10:1–4 Jesus selects representatives to extend His gracious kingdom. They are named individually and given divine authority, demonstrating Jesus’ personal care for each disciple. The compassionate authority of forgiveness is given to each of Christ’s followers. We are sent with the message of God’s love to a world of sinners. Through the waters of Baptism, God called us by name and made us His dear children. • Thank You, Jesus, for making me one of Your followers. Help me to carry out Your mission as Your representative. Amen.

10:1-4 耶稣选召代表来扩展祂的恩典国度。耶稣按着每个人的名字呼召他们,并赋予他们神圣的权柄,也显明了耶稣对每个门徒的关爱。慈悲的赦罪权柄被赋予基督的每个跟随者。我们被派去向这个充满罪人的世界传递上帝之爱的信息。通过圣洗礼的水,上帝按着每个人名字呼唤我们,使我们成为祂亲爱的儿女。- 感谢你,耶稣,使我成为你的跟随者之一。帮助我作为你的代表去履行你的使命。阿们。


 10:5–15 Jesus sends out 12 apostles and warns them that not everyone will receive them hospitably or listen to their message. We who witness to Christ have the same experience. The Gospel is foolishness to many, “but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, [it is] Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1Co 1:24). • Lord Jesus, strengthen my determination to serve as Your ambassador of peace, even when I encounter opposition. Amen.

10:5-15 耶稣派出十二个使徒,并提醒他们,不是每个人都会热情地接待他们,也不是每个人都会听他们传的信息。我们为基督作见证的人也有同样的经历。福音对许多人来说是愚昧的,"但对那些蒙召的人,无论是犹太人还是希腊人,[它]是基督,是神的能力,是神的智慧"(林前1:24)。- 主耶稣,请坚固我作为你的和平使者的决心,即使在我遇到反对的时候仍对使命坚定不移。阿们。


10:16–25 Jesus warns His disciples to expect persecution as they carry out their mission of being His witnesses. This opposition to the Gospel is evidence of sin’s grip on the human heart. When we experience abuse because of our loyalty to Jesus, we have His assurance that the Holy Spirit will help us to speak the right words. He will use our Gospel testimony to soften the hard hearts of unbelievers. • Holy Spirit, help me to stand firm to the end and faithfully witness to Christ in word and deed. Amen.

10:16-25 耶稣警告祂的门徒,当他们执行为祂作见证的使命时,会受到迫害。这种对福音的抵挡是罪对人心的控制的证据。当我们因为对耶稣的忠诚而遭受虐待时,我们有祂的保证—圣灵会帮助我们说出正确的话。他将用我们的福音见证来软化不信之人的硬心。- 圣灵啊,请帮助我坚守到底,在言语和行为上忠实地见证基督。阿们。


10:26–33 Enemies of the Gospel can persecute believers only within limits set by our heavenly Father. Because He is in charge of our lives, we need not be afraid of those who oppose us because we confess Christ. At the last judgment, our Lord will recognize faithful service and acknowledge us as His followers. We are confident of His love not because of what we have done but because He died and rose to redeem us from sin, death, and the power of the devil. • Heavenly Father, through Word and Sacrament, assure me of Your loving care and drive fear from my heart. Amen.

10:26-33 福音的敌人只能在我们天父许可的范围内迫害信徒。因为祂掌管着我们的生活,我们不需要害怕那些因为我们承认基督而反对我们的人。在最后的审判中,我们的主认得出哪些是忠心的服侍,也必认得出我们是祂的追随者。我们对祂的爱有信心,不是因为我们做了什么,而是因为祂死而复生,为要把我们从罪恶、死亡和魔鬼的权势中救出来。- 天父啊,请藉着圣道和圣礼,让我确实明白你的爱和看顾,并将恐惧从我心中驱除。阿们。


10:34–39 The radical nature of following Jesus may result in conflict and divisions within families. Jesus wants His disciples to strive for eternal life, even if this means sacrificing earthly benefits. In all honesty, we must confess that we often fail to put Jesus first in our lives, that we do not take up His cross and follow Him. What we fail to do, Jesus did for us. He took up His cross and paid the penalty for the sins of the world. In Him, we have peace. • Thank You, Jesus, for bearing my cross on Calvary and making me Your highest priority. Amen.

