5:1–17 After Jesus heals an invalid, Jewish leaders accuse Him of breaking Sabbath law and begin to persecute Him. Legalistic rigidity can also keep us from showing mercy to those in need. The Lord calls us to repentance, sincere faith, and compassionate service. Jesus cares deeply for us, helping us in our physical and spiritual needs. • O Lover of my soul, help me to extend Your mercy to others. Amen.

5:1-17 耶稣医治了一个残疾人后,犹太领袖指责他违反了安息日律法,并开始迫害祂。律法的僵化也会让我们无法对需要帮助的人施以仁慈。主呼唤我们悔改、真诚的信仰和富有同情心的服务。耶稣深切关怀我们,帮助我们解决物质和精神上的需要。- 我灵魂所爱慕的啊,请帮助我将你的仁慈传递给他人。阿们。


5:18 The Jews plot to kill Jesus for what they understand to be a blasphemous claim: equality with God. Failure to acknowledge Christ’s deity despite Scripture’s clear testimony places one in opposition to the Lord. Jesus is indeed God and has given us the right to become God’s children (1:12); nothing will ever take us from His hand (10:28). • O God, forgive me when I have questioned Your authority, and lead me always boldly to confess Your holy name. Amen.

5:18 犹太人密谋杀害耶稣,因为他们认为耶稣亵渎了上帝:与上帝平等。圣经有明确的见证,如果一个人仍然不承认基督的神性,就是与主对立。耶稣确实是神,祂赋予了我们成为神儿女的权利(1:12);没有什么能把我们从他手中夺走(10:28)。- 神啊,当我质疑您的权威时,请宽恕我,并引导我永远勇敢地承认您的圣名。阿们。


5:19–29 Equal to the Father in deity and honor, God’s Son makes people spiritually alive through His Word and raises believers from the grave at the hour of His coming to judge. Those who refuse to believe in God’s Son will come under judgment, and their evil deeds will become known. Christ has the authority to give you life now and on the day of your resurrection to everlasting life. • O Son of God, with joy I praise You, that by Your grace I have passed from death to life. Amen.

5:19-29 神的儿子在神性和尊荣上与父同等,祂通过自己的话语使人灵活苏醒,并在祂来审判的时刻使信徒从坟墓中复活。那些拒绝相信上帝之子的人将受到审判,他们的恶行也将被世人所知。基督有权柄在现在和复活之日赐给你生命,使你获得永生。- 神子啊,我欢喜赞美你,因你的恩典,我已出死入生。阿们。


5:30–47 The Father gives binding witness to His Son’s true identity, which is revealed in the works He performs and in the Scriptures that everywhere speak of Him. Those who fail to see Christ in the pages of the Bible, including the OT, are blind to its central purpose. Through Scripture’s testimony of Christ, God reveals His great love toward all people. • O heavenly Father, I praise You for the testimony You have given me of Your Son, my Savior, through Your life-giving Word. Amen.

5:30-47 天父为祂儿子的真实身份作了有力的见证,这在耶稣所行的事和处处提到祂的经文中都显明了。那些在圣经(包括旧约)中看不到基督的人,是无视圣经的中心目的。通过圣经对基督的见证,上帝显明了祂对所有人的大爱。- 哦天父,我赞美你,因为你已经通过自己赐予生命的话语为你的儿子,我的救赎主作了见证。阿们。


6:1–15 Jesus’ feeding of 5,000, the next sign recorded in Jn, reveals Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God (20:30–31). Like those who had “eaten their fill,” we also are tempted to seek the Lord only for the earthly things He can give us. Fortunately for us, Jesus reigns as our heavenly King, who calls us to repentance, fills us with needed spiritual blessings, and gives us everlasting life. • O Christ, satisfy not only my temporal needs but also my deepest spiritual needs. Amen.

6:1-15 耶稣喂饱了五千人,这是约翰福音中记载的第二个神迹,彰显了耶稣是基督,是永生上帝的儿子(20:30-31)。就像那些 "吃饱了 "的人一样,我们也会受到诱惑,只为主能赐给我们的世俗之物而寻求主。幸运的是,耶稣是我们的天国之王,祂呼召我们悔改,用所需的属灵祝福充满我们,并赐给我们永生。- 基督啊,请不仅满足我属世的需要,也满足我属灵深处的需要。阿们。


6:16–21 By walking on the storm-tossed sea, Jesus shows His disciples that He is the eternal King, ruler of all creation. Today, when life’s problems overwhelm us, fear may cause us to lose faith in God’s protection and care. But Jesus is true God and true man in one person; Jesus has saved us from sin and evil, assuring us of His divine protection in every situation. • Lighten our darkness, O Lord, and protect us against the dangers of the night. Amen.

6:16-21 耶稣在被风暴裹挟的海面上行走,向门徒表明祂是永恒的王,是万物的主宰。今天,当生活中的问题压得我们喘不过气来的时候,恐惧可能会让我们对上帝的保护和关怀失去信心。但耶稣同时是真神和真人;耶稣将我们从罪恶和邪恶中拯救出来,保证我们在任何情况下都能得到祂神圣的保护。- 主啊,请照亮我们的黑暗,保护我们远离黑夜的危险。阿们。


6:22–59 Unlike the perishable manna God gave to Israel through Moses, Jesus comes down from heaven as the true bread to give life to all who believe in Him. Contrary to popular notions, no one “chooses” to believe in Christ; the initiative belongs entirely to God through His Word (v 44; cf 14:6). Those united by faith to Christ will be raised up on the Last Day to enjoy eternal communion with the Father. • O God, draw me ever closer to You through Your Word and Sacraments. Amen.

6:22-59 与上帝通过摩西赐给以色列人的容易腐烂的吗哪不同,耶稣作为真正的粮从天而降,赐给所有信祂的人生命。与流行的观念相反,没有人会 "选择 "相信基督;完全是上帝通过祂的话语主动伸出橄榄枝(第44节;参14:6)。那些因信与基督联合的人将在末日复活,享受与天父永恒的团契。- 上帝啊,请通过你的话语和圣礼吸引我更加靠近你。阿们。


6:60–71 Faced with Jesus’ true identity and the necessity of faith in Him, many stop following, and even one of the Twelve aligns himself with Satan against Jesus. Nevertheless, Jesus’ words bring life; they are the means the Father uses to draw people to Himself. • O Lord, let me always say as Peter did, “You have the words of eternal life.” Amen.

6:60-71 明白耶稣的真实身份,知道必须要信靠祂之后,许多人停止了跟随,甚至十二门徒中的一个与撒旦结盟反对耶稣。然而,耶稣的话语带来了生命;它是天父用来吸引人们归向祂的手段。- 主啊,让我像彼得一样常说:"你有永生之道"。阿们。