20:1–10 The first witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection see an empty tomb bearing all the signs of the fulfillment of the OT promises and Jesus’ own declaration that He “must rise from the dead” (v 9). The disciples were slow to believe, just as we, too, can be of little faith. Yet, rejoice! For our sakes, Christ grants us His Spirit to work faith in us. Christ robbed the grave of death, confirming His own words, “I am the resurrection and the life” (11:25). • Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

20:1-10 耶稣复活之后的第一批见证人看到了一座空坟,充分表明了旧约应许和耶稣自己预言的实现,即祂 "必须从死里复活"(第 9 节)。门徒们迟迟不信,就像我们也可能信心不足一样。然而,欢喜吧!为了我们,基督把祂的圣灵赐给我们,使信心在我们里面运行。基督夺走了坟墓中的死亡,证实了他自己所说的话:"复活在我,生命也在我"(11:25)。- 基督复活了。他确实复活了。阿利路亚。


20:11–18 After His resurrection, Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalene, who is led to recognize Him and goes to tell the disciples she has seen the Lord. When death confronts us, sorrow and a sense of loss may overcome us. But because Christ is risen, Christians can confidently assure one another that God will wipe away our tears (Rv 21:4). • O risen Christ, end our nights of sorrow and restore to us the joy of our salvation. Amen.

20:11-18 耶稣复活后第一次向抹大拉的马利亚显现,她认出了耶稣,并去告诉门徒她看见了主。当我们面对死亡时,悲伤和失落感可能会战胜我们。但因为基督已经复活,基督徒们可以满怀信心地彼此坚固,知道上帝必会擦去我们的眼泪(启示录21:4)。- 哦,复活的基督啊,结束我们的悲痛之夜,让我们重拾得救的喜乐。阿们。


20:19–23 The once-crucified Jesus appears to His disciples, commissioning them for their work and equipping them with the Holy Spirit. Christians have received the most precious treasure on earth—the Gospel of forgiveness—but often keep it hidden from others. Pray that the Lord would grant you boldness. God raised Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep, and will equip us with every good thing to do His will (Heb 13:20–21). • O God, give us Your eternal peace and also boldness through the Holy Spirit. Amen.

20:19-23 曾经被钉十字架的耶稣向他的门徒显现,差遣他们做工,并用圣灵装备他们。基督徒已经得到了世上最宝贵的财富--赦罪的福音,但却常常不分享给他人。求主赐给你们勇气。上帝使伟大的牧羊人耶稣复活,并将用各样的美善恩赐装备我们,使我们遵行祂的旨意(来13:20-21)。- 神啊,求你赐给我们永恒的平安,并通过圣灵赐给我们胆量。阿们。


20:24–29 Jesus appears before a skeptical Thomas, who upon seeing Jesus is moved to confess Him as Lord and God. Today, we live in a skeptical age that operates by the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.” However, in the Word and the Sacraments, we see and we do receive the benefits of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Those who believe receive God’s divine favor, for whoever believes has everlasting life (3:36). • Even though I do not now see You, Lord, I believe and rejoice with inexpressible joy. Amen.

20:24-29 耶稣在持怀疑态度的多马面前显现,多马一见到耶稣就被圣灵感动,承认祂是主,是神。今天,我们生活在一个持怀疑态度的时代,"我看到就相信"。然而,在圣道和圣礼中,我们看到了耶稣的死和复活,也确实得到了耶稣死亡和复活的益处。信的人就会得到上帝的神圣恩慈,因为信的人就有永生(3:36)。- 主啊,尽管我现在肉眼看不见你,但我相信,并以难以言喻的喜乐欢呼。阿们。


20:30–31 John, the author of this Gospel, clearly states its purpose and summarizes its central message. People commonly and mistakenly think that biblical books were written mainly to provide rules for godly living. Speaking through John, God announces the Good News that Jesus is His Son and that by faith in His name, we have life and salvation—the core message of the entire Scripture. • Let me gladly share this Good News, O God, that others may believe and live. Amen.

20:30-31 约翰是这本福音书的作者,他清楚地阐述了这本福音书的目的,并总结了其中的核心信息。人们通常错误地认为,圣经主要是为了提供敬虔生活的规则而写的。上帝通过约翰宣告了一个好消息:耶稣是祂的儿子,因信祂的名,我们得到生命和救赎--这是整部圣经的核心信息。- 上帝啊,让我欣然分享这个好消息,使他人可以相信并因此活着。阿们。


21:1–14 During Jesus’ third appearance after the resurrection, He performs another miracle and serves as host at a meal for the disciples. Jesus shows once again His servant heart, teaching us to follow in His way. We bless and serve one another because our gracious Savior continues to bless and serve us, especially in His Holy Supper. • As I come regularly to Your Holy Supper, dear Lord, prepare me to receive You and Your gifts worthily. Amen.

21:1-14 耶稣复活后第三次露面时,又行了一个神迹,并在门徒的聚餐中作为主人招待他们。耶稣再次展现了祂的仆人之心,教导我们跟随祂的道路。我们彼此祝福和侍奉,因为我们恩慈的救主会继续祝福和侍奉我们,尤其是在祂的圣餐中。- 亲爱的主,当我定期来参加你的圣餐时,求你预备我,让我配得接受你和你的礼物。阿们。


21:15–19 In His threefold exchange with Peter—who in pride and weakness failed His Lord—Jesus restores this disciple for service to Him and His flock. Our own past sins and failures make us feel unworthy to serve God. But Jesus continues to comfort shepherds and the souls they serve with the forgiveness of sins and with compassion. • Great Shepherd of the sheep, bless all pastors who bring Your consolation and peace to Your people. Amen.

21:15-19 彼得因骄傲和软弱而辜负了主,耶稣在与他的三次问答交流中恢复了这个门徒对祂和祂的羊群的服侍。我们自己过去的罪和失败让我们觉得不配侍奉神。但耶稣继续用赦罪和怜悯来安慰牧羊人和他们所侍奉的灵魂。- 伟大的牧羊人,祝福所有为你的子民带来安慰和平安的牧师。阿们。


21:20–25 In the closing exchange between Jesus and Peter, Jesus kindly reminds this beloved apostle that God is in control of matters related to his future. All Christians must humbly recognize that God has not chosen to reveal certain things to us. But the Scriptures do reveal what is necessary for us to know: Jesus and the salvation He brings. • Blessed Lord, by patience and comfort of Your Holy Word, may we embrace and ever hold fast the glorious hope of everlasting life. Amen.

21:20-25 在耶稣与彼得最后的问答中,耶稣善意地提醒这位蒙爱的使徒,上帝掌控着与他的未来有关的事情。所有基督徒都必须谦卑地认识到,上帝选择没有向我们揭示某些事情。但圣经确实揭示了我们必须知道的事情: 耶稣和他带来的救赎。- 当称颂的主啊,愿我们通过你圣言的忍耐和安慰,拥抱并永远坚守永生的荣耀盼望。阿们。