10:34-39 跟随耶稣的激进性质可能导致家庭内部的冲突和分裂。耶稣希望祂的门徒努力得着永恒的生命,即使这意味着牺牲地上的利益。说实话,我们必须承认,我们常常没有在生活中把耶稣放在第一位,我们没有背起祂的十字架,跟随祂。我们没能做到的事,耶稣为我们做了。祂背起了自己的十字架,为世人的罪孽付出了代价。在祂里面,我们有平安。- 感谢你,耶稣,感谢你在髑髅地背起我的十字架,并看我为宝贵的。阿们。


10:40–42 Jesus says much about the difficulties that the disciples will encounter as they carry out their mission. But He concludes His sermon by promising a reward to those who support the Gospel message and fellow disciples. Yet no reward can match the blessings of grace given to those who repent of their sins and believe in Jesus as their Savior (Eph 2:8–10). He gives peace with God, patience in time of tribulation, confidence to pray, and finally eternal life. • Loving Savior, I deserve no reward for my words and actions. Yet You promise rich blessings to those who receive the Gospel. Thank You. Amen.

10:40-42 耶稣说了很多关于门徒们在执行大使命时将会遇到的困难。但祂在讲道的最后承诺,对那些支持福音信息和支持福音工人的人给予奖赏。然而,任何奖赏都无法与上帝给予那些悔改并相信耶稣为救主的人的恩典祝福相提并论(弗2:8-10)。祂赐给人与上帝的和睦关系,在磨难中的忍耐,祈祷的信心,以及最后的永生。- 慈爱的救主,我不配为我的言行得到奖赏。然而,你应许给那些接受福音的人丰富的祝福。感谢你。阿们。


11:1–19 People commonly experience disappointment because of false or unfulfilled expectations. We hope God will act in a certain way, but He does not. We then wonder why. To guard against false expectations, focus on Jesus and on what He has said and done. He is the fulfillment of all our hopes. “All the promises of God find their Yes in Him” (2Co 1:20). • Lord Jesus, when I struggle with doubts and unfulfilled hopes, remind me of Your words and works that assure me of Your saving love. Amen.

11:1-19 人们通常会因为错误的或未实现的期望而感到失望。我们希望上帝以某种方式行事,但祂没有这样做。于是我们就想知道为什么。为了避免错误的期望,要专注于耶稣,专注于祂所说的和所做的。祂是我们所有盼望的满足。"神的应许,不论有多少,在基督都是是的。"(林后1:20)。- 主耶稣,当我面对怀疑和未实现的盼望不断挣扎时,请提醒我你的话语和作为,使我确信你的拯救大爱。阿们。


11:20–24 Jesus is deeply grieved that some who have had the greatest opportunity to hear the Gospel stubbornly refuse to repent and believe. His warning to the Galilean cities is one for us to take to heart as well. Many of us have been blessed to drink often of the water of life. We must respond eagerly and sincerely. Day by day, Jesus patiently invites us to repent of our sins and hear His word of forgiveness. • Turn my heart daily, O Holy Spirit, to confess my sins and receive the full and free forgiveness earned by Jesus. Amen.

11:20-24 耶稣深感忧伤的是,有些人曾经享有这最美好的机会,就是听见了福音,但他们却顽固地拒绝悔改和相信。祂对加利利各城的警告也是我们要牢记的。我们中的许多人都有福气能够经常喝到生命之水。我们必须热切而真诚地响应。日复一日,耶稣耐心地邀请我们忏悔我们的罪,听祂的赦罪话语。- 圣灵啊,请每天调转我的心,使我回头承认我的罪,接受耶稣为我们所赚取的丰盛且白白的赦罪之恩。阿们。


11:25–30 The thing hidden from the wise and understanding is God’s gracious plan of salvation, the message that both Jesus and John the Baptist proclaimed. Jesus’ contemporaries by and large rejected Him, preferring to live under the heavy yoke of the Law as the way to salvation. Jesus invites us to receive the yoke of the Gospel, which guarantees true rest. • Dearest Jesus, I praise You that when I am yoked to You, no burden is too heavy. Amen.

11:25-30 向聪明通达人隐藏的是上帝满有恩典的救赎计划,这是耶稣和施洗约翰所宣扬的信息。与耶稣同时代的人基本上都拒绝了祂,他们宁愿生活在律法的重轭之下,以此来获得救赎。耶稣邀请我们接受福音的轭,这保证了真正的安息。- 亲爱的耶稣,我赞美你,当我与你同负一轭时,任何负担都不会太重。阿们。