Ch 17 Knowing that He is going to the cross, Jesus prays for His disciples and asks that they be united by faith in Him. Whenever Christians ignore God’s Word, they foster divisions within the Church and diminish their witness. But God’s Word is the truth that will unite His Church, glorify Him, and enable His people to fulfill their calling in a troubled world. • Heavenly Father, reveal in my life the love that You have shown me in Your Son. Amen.

第17章耶稣知道自己将被钉在十字架上,于是为门徒祷告,求他们因信祂而合一。每当基督徒忽视上帝的话语时,他们就会在教会内部制造分裂,削弱他们的见证。但是,上帝的话语才是真理,它能使祂的教会合一、荣耀祂,并使祂的子民在这个动荡的世界上完成他们的呼召。- 天父,请在我的生命中彰显你在你儿子身上向我所施的慈爱。阿们。