的将成为最先的。- 天父,愿耶稣基督--万王之王--的好消息继续颠覆这个世界。阿们。


17:10–15 Persecution follows the Gospel, even when the Bereans eagerly receive it. God’s people should follow the noble example of the Bereans, who studied the Scriptures daily in order to receive further truths and to examine what they were being taught. Because the OT Scriptures also testify to Jesus Christ (Jn 5:39), searching them brings God’s blessings of salvation (Is 55:10–11). • Heavenly Father, thank You for the truth of Your Word. May it be “a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps 119:105). Amen.

17:10-15 即使庇哩亚人热切地接受福音,迫害也会随之而来。上帝的子民应该效仿庇哩亚人的好榜样,他们每日研读圣经,以接受更多的真理,并检查他们所接受的教导。因为旧约圣经也为耶稣基督作见证(约5:39),查考圣经会带来上帝救赎的祝福(诗篇55:10-11)。- 天父,感谢你赐予我们真理。愿它成为 "我脚前的灯,我路上的光"(诗 119:105)。阿们。


17:16–21 At Athens, Paul engages the dominant religious and philosophical teachings of the day. The Gospel message is foolishness to people of this world. Yet, God desires to engage all people with His Word and, by the Spirit’s power, to open their hearts and minds to the good news of Jesus and His resurrection. • Father, the Gospel of Jesus is the power by which we are saved (1Co 1:18–25). Guide Your people to engage the world with this message. Amen.

17:16-21 在雅典,保罗与当时占主导地位的宗教和哲学教义交锋。福音信息对这个世界的人来说是愚昧的。然而,上帝渴望用他的话语与所有人交流,并借着圣灵的力量,打开他们的心门,让他们接受耶稣和他复活的好消息。- 天父,耶稣的福音是我们得救的大能(林前1:18-25)。请引导你的子民将这一信息传遍世界。阿们。


17:22–34 Paul reaches out to Athenians who do not know the Scriptures. He uses teachings from their philosophy and literature to point them to the God of creation, who sent His Son, Jesus. All people need to repent before Christ comes again to judge the living and the dead. The Creator desires that all people seek after Him. In love, He has come to us with the message of Jesus Christ, who has saved us by His resurrection. • Heavenly Father, move all people to seek You through repentance and to come to the true knowledge that You have already reached out to them in Christ. Amen.

17:22-34 保罗向不懂圣经的雅典人传道。他使用他们的哲学和文学中的教导,把他们引向创造之神,让他们明白是神派来了他的儿子耶稣。在基督再来审判活人和死人之前,所有人都需要悔改。造物主希望所有人都来寻求他。他以爱将耶稣基督的信息传给我们,因为耶稣的复活拯救了我们。- 天父,求你感动所有人通过悔改来寻求你,并真正认识到你已经在基督里向他们伸出了援手。阿们。


18:1–17 Paul’s stay in Corinth demonstrates two lessons: (1) The Gospel is the power of God for salvation, even in the face of rejection. (2) Opposition to the Gospel—not the Gospel itself—disrupts proper authority. Hostility to the message of Jesus is to be expected. Nevertheless, His Gospel remains the only power for eternal good. • Heavenly Father, thank You for governments that allow us to practice our faith and to share it with the rest of the world. May Jesus’ presence continue to be among His people to bless their labors in His name. Amen.

18:1-17 保罗在哥林多的逗留展示了两个教训:(1)福音是神救赎的大能,即使面对拒绝也是如此。(2)对福音的反对--而非福音本身--破坏了正当的权威。对耶稣信息的敌意是意料之中的。尽管如此,他的福音仍然是永恒之善的唯一力量。- 天父,感谢你赐予我们政府,让我们能够实践我们的信仰,并与世人分享。愿耶稣的临在继续环绕他的子民,以他的名祝福他们的工作。阿们。


18:18–23 These travels conclude Paul’s second missionary journey and begin his third. Travel plans and visits may not always turn out the way you intend. When you travel, begin with prayer, and serve the Lord with purpose. Place your life in God’s hands; He works all things according to His good and gracious will. • Heavenly Father, whenever and wherever I travel in this world, watch over me through Your guardian angels and strengthen me by the presence of my fellow believers. Empower me to live according to Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

18:18-23 这些旅行结束了保罗的第二次传教旅行,开始了他的第三次传教旅行。旅行计划和访问可能并不总是如你所愿。当你旅行时,从祷告开始,有目的地侍奉主。将你的生命交托在神的手中;他会按照自己美善的旨意运行万事。- 天父,无论我在这个世界上旅行到何时何地,请通过你的守护天使看顾我,并通过我的信徒伙伴们的团契和同在来坚固我。让我有能力按照你的旨意生活。奉耶稣的名。阿们。


18:24–28 Apollos is a gifted teacher with sincere faith, yet he needs to grow in his knowledge of the faith. While our knowledge in this life will always be incomplete, teachers should strive to learn everything God has revealed and teach it fully and properly to His people. God’s Word, including His Word in the Baptism instituted by Jesus Christ, is the power by which we believe. • Heavenly Father, thank You for Your gracious gift of Baptism. Spread Your Word, that it may be received and taught as Your means to wash away our sins and adopt us into Your family. Amen.

18:24-28 亚波罗是一位有恩赐、有真诚信仰的教师,但他在信仰方面的知识还需要增长。虽然我们今生的知识总是不完整的,但教师应该努力学习上帝所启示的一切,并将其完整、正确地传授给他的子民。上帝的话语,包括他在耶稣基督所设立的洗礼中的话语,是我们信仰的力量。- 天父,感谢你赐予我们洗礼。请传播你的话语,让人们接受并传授你的话语,让它成为你洗净我们的罪孽、收养我们进入你家室的方式。阿们。