13:1–20 Jesus washes His disciples’ feet, thereby showing His willingness to serve them. Often we think that greatness means having others serve us. But Christ shows His true greatness and His love toward us in that He came to wash away our sins, even though it cost Him His life. • Lord Jesus Christ, receive our thanks for Your love, and help us to love one another as deeply as You have loved us. Amen.

13:1-20 耶稣为门徒洗脚,表明祂愿意为他们服务。我们常常认为,伟大意味着别人可以服侍我们。但是,耶稣基督用祂的生命洗净了我们的罪,这才显示了祂真正的伟大和祂对我们的爱。- 主耶稣基督,接受我们对你圣爱的感恩,帮助我们彼此相爱,就像你爱我们一样深。阿们。


13:21–30 Jesus predicts that one of His disciples will betray Him. He gives Judas a morsel of food, a gesture of friendship, but Judas leaves to carry out his plot. This event warns us not to repay the kindness of God with evil and unfaithfulness. When you see how you have betrayed Christ with your behavior, repent; remember that He died for you and will forgive you. • Gracious Savior, forgive my own sins of betrayal, and grant me a new heart. Amen.

13:21-30 耶稣预言祂的一个门徒会背叛祂。祂给了犹大一点食物,以示友好,但犹大却离开了,去实施他的阴谋。这件事告诫我们,不要用邪恶和不忠来报答上帝的仁慈。当你看到自己的行为背叛了基督,请忏悔;记住祂为你而死,并会宽恕你。- 仁慈的救世主啊,请宽恕我背叛的罪,并赐给我一颗新心。阿们。


13:31–35 The disciples cannot follow Christ to the cross, but He asks them to imitate His love for them as they love one another. Christians bring dishonor to Christ and His love when they deal with one another in a loveless manner. Christ redeemed us through His self-sacrificial love that we may in turn imitate His love (Eph 5:1–2). • May Your love, O Lord, guide my every action. Amen.

13:31-35 门徒不能跟随基督上十字架,但祂要求他们在彼此相爱时效法祂对他们的爱。基督徒若以没有爱心的方式彼此相待,就会使基督和祂的爱蒙羞。基督通过祂舍己的爱救赎了我们,使我们也能效法祂的爱(弗 5:1-2)。- 主啊,愿你的爱指引我的一举一动。阿们。


13:36–38 Peter thinks he is ready to follow Jesus, but Jesus says Peter will only deny Him. Peter’s boldness was not due to faith but to egotistical bravado. In the end, Peter did offer his life for Christ, but only because Christ first offered His life for Peter—and for us too. • Dear God, help me to see that Your power is made perfect in my weakness. Amen.

13:36-38 彼得认为自己已经准备好跟随耶稣,但耶稣说彼得只会不认祂。彼得的大胆并不是出于信心,而是出于自我中心的勇武。最后,彼得确实为基督献出了生命,但这只是因为基督首先为彼得献出了生命,也为我们献出了生命。亲爱的上帝,请帮助我看到你的大能在我的软弱上得以完全。阿们。


14:1–14 Through His death and resurrection, Christ went to prepare a place for us in heaven, where we will dwell with God forever. The true God cannot be known apart from Jesus Christ. Because of Christ’s work, we can know the Father and enter His eternal presence. • O risen Lord, with great anticipation I long for my home in heaven. Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.

14:1-14 基督通过祂的死和复活,为我们在天上预备了地方,我们将在那里与神永远同住。离开耶稣基督,我们就无法认识真神。因为基督的工作,我们可以认识天父,进入祂永恒的同在。- 哦,复活的主啊,我满怀期待地盼望我在天堂的家。来吧,主耶稣!阿们。


14:15–31 Christ promises that He and His Father will come to dwell in those who hear and believe His Word, and that He will send to them the Holy Spirit as the Helper. Those who neglect Christ’s Word isolate themselves from God. Jesus Christ reveals God’s grace in His Word, dispelling our fear and unbelief. • O Holy Spirit, draw me ever closer to my Savior, and focus me on His Word. Amen.

14:15-31 基督应许说,祂和祂的父要来住在那些听祂的道并相信祂的人里面,祂还要差遣圣灵作他们的帮助者。忽视基督话语的人就会与上帝隔绝。耶稣基督在祂的话语中揭示了上帝的恩典,消除了我们的恐惧和不信。- 圣灵啊,求你吸引我更加接近我的救赎主,让我专注于祂的话语。阿们。