15:1–7 In the first of three similar parables, Jesus uses the devotion of a shepherd to illustrate God’s willingness to find the wayward sinner. God does not abandon us to our foolishness but seeks us out, calling us to repentance and to faith in the Gospel. • Bring us home, dear Lord, and let there be joy in heaven. Grant us daily repentance. Amen.

15:1-7 在三个类似寓言的第一个中,耶稣用牧羊人的专心来说明上帝愿意寻找迷途的罪人。上帝不会抛弃我们在愚昧当中灭亡,而是寻找我们,呼唤我们悔改,相信福音。- 带我们回家吧,亲爱的主,让天堂充满喜乐。赐予我们每日的悔改。阿们。


15:8–10 The unrepentant sinner is like a coin lost in the darkness. Once lost, we have no more ability to find the Lord than the coin has to find its owner. Yet, the good news of Christ gives “light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death” (1:79). • Thank You, merciful Lord, for seeking us when we had no power to seek You. Amen.

15:8-10 不悔改的罪人就像一枚在黑暗中丢失的硬币。一旦迷失,我们就没有能力找到主,就像硬币找不到它的主人一样。然而,基督的好消息给了 "坐在黑暗中死荫里的人"那大光(1:79)。- 感谢你,仁慈的主,感谢你在我们没有能力寻找你的时候寻找我们。阿们。


15:11–32 God found us when we were far from Him. We are in no position to begrudge His grace similarly given to others, no matter how unworthy they appear to us. How meagerly we celebrate Baptism and public declarations of faith! God calls us to a joyful celebration, not only of our own salvation, but also for the salvation of our brothers and sisters. • Father, as You welcome me, grant me joy in welcoming others. Amen.

15:11-32 当我们远离神的时候,神找到了我们。我们没有资格因为祂同样赐给他人的恩典而发牢骚,无论他们在我们看来多么不配。我们对洗礼和公开宣告信仰的庆祝是多么暗淡!上帝呼召我们欢庆,不仅是为了我们自己的得救,也是为了我们兄弟姐妹的得救。- 天父,当你欢迎我的时候,请赐予我欢迎他人的喜乐。阿们。


16:1–13 Guard against becoming enslaved to the pursuit of wealth. Instead, use money for godly and eternal purposes. God offers us lasting treasure in Christ, and so a true perspective on money and goods. • Deliver us, Father, from the love of money, but increase our love for You and for one another. Amen.

16:1-13 谨防成为追求财富的奴隶。相反,要将金钱用于敬虔和永恒的目的。上帝在基督里赐给我们永恒的财富,因此我们要对金钱和物质有真正的认识。- 天父,求你救我们脱离对金钱的爱,让我们对你和对彼此的爱更多一些。阿们。


16:14–17 It is tempting to lay aside the inconvenient portions of God’s Law. Yet, every Word of God is precious and for our edification. Praise God, we do not need to justify ourselves. The good news of His kingdom releases us from sin and gives new life. • Lord, teach us to treasure the Law and the Gospel as Your good gifts, fulfilled for us in Christ Jesus. Amen.

16:14-17 把上帝律法中不方便的部分搁置一边是很诱人的。然而,上帝的每一句话都是宝贵的,都是为了造就我们。赞美上帝,我们不需要为自己辩解。神国度的好消息将我们从罪恶中释放出来,并赐予我们新的生命。- 主啊,求你教导我们珍惜律法和福音,它们是你的恩赐,在基督耶稣里为我们成就。阿们。


16:18 Marital fidelity is to be preserved, for marriage is the blessing of a lifelong partnership. Pray for your spouse in the love of the heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus. His faithfulness avails for our forgiveness and salvation. • Sanctify our marriages, O blessed Savior. Amen.

16:18 要保持婚姻的忠诚,因为婚姻是终身伴侣的祝福。在天上新郎耶稣的爱中为你的配偶祷告。祂的信实会使我们得到宽恕和救赎。- 当称颂的救赎主啊,求你圣化我们的婚姻。阿们。


16:19–31 Jesus challenges the belief that earthly blessings are a sign of God’s eternal favor. He teaches us to heed the Word of God now while faithful mercy can be shown, for this is God’s good and gracious will. • Lord, teach me to read and trust in Your gift of Moses, the Prophets, and all faithful witnesses to the Gospel. May my tongue speak now of Your grace for all who have ears to hear. Amen.

16:19-31 耶稣向 "尘世的祝福是上帝永恒恩宠的标志 "这一观点提出了挑战。祂教导我们,在信实的怜悯仍然可见的时候,我们要听从上帝的话语,因为这是上帝美好而仁慈的旨意。- 主啊,教导我阅读并相信你赐予我们的摩西五经、先知书和所有忠实的福音见证。愿我的舌头为所有聆听者诉说你的恩典。阿们。