2:1–7 Joseph and Mary travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born in humble circumstances. The birth of a child always comes with great hardship (Gn 3:16). The birth of this Child comes with great blessings for sinners. As you reflect on the wonder of Jesus’ birth, pray also for a humble and pure heart. The mighty Lord will have mercy on you and exalt you by grace alone (Lk 1:49–52). • O Holy Child, grant me sincere humility, even as You exalt me by calling me God’s child. Amen.

2:1-7 约瑟和马利亚从拿撒勒来到伯利恒,耶稣在卑微的环境中诞生。孩子的出生总是伴随着巨大的艰辛(创 3:16)。这个孩子的降生为罪人带来了巨大的祝福。当你思考耶稣降生的奇妙时,也要为一颗谦卑纯洁的心祈祷。大能的主会怜悯你,使你唯独靠着恩典高升(路 1:49-52)。- 圣婴啊,请赐予我真诚的谦卑,就像你称我为上帝的孩子,使我得到高升一样。阿们。


2:8–21 Angels reveal to shepherds the Good News of the Savior’s birth. The shepherds in turn announce the Good News to others. As you celebrate the glory of Christmas, be sure to announce Jesus’ saving work to others also. The Savior is your peace and joy this day and always! • O Holy Child, I treasure the Good News of Your birth for my salvation. Call others to faith through me. Amen.

2:8-21 天使将救主降生的好消息告诉牧羊人。牧羊人转而向其他人宣布了这一好消息。当你庆祝圣诞节的荣耀时,也一定要向他人宣布耶稣的救赎工作。救世主是你今天和永远的平安和喜乐!- 圣婴啊,我珍惜你降生救赎我的好消息。请通过我呼唤他人归信基督。阿们。


2:22–38 As confirmed by prophecy, Jesus is appointed as the Savior. Today, pray that the Lord would grant you the enduring faith of Simeon and Anna, to see the Lord’s salvation and give Him thanks face-to-face in eternity. • Pray the Nunc Dimittis (vv 29–32; LSB, p 165).

2:22-38 正如预言所证实的,耶稣被任命为救主。今天,求主赐给你西缅和亚那那样持久的信心,在永恒中看到主的救赎,并面对面地感谢祂。- 祷告《西面颂》(第29-32节;路德宗崇拜书,第165页)。


2:39–40 Jesus matures as a normal child and also has the blessings of God’s wisdom and favor. Today, pray for the children in your family or neighborhood, that they would grow in the knowledge of their Savior and receive His favor. He who has blessed and kept you in faith will likewise hear and bless them too. • I thank You, Holy Child, that You fulfilled the Law for me. Fill me with the wisdom only You can give. Amen.

2:39-40 耶稣像一个正常的孩子一样长大,同时也拥有神的智慧和眷顾。今天,请为你家中或邻里的孩子们祷告,让他们在对救主的认识中成长,得到祂的眷顾。那在信心中祝福和保守你的主也会同样聆听和祝福他们。- 我感谢你,圣婴,你为我完成了律法。用只有你才能赐予的智慧充满我。阿们。


2:41–52 Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth and childhood repeatedly sets the ordinary beside the miraculous (e.g., a youth from the hinterland stuns the Jerusalem rabbis with His wisdom). Given the mysterious and often apparently ordinary ways God chooses to reveal Himself and His salvation—in the flesh of His Son, in words, in water, in bread and wine—we easily underestimate their power. Thankfully, the very common aspects of God’s gifts mean that they are never far from us. • Lord Jesus, open my eyes to Your life-giving presence. Through Your Word, Sacraments, and Spirit, bless my life, so that things that seem mundane become a foretaste of blessedness in Your eternal presence. Amen.

2:41-52 路加在叙述耶稣的出生和童年时,一再将平凡与奇迹并列(例如,一个来自内陆的年轻人用他的智慧震惊了耶路撒冷的拉比)。因为上帝选择神秘而又往往看似普通的方式来彰显祂自己和祂的救赎—通过祂儿子的肉身、言语、水、面包和酒,所以我们很容易低估它们的大能。值得庆幸的是,上帝的恩赐非常普通的一面,意味着它们从来不会离我们很远。- 主耶稣,请打开我的眼睛,让我看到你赐生命的存在。通过你的话语、圣礼和圣灵,祝福我的生命,让那些看似平凡的事物成为你永恒同在的祝福的预尝。阿们。


†Ch 3 Luke’s account of John’s ministry and Jesus’ ancestry hint at the universal nature of the Messiah’s kingdom. How sad, then, that churches too often show little concern for those outside the immediate boundaries of their fellowship. The Gospel is for everyone! Jesus’ death and resurrection bring life and salvation to all who repent and call on His name. • Lord, open my eyes to the nature of Your kingdom, and so move me to live a life worthy of Your Gospel by reaching out with the Good News that leads to everlasting life. Amen.

第3章 路加关于约翰传道和耶稣祖先的记载暗示了弥赛亚国度的普世性。因此,教会常常对其团契直接范围之外的人很少关心,这是多么可悲啊。福音是传给所有人的!耶稣的死和复活给所有悔改和呼求祂名的人带来了生命和救赎。- 主啊,求你打开我的眼睛,让我看到你国度的属性,从而感动我过一个与你的福音相称的生活,向外传递通往永生的好消息。阿们。