星期一: 启 6:1–8:5


星期二: 启 8:6–9:21


星期三: 启 10:1–11


星期四: 启 11:1–19


星期五: 启 12:1–17


星期六: 启 13:1–18

Ch 6 John describes in symbolic language the calamities God will unleash upon the earth in the end times. The ferocity and totality of these predicted calamities move reflective people to shudder and repent. When people sincerely turn to God, the Lamb who has taken away the sins of the world stands ready to forgive them and restore them. His second coming is for the final deliverance of His people, not their destruction. • Give us strength to endure the end-times upheavals, gracious Father, so that by faith we persevere and then enter into eternal life with Christ, our Redeemer. Amen.

6 约翰用象征的语言来描述上帝在末后的日子必要倾倒在地上的灾难。这些预告了的灾难的全局性和残酷性会让自省的人颤抖和悔改。当人们真心归向上帝的时候,那位挪去世人罪孽的羔羊必随时赦免他们,兴起他们。他的再来对他的百姓来说是最终的救赎,而不是毁灭。



7:1–8 John’s vision depicts God placing a protective seal on His people and thus marking them as those who will be delivered from the great final conflagration. Given the signs that daily surround us, God could release the devastating winds of His judgment at any moment. Yet God holds back now because He is “patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance” (2Pt 3:9). • Lord, help us to order our days in wisdom so that we are found faithful when You call us to appear before You. For Christ’s sake, forgive our sins and move us to perseverance in good works. Amen.

7:1-8 约翰在异象中看见上帝在祂子民的额头上印了受保护的记号,因此他们就可以脱离末后的熊熊烈火。我们身边每天都可以看见一些迹象,显明上帝能够随时释放祂审判的烈风。然而上帝如今仍未如此施行,因为祂“没有迟延他的应许,就如有人以为他是迟延,其实他是宽容你们,不愿一人沉沦,而是人人都来悔改。”(彼得后书3:9)。



7:9–17 John gives a glimpse of the glory that is Christ’s. How incredible to be part of that blessedness! Drawn onward and upward by the magnificence of this hope in Christ, God’s people join in the heavenly chorus even now. • By Your grace, Lord, keep me among the faithful, so that I may forever sing Your praises in the glory of heaven. Amen.

7:9-17 约翰瞥见了基督的荣耀。这是多么惊奇的祝福啊!要因着在基督里的盼望的宽广继续仰望天空努力向前,上帝的百姓此时也正参与到天上圣诗班的队列中。



8:1–5 After finishing his vision of the seven seals being broken, John transitions to another vision, which depicts the end times with successive trumpet blasts. The visions are frightful, since we all know in our hearts that we cannot stand before God in the judgment. Fortunately, we have one who stands beside us as our advocate—Jesus Christ—celebrated in chs 4–5. His blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness. • “Bold shall I stand in that great day, Cleansed and redeemed, no debt to pay; Fully absolved through these I am From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.” Amen. (LSB 563:2)

8:1-5 七印被揭开的异象完成之后,约翰转到另一个异象中,接连不断的号角声绘出了末世的画面。异象是可怕的,因为我们在心里都知道,我们在上帝的审判台前都站立不住。幸运的是,我们有基督与我们站在一起做我们的辩护人,4-5章对之进行了歌颂赞美。祂的血洁净我们脱离所有的不义。

“我必要在那大日勇敢站立,已得洁净和救赎,不再有罪债;我已完全得赦免,脱离罪和恐惧,脱离罪和羞愧。”(LSB 563:2


8:6–9:21 In this vision, John describes catastrophes that will accompany the end times. With good reason, then, the apostle Paul commands us to “take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one” (Eph 6:16). Precisely because our sworn enemy is so cunning and powerful, it is comforting to hear that Christ has already overcome him and will defeat him once and for all on the Last Day. • “O Thou, whose coming is with dread To judge the living and the dead, Preserve us from the ancient foe While still we dwell on earth below.” Amen. (LSB 351:5)

8:6-9:21 在这个异象中,约翰对末世必有的灾难进行了描述。使徒保罗这样吩咐我们是很有道理的,“此外,要拿信德当作盾牌,用来扑灭那恶者一切烧着的箭。”(以弗所书6:16)。正因为我们的世仇是如此强大和狡诈,听到基督已经战胜了他并且会在那末日彻底一次击败他,这对我们是多么有安慰。



Ch 10 John describes his prophetic commissioning. On the one hand, the content of John’s prophecy is bitter, for it reveals God’s wrath against a hostile world. On the other hand, the Word he brings from God is the sweetest possible message, for it delivers Jesus’ salvation to many peoples. • Holy Lord God, I recognize that Your bitter anger over my sins is justified and that I fully deserve Your punishment. Nevertheless, Christ assures me in the sweet Gospel that He has paid for my sins and removed all judgment from me. Strengthen me in this faith. Amen.

10 约翰描述了他是如何接受先知预言的使命的。一方面约翰预言的内容是苦涩的,因为它启示了上帝向一个抵挡祂的世界所发的烈怒。另一方面,约翰从上帝那里领受来的道却是最甘甜的信息,因为这信息是把耶稣的救恩带给许多的人。



11:1–14 Using the figure of twin witnesses, John describes the response of a hostile world to the preaching of God’s Word. Though ample opportunity is given for people to receive the blessings of repentance and the Gospel, most choose to reject the Church and persecute it. However, the apparent triumph of the Gospel’s enemies is never the last word. Jesus’ promise stands true: those remaining faithful unto death will be given the crown of life (2:10). • “Lord, be our light when worldly darkness veils us; Lord, be our shield when earthly armor fails us; And in the day when hell itself assails us, Grant us Your peace, Lord.” Amen. (LSB 659:3)

11:1-14 约翰使用两个见证人的形象描绘了一个敌对的世界是如何回应上帝话语的宣讲的。尽管上帝给人许多机会来领受悔改和福音的祝福,然而大多数人还是选择弃绝和逼迫教会。抵挡福音之人看起来似乎是得胜了,然而那不是最终的结局。耶稣的应许仍是信实:那些忠心至死的人必要得生命的冠冕(2:10)。

“主啊 ,当世界的黑暗遮蔽我们的时候,请做我们的光;主,当世上的铠甲不能保护我们的时候,你亲自做我们的盾牌;当地狱来侵袭我们的那日临到的时候,主你赐我们平安。”阿们。(LSB 659:3


11:15–19 John describes the transition from Satan’s temporary rule of the world to the consummation of God’s reign. For now, people can refuse to obey God. But such resistance will someday be met with an irresistible outpouring of wrath and judgment. Christ’s people need not fear that day. Instead, they may long for the day when God will be all in all, and perfect harmony will again prevail. • “And when the fight is fierce, the warfare long, Steals on the ear the distant triumph song, And hearts are brave again, and arms are strong. Alleluia! Alleluia!” Amen. (LSB 677:5)

11:15-19 约翰描绘了从撒旦暂时对世界的掌控到上帝最后必要永远掌权的过渡。现如今,人们能拒绝服从上帝的命令。但这样的抵挡有一天必要被那不可抗拒的审判和烈怒所覆没。基督的子民不需要惧怕那一天。相反,他们可以渴望那一天,在其中,上帝必充满万有,那绝对的和平要再次得胜。

“战斗激烈,战事拉长,身旁有影掠过,远处是胜利的歌声,心再一次坚定,膀臂再一次刚强,哈利路亚!哈利路亚!”(LSB 677:5


12:1–6 John portrays God’s people as a struggling woman who is stalked by the devil and forced to flee into the desert. God’s people have to contend with demonic onslaughts. At times, we may despair in this struggle, wondering whether God even remembers us. Yet He unfailingly preserves us in our wilderness sojourn, richly and daily providing everything we need through His Spirit, Word, and Sacraments. • Lord God, preserve us during our earthly exile. Give us a hunger for Your Word and Sacraments so that we never weaken in our faith. We thank You for sending Your Son to be born of a woman, under the Law, so that He might redeem us and bring us to our true home in heaven. Amen.

12:1-6 约翰将上帝的百姓描绘成一位受逼迫的妇人,受到魔鬼的追击,不得不逃向旷野。上帝的百姓不得不对抗魔鬼的追杀。有时候我们会在这样的争战中绝望,怀疑上帝是否仍记得我们。然而祂从不失败,继续保守我们在我们旷野的旅途上,每日藉着祂的灵,圣道和圣礼,丰盛地供应我们的所需。



12:7–17 John depicts the cosmic struggle between the forces of good and of evil, and the damage it continually threatens to inflict upon the Church. This depiction makes clear that although Satan cannot overcome the Church, he nonetheless tries his hardest to drag down with him as many as possible. It is most comforting to know, therefore, that Jesus has already defeated Satan and forgiven our sins, so that we can never be lost. • We thank You, Lord God, for giving us the victory over the devil through Your Son, Jesus. We draw strength from the protection You grant to us and all Christians during our spiritual warfare. Amen.

12:7-17 约翰描绘了善恶势力的宇宙大战,还有这战争是如何继续向教会发出破坏和威逼。这场景讲的很清楚,尽管撒旦不能胜过教会,他却仍竭尽全力拉更多的人与他陪葬。然而,我们晓得耶稣已经击败了撒旦并且赦免我们的罪,所以我们永不会失败。知道这一点是最安慰人的。



13:1–10 In order to bolster his attacks against God and His people, the devil enlists the aid of a hideous beast, which represents worldly power and political authority run amok. This scenario invites us to consider some important questions: Have we ever allowed an authority besides God to determine what is right or wrong for us? Have we ever obeyed man rather than God? If so, seek God’s forgiveness in Christ. He invites us to believe that He chose us and wrote our name in His Book of Life before the world began. • Father, I thank You for making me Your own child through Christ Jesus. Grant me strength always to endure even difficult days, especially in these last times before the end. Amen.

13:1-10 为了集中火力对上帝和祂的百姓发起攻击,魔鬼召集一只恶兽的辅助,这恶兽代表了世上的权能和肆无忌惮的政权。这样的场景使我们思想一些重要的问题:我们是否让上帝之外的权柄为我们决定什么是对什么是错的?我们是否顺从了人而不是顺从上帝?如果是这样,那么请在基督里寻求上帝的赦免。祂邀请我们相信他已经在创世之先拣选了我们,并且将我们的名字写进祂的生命册里。



13:11–18 In order to make his attacks against God’s people even more devastating, Satan enlists the assistance of another beast, this one representing deceit and corruption from within the Church. Unfortunately, this kind of attack remains deadly and still succeeds in deceiving many believers today. Were it not for God’s Spirit and the unshakeable foundation of Christ’s Word, even the elect would be led astray. Kept safely in Jesus’ hand, however, they remain secure. • Father, grant me steadfastness in all times of temptation, especially during these last days. You will never allow anyone or anything to wrench me from the security of Your grasp; therefore, You alone are worthy of my trust and praise. Amen.

13:11-18 为了使他对上帝百姓的攻击更具有摧毁性,撒旦召集了另一只兽的协助,这只兽代表了教会内部的诡诈和腐败。不幸的是,这样的攻击是致命的,今天仍然在迷惑许多信徒。若不是上帝的灵和基督话语不可撼动的根基在做工,恐怕连选民也要被带偏。耶稣大能的手保护他们,因此信徒可以得享安宁。