3:1–10 In this highest form of almsgiving, Peter and John dispense God’s own gift: mercy. Present through the Spirit in His holy name, the exalted Jesus makes the crippled man stand, that he may leap for joy. Shudder when you hear people use Jesus’ holy name as a curse rather than as a cure. Call on Him in all your needs, and use His name reverently and gladly to bestow the Father’s gifts on others. • Fill us, Holy Spirit, that our hearts and lips may honor Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

3:1-10 在这种最高形式的施舍中,彼得和约翰分发上帝自己的礼物:怜悯。高升的耶稣通过圣灵以及藉着祂的圣名临在,使瘸腿的人站立起来,让他欢喜跳跃。当你听到人们把耶稣的圣名当作诅咒而不是治疗时,你会不寒而栗。在你所有的需要中呼唤他,恭敬而欣喜地使用他的圣名,将天父的恩赐赐给他人。- 圣灵,求你充满我们,让我们的心和嘴唇都尊崇耶稣的圣名。阿们。


3:11–26 Peter shows the crowd at the temple that all the prophets have pointed to Jesus as the Christ. The risen Lord brings to light our hidden guilt and lifts the burden that crushes every sinner. Though His Word points out your shame, His grace will wipe away your sin. • Lord Jesus, come boldly to both Jew and Gentile, to accuse and to forgive, to wound and to heal. Amen.

3:11-26 彼得向圣殿中的众人表明,所有的先知都指向耶稣是基督。复活的主揭示了我们隐藏的罪孽,解除了压在每个罪人身上的重担。虽然他的话语指出了你的羞耻,但他的恩典会抹去你的罪。- 主耶稣,请勇敢地来到犹太人和外邦人中间,指责并宽恕,打伤并治愈。阿们。


4:1–22 Locking their hearts, the religious authorities also close their eyes and cover their ears to silence the Word. But the crippled man still stands, the name of Jesus displays its power, and salvation resides in Him alone. Today, the Lord wants you to stand along with His bold apostles. He pledges His life and blessing to you in the midst of all difficulties. • Christ, our Savior, give us courage to stand firm. Amen.

4:1-22 宗教领袖们紧锁心门,也闭上眼睛,捂住耳朵,为要让圣道消声。但瘸腿的人仍然站立着,耶稣的名彰显了它的大能,唯有祂才能拯救世人。今天,主希望你与他勇敢的使徒们一起站立。在一切困难中,祂向你保证祂的生命和祝福。- 基督,我们的救主,请赐予我们稳妥站立的勇气。阿们。


4:23–31 Mounting pressure drives the apostles to prayer. They recite God’s sure Word and ask Him for boldness and a demonstration of His presence. Remember to pray for boldness when faced with persecution. Rejoice that the Lord refashions you in His image by His Word and Spirit. • Lord, grant Your Church throughout the world such a prayer for boldness, said with one heart and one Spirit. Amen.

4:23-31 越来越大的压力促使使徒们开始祷告。他们诵读上帝确实的话语,求祂赐给他们勇气,并彰显祂的同在。记住,在面对逼迫时要为自己的胆量祷告。要欢喜快乐,因为主通过祂的话语和圣灵按照祂的形象改造你们。- 主啊,求你赐给全世界的教会这样同心并且在圣灵里合一的勇敢祷告。阿们。


4:32–37 As the early Christians loved their Lord, they loved His Bride, the Church, giving of themselves freely. As you gather goods that perish, consider that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (20:35). Lavish love on your brothers and sisters in Christ, just as Jesus lavished His love on us all and gave Himself unto death for the worst of sinners. • Grant us, Lord, to live each hour in the knowledge that “love never ends” (1Co 13:8). Amen.

4:32-37 正如早期基督徒爱他们的主一样,他们也爱他的新妇--教会,无偿地奉献自己。当你积攒会朽坏的东西时,想想 "施比受更为有福"(20:35)。把爱洒向你在基督里的弟兄姐妹,就像耶稣把爱洒向我们所有人,为罪大恶极的罪人舍身赴死一样。- 主啊,赐福我们,让我们每时每刻都活在 "爱是永不止息 "的知识中(林前13:8)。阿们。