7:1–6 As the Law confronts fallen human nature, it accuses and condemns, revealing sinfulness and the unreachable standard of God’s holiness. Faithless people may be driven to sin and despair by the Law (v 5). Thanks be to God, in Christ we have died to the Law (v 4). Now we need not live in bondage and fear, but in a new life in the Spirit. • O Holy Spirit, fill me with faith and new life, so that I may bear the fruit of love for You. Amen.

7:1-6 当律法对峙堕落的人性时,它指责和定罪,揭示了罪性和上帝圣洁的高不可攀的标准。没有信仰的人可能会被律法逼向罪恶和绝望(第5节)。感谢神,在基督里,我们已死于律法(第 4 节)。现在我们不必活在束缚和恐惧中,而是活在圣灵里的新生命中。- 圣灵啊,求你用信心和新生命充满我,让我为你结出爱的果子。阿们。


7:7–25 Our struggle with sin is not a past event; it is a present reality. We know God’s will and desire to serve Him, but we cannot overcome sin. Even if we try, we fail. We cry out, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” There is only one answer: “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Jesus rescues us. Though we sin daily, He continues to forgive and restore us. • Lord Jesus, I love You. Lead me in daily repentance. Forgive my sin and strengthen my faith. By Your Spirit, deliver me. Amen.

7:7-25 我们与罪的斗争不是过去的事,而是现在的现实。我们知道上帝的旨意,渴望侍奉他,但我们无法战胜罪。即使我们尝试,也会失败。我们呼喊:"谁能救我脱离这取死的身体?答案只有一个 "感谢上帝,借着我们的主耶稣基督就能脱离了!" 耶稣拯救了我们。虽然我们每天都在犯罪,但他会继续宽恕我们,使我们复原。- 主耶稣,我爱你。引领我每日悔改。宽恕我的罪,坚定我的信仰。以你的圣灵拯救我。阿们。


8:1–11 Because Christ justifies sinners, God’s life-giving Spirit dwells in believers. He frees us from the bondage of sin and death. Those who are preoccupied with satisfying their selfish desires often become angry with God and rebel against Him. God promises release from this deadly cycle and brings life and peace. • Father, by Your Spirit, direct our hearts to Christ, where true joys are found. Amen.

8:1-11 因为基督使罪人义,上帝赐生命的灵居住在信徒里面。他将我们从罪和死亡的束缚中释放出来。那些一心只想满足私欲的人往往会对上帝发怒,并悖逆他。上帝应许我们摆脱这种致命的循环,并带来生命与平安。- 天父,求你的灵引导我们的心向基督,在那里我们能找到真正的喜乐。阿们。


8:12–17 The Holy Spirit leads us to trust confidently that we are heirs, privileged to call God “our Father” and to receive eternal glory at the end of present suffering. The path to glory, however, is not an easy street, for it entails daily rejection of personal sins. When God’s judgment frightens us, the Spirit assures us that God loves us in Christ. • Lord, by Your Spirit, comfort us when we are afraid. Lead us to see You as our dear Father and to see ourselves as Your dear children. Amen.

8:12-17 圣灵引导我们满怀信心地相信,我们是继承人,有特权称上帝为 "我们的父",并在现世苦难结束时获得永恒的荣耀。然而,通往荣耀的道路并不平坦,因为它要求我们每天都摒弃个人的罪恶。当上帝的审判令我们恐惧时,圣灵向我们保证,上帝在基督里爱我们。- 主啊,当我们恐惧时,请用你的灵安慰我们。引导我们把你看作我们亲爱的父亲,把我们自己看作你亲爱的孩子。阿们。


 8:18–30 The Holy Spirit ministers to God’s dear children by giving us hope in our suffering, help in our weakness, and assurance that all things work out to fulfill God’s eternal purposes in our lives. When our hope in God dims, we easily succumb to impatience in distress. The Spirit helps us in our frailty, assuring us of God’s steadfast love. • Father in heaven, never leave or forsake us. Turn our complaints into prayers and our condemnation into glory. Amen.

8:18-30 圣灵在我们的苦难中赐给我们希望,在我们的软弱中赐给我们帮助,以及引领我们确信万事都会实现上帝在我们生命中永恒的旨意,服侍上帝亲爱的儿女。当我们对上帝的盼望变得渺茫时,我们很容易在苦难中变得急躁。圣灵在我们软弱的时候帮助我们,向我们保证上帝坚定的爱。- 天父啊,请永远不要离开或抛弃我们。把我们的抱怨变成祷告,把我们的谴责变成荣耀。阿们。


8:31–39 Christ’s death, resurrection, and exaltation at God’s right hand guarantees our victory over anything and everything that would separate us from His love. When following Christ brings distress, we sometimes distance ourselves from Him. But Christ never draws back from us. • Lord Jesus, though You are exalted at the Father’s right hand, You still hold us. Keep us in Your love to the end. Amen.

8:31-39 基督的死、复活和高举在神的右手边,保证我们胜过一切使我们与神的爱分离的事物。当跟随基督带来痛苦时,我们有时会远离他。但基督从未远离我们。- 主耶稣,虽然你被高举在天父的右手边,但你仍然牵着我们。保守我们在你的爱中,直到永远。阿